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Last Updated : 02 July 2012


Hey everyone, don't forget to try out my new BLOG site for updates.
This site will continue to be the general Hayabusa Resource - don't forget!

Here's a link to my new weekly updates


Hey everyone, this is the last post for the calendar year. In fact it is the final post in this format forever??  I'm moving this page to a brand new format I've been working on during the past year.  I hope you like it.


Welcome to the second last update for the year!  I' busy preparing for the new site for posting the 'weekly' updates.  Hopefully it will be more spontaneous than this page.  I got tired of having to boot up the editor every time I wanted to write something - needless to say what I was going since 1999 is now called blogging.  From the 1st of January visiting this page will only contain the index to the prior year archives and of course the link to the new page.

As a lead up I've been busy re-organizing the site file structure.  There are lots of pages that I really must tidy up as there are a few hundred pages under one directory.  It gets difficult to find stuff!  So I've move the Japan series and the Survey series to new directories.


Ok everyone tremendously busy trying to update the pictures site one last time for 2007 this weekend.  Furthermore I'm moving to the Apple Mac AND I've got a new Hayabusa - you can guess which takes priority...  Don't forget to check out the 2008 review I'm working on.


Great announcement today if you didn't already know.  I now have a the latest Hayabusa sitting in my garage!  It's the blue one!  Already updated the spec page and now working the review!

Note that from next year I will be moving this update page to the dixonarchive site everything else will remain the same though.  I do hope you like the BLOG format.  It's alot easier to manage and change than this particular page.  If it doesn't work out I'll change back to this format!


I've been doing more research into the scooter class and a few interesting things have come up.  Namely that like the cruiser class everyone seem hung up on 'classic styling'.  It's strange considering the scooter buyers are much younger than cruiser buyers.  Anyway I'm not so sure about the DN-01 looks nice but it would appear to have scooter performance.  More to the point its an auto.  I'm not sure about that after all I've never had one...  So its back to the motorcycle list.


Just got back again and slowly getting all the updates and Japan story together.  From demo at the motor show the main standout bike that you will eventually be able to buy is the Honda DN-01.  It is the first of a new class of motorcycle in my opinion.  Almost all the manufacturers have been working on this concept and style for many years.  Check my pictures site if you want to know more or search the web.  Essentially a cruiser and mega scooter hybrid manga or anime style.

If you are having difficulty understanding consider the rising popularity of the super motard class!


Thanks to a power outage this week and more travel this week I'm posting the first in a series of Japan trip articles.  I was hoping to complete the articles up to the first day but I've run out of time today.  So hope you enjoy the latest release and check back for more stories.  I'm sure it'll be copied by a number of other site anyway. 


Just got back from Japan in case you haven't noticed and hence now busy writing up about the trip.  As you know by now I don't do reports about holidays because I like to get away from the internet during my time.  However this wasn't really just a holiday it was to visit the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show!  I haven't noticed any proper prospective about Japan or Tokyo so went against the trend since it is a new hayabusa model year. This is not my first trip to Japan.


The year has flown past.  Over the past week I've been adding some new content and updated a few older articles.  There's so much to do and not enough time.  My latest non-motorcycle hobby is GPS.  I found something which is genuinely useful to me on the road!  That said I have committed myself to getting the Hayabusa - out of tradition to the website!  Although I'm still not convinced that it is a suitable replacement for the original we (well you too) will see as I do the review.


Busy update day today because I'm writing up a new in depth article on a new GPS gadget.  I was hoping to have it up by today but clearly I have run out of time.  I will have it done for a mid-week update. 

Now motorshows are great ads and promos for car companies.  I can't say that about the visitors though. You know those who hog the show cars thinking they are seriously going to buy one but clearly don't have a hope. They're probably trying to steal the gear knob.  Sure there are some serious buyers at the shows but not them!

Next, motorcycle shows are even worse.  You have the young and clearly inexperienced people judging from a totally quite silly prospective.  For example I heard and watched various young clearly non-riders over enthusiastic about how much a motorcycle weighs and basing judgement on that.  Huh?

Let me say this - not many people care how heavy a motorcycle is these days for obvious reasons ie. they are all as light possible especially when it comes to the Hayabusa class.


Lots of updates this week. Well its seems that way to me because I read a lot of emails since Friday.  Driving around showing relatives around this weekend has really got me disappointed with the government over the condition and roads and public transport.  You see with lots of budget surpluses they should be improving roads trains and transport infrastructure.  Instead they pay companies to take the blame for any problems and attempt 'bribe' use with minimal cash payments.  What a mess I wish someone will do something to fix it.


I've begun the painful task reorganising the menu and navigation structure.  I knew it was needed but simply hadn't worked out how to make it easier.  I tried to move all the performance pages to the new dixonarchive site - which has been working for almost a year now!  So that site will contain all the performance stuff while this site will contain all the stand alone articles which I want permanently displayed.  After all everyone knows this site.


I've had some time to update and to formulate the new navigation structure for future Hayabusa models.  This topic is dear to me because I learnt all about website site development from writing about this motorcycle!  Although I have neglected the site to some extent - after all it is a hobby site I intend to do something about it - especially these update pages.  I say that all the time and only take mini steps after each broadcast BUT guys - it's not for profit!

Anyway for loyal readers of my rants here's a link to the BRP Can-AM tribute.


Early site update - because of the flu again.  Nothing better to do and updates and replying to long received emails.  So a chance to catch up on the latest portable games as I rest snugly in bed - wish I could do this all the time - minus the flu...


I've been asking around when the release date for the 2008 Hayabusa!  It hasn't been all that conclusive and I presume it's under Aust Design Rules processing at the moment.  I believe it's November but if they miss this years lists it will be February 2008.


Once again I've been working behind the scenes on the but nothing that I really want to be posted yet.  I do like to only post quality stuff.


I've been working behind the scenes where possible over the last week tweaking various new 'features'  I also found an old page I hadn't posted.  In case you didn't notice its the service schedule!  Don't forget to check out the BLOG site as it beings to grow.


Another 2 weeks have flown past!  I've been doing more updates in the enhancements and survey pages.  I'm preparing an all new survey for a mid-September update and a new article.  I'm still working on the BLOG site in preparation for the transition of this update page in 2008 and if it all works out the news page.


In my world time is speed up.  I have not had any time to do anything over the last week except for updating the pictures site!  It seems like there are only 4 days in my regular week except for the 7 in others.  It's not fair!  SO many things to do yet I can't do.


I think the server problems are solved which have been keeping me busy.  Hopefully get back on track with revisions during the week.


I've decided that this update page definitely needs a update!  Yes I think a proper BLOG software is needed and hosted else where - in case this site particular ever goes down again.  Mind you that does not mean that the other site is going to be more reliable either - this is a great learn experience for me.  Remember this is a hobby and use to update my knowledge on web development. 


Apologies for the site wide outage - it wasn't my fault.  Some administrative error with the domain.  If you want I have an alternate BLOG site which you can read up about why and what has happened.  I've also changed email addresses so that if there is an failure in the future you can still contact me!

I wanted to keep the BLOG motorcycle free but clearly I should have a backup plan.


There is usually a lot of questions when the latest Hayabusa will be released.  Strangely not very many this year? Seems more press for the latest Pokemon release...


Motorcycle weight was such as important factor in motorcycle design for many years.  Every manufacturer wanted to make their new bikes lighter than the last model. It went on for many years.  Great I say, bring out new high-tech materials and designs.

However I have also said many times in the past and continue to say why have a range topping bike so small as to have a passer by comment that its a 'nice' 250.  It's not a capacity issue but a marketing and comfort one - really.  You've spent $20,000 on a bike and everyone thinks it's a 'cheap' small bike.  Ducati could probably make a small in size but high capacity bike and get away with it but I don't think the others can. Besides most older folk who can afford these models look a tad out of place on a small motorbike.

I leave you with the comment: you don't judge a Harley Davidson by how light and heavy even small it is - would you?


I love reading and hearing other people opinions just don't denigrate mine or anyone else's opinion for that matter because its different.

Aside from that Spam emails and server issues are getting to me - I give up - the new address for the entire site is going to be Gmail based since it has good reviews and very little spam seems to get through.  This is a hobby site guys relax and enjoy it. 


As you know the 2008 Hayabusa has been announced and available for sale towards the end of the year.  The usual date being some time in October at least for the US.  The rest of the world will have to wait until next year - as usual.

I've been busy with updating the site and pages in readiness for the announcement which unfortunately I still haven't finished.  Besides there should be plenty of information available where on the Net now.


I've been working on some changes to the backend of the site in the hope of getting the email to work again.  And yes I receiving stuff for sure but spam filter still needs some work.  I think everything's working again.


An early update because I'm working on the server set up again.  Still having problems sending mail.  So if I haven't replied - oh well sorry but can't do anything about it at the moment.


Late news again! The Suzuki-Kawasaki alliance which I announced many years ago has been modified. It seems they see light that virtually identical looking models are not the go in terms brand identity.  I could have told them that - and I'm sure you could too!  I didn't realise this either but was reminded that the ZX14 was actually finalised back in 2005!


I'm back and buy have I been busy.  Despite that I did have some down time to not only update the pictures site (With some help) and finish the write up of the latest Suzuki GSX-R1000. 

On my way home today I saw something else that was simply stupid - two riders lane splitting traffic and then mucking around at the lights in neutral and having a good chat about something holding up traffic behind them.  One of them even stalled which was must have been embarrassing but they still persisted. If you are riders like this you should be ashamed you are the cause of all the bad press real motorcycle riders get.


Emergency update - DD.  PL is away and have to fix some system errors!
Filigree tatts - why have them?  Cause I want one.


I saw an '06 GSXR 1000 in town today.  Lovely bike, but it was so small compared to an older CBR600 that was parked next to it.  Everyone should know by now that I demand greater road presence and certainly hardware for the price.  Why? because I want to see where my money went.  Sure there are the intangibles like superb handling and wow performance but...  Yes size does effect handling and performance but with the technology available today that should not be a problem.  After all they have been overcoming physics limitations for many years now.  You may not agree with me but that's the point.

Enough of my whinging, please fill out the new survey I'm running!  You see technology has finally reached the level that even I can easily process all the stats quickly!


As I've been saying for a little while now I'm putting together a BLOG site for comments that are not related to motorcycles.  Due to work commitments I can't get to this particular PC to write new material.  I still want to write about stuff that is important to me essentially I need a 'remote PC'. Anyway this is totally not motorcycle related so check out the new BLOG site:


You know everyone else is predicting a higher capacity replacement Hayabusa engine to meet emissions standards.  I'm thinking and it may not be true  as the existing engine is perfectly capable of meeting standards and indeed reliably producing more power.

I know where the rumours came from but wouldn't it more of a technical achievement if it did make more power and torque than higher capacity engines.  Nevertheless what ever the capacity I'm sure it'll be be class leading.


Still having problems with intermittent email - so much so I give up. If it works it works if is doesn't oh well.  I'm too busy to deal with it because its Eurovision weekend.


Drama this week! I've had lots of problems with the email system.  It was basically my fault I'm trying to install new anti-spam software and it shut down the whole thing. Mind you when everything was up and running I discovered that my favourite email package was not working.  (Eudora) I have been using it for many years and has always been the most stable and virus free program ever!   After hours over several days to trying and find out what was I gave up and I still don't know why it suddenly stopped.

To cut a long story short of the lengthy system analysis I gave up and installed a new email program - You guessed it ... Thunderbird!  It's by Mozilla and so far its worked perfectly.  Very simple to use email program with lots of customisation you can do.  It has a few annoying things - but I'll go into them once I've had a few more months experience.


It's finally been raining and that put a damper on things to do this week.  Fortunately its given me some time to put together a page or two about the Kawasaki ZX-14!  Stay tuned because it almost finished and you can get a sample of what I reckon the bikes like.


I checked out a 2007 GSX-R1000 again this week.  It's definitely a very tidy little bike the only thing I would have liked is if the exhaust system was like its smaller brothers I also liked the novelty of the power switch.  That said at least this simple design change differentiates it from the others - should I get one?  Hmm... not sure just yet I like the idea of the ZX14 for obvious reasons. 


Non motorcycle related this week because this bugs me.  Climate change or not.  From my simple point of view it is crazy to think that we have not had a detrimental effect on the climate of our little planet.  To say that acid rain, smog, various gaseous pollutants are caused by nature is quite silly.  No matter what sort of scientist you are - humans have effected the environment in a detrimental way.  This latest article from has prompted this entry.  The guys a geologist by the way who has concluded that we have had no impact what so ever.  I say all those who don't think we have caused climate change should live in area's where there are no pollution controls just to reinforce their beliefs.


I saw something shocking the other day. The in the 'in the right' driver and young lady deliberately swerved in the direction of a car who happened to cross over the 'holy' middle line in the road, for what reason who knows.  Now sure the other driver was in the wrong technically but in this case the 'in the right' driver is clearly wrong.  Why not just avoid the other car instead of adopting if I have an accident its your fault and you're paying approach - because it certainly won;t be if there are witnesses.  If they did have an accident I would certainly reported she deliberately caused the accident. Think about it... if a some one eg. your kid walks on to the road as a result of inattention for what ever reason would you try and run them over.  Well, the 'in the right' driver would technically do that.  Likewise she would be the same person who take as much time crossing a road as possible just to annoy everyone else.  It is these high an mighty I'm never wrong attitude that causes accidents not speed or some rubbish.

So the lesson is forgive and just avoid the situation I know its hard but if you do this you are a better person. 


One of the reasons I don't update the core stuff is that my material gets stolen by other people and sites - spelling errors and all.  I've even been converted to other languages without my consent.  Yes its part of being on the internet.  But why not just credit this site with a link?  I do if I use other people's info - it's just the right thing to do.


Sorry no April Fools Joke today.  Anyway this will be the last major site format update done for the next few years.  This is still one of the original and personal sites left.  It's contents have helped thousands over the years and I hope it'll continue to do so.  Times have changed and presumably I hope the site will be able to adapt to do so.

My quest for a new motorbike is opening up quite a few new options, admittedly I'm still waiting for a new Hayabusa but one can only wait so long.


This site update is proving problematic because there are so many pages which I had to move due to the excess bandwidth era last year!  So many pages had to be moved its not funny and I'm only discovering NOW how many menu changes have to be made.  Thankfully this site doesn't seem that bad as it appear to be only the entertainment section that needs to be moved.


Well as you can see, I've been busy with designing a brand new look for the site.  The design is still in 'beta' so only on a few pages.  I'm also updating some older information at the same time!  It's not like the Across template because CSS isn't supported but all browsers, especially mobile phone ones.  Besides its not entirely consistent even between PC based browsers.  So enjoy!


I looked at the GSX-R1000 this week, unfortunately it wasn't the 2007 model with the switchable power modes.  I'm looking forward to trying this one out.  It's about time a major manufacturer introduced this.  Mind you I don't think its something that's a major selling point - generally but it is nice to know you have the option.  That said it would definitely help new riders who have jumped up from a 250!


I checked out BMW again last week and again wasn't impressed. I was happy that the designs are refreshingly different to other manufacturers - I was also happy that they had finally come up to speed with the other manufacturers by using current technology but nevertheless the prices for the various models are truly ridiculous.  These are not better than Italian or Japanese makes by any shot of the imagination.


This week I've had to reinstall my PC because its performance was getting to be a drag!. So after whole day of mucking around its back up and running!  Speaking of which I wouldn't buy a Windows Vista upgrade - it seriously offers nothing beyond a different graphics.  If I got a new PC with it installed yes I wouldn't mind!

Speaking of new looks, the naked bike revival is full steam ahead - a ton of very edged designs I'm looking a the Italian ones eg. Bennelli TNT hmmm lovely but a bit too expensive.  I also like the Triumph Speed Triple hmm brutal...


After many months of back issues I'm finally feeling ready to get back on the bike but not just any one I want a new one!  So after many false starts the journey begins.  I'm looking at the ZX-14 at the moment!  I wish Suzuki would hurry up and at least hint at something new. But as some know this class of bike is not a big seller in the scheme of things so I don't expect too much.

I finally have the bandwidth issues with the site under control.  It was driving me crazy with unintentional leeching of very old material and very old pages.  The additional costs was something I did not expected or appreciated.  Now all I want to do is to get new material written and published. 


As you can see I've been busy with trying new stuff for the site.  Thanks to AMAZON.COM I've saved you the trouble of searching and sorting competitors prices etc... I can now feature specific items which everyone has been asking for.  So check out the new online store! Hayabusa and motorcycle parts store It's good for price comparisons - at least...


In my search for a new bike I can across this site.  Not really main stream but deserve some recommendation for being straight to the point and website organised so that you can see everything easily.  Even if you're from overseas well worth a visit to see what cars are available here!

Speaking of which the new BLOG is coming along just fine and I made up a new site for learner or rather 250cc motorcycles.  Prompted because a good friend of mine Daniel Dixon is after his first motorcycle!  Other road users beware!  Check it out here: New Motorcycle Reviews So if your after a cheap commuter to save the Hayabusa for the good rides check it out too!

Speaking of which I finished off the revamped Suzuki Across site: Across Review with a new graphic theme.  Just an indication of where the new design is heading for this site.


It clear that the the motorcycle has moved its attention to the once 'naked' motorcycle class.  Well, they are now only semi-naked, showing a lot of the engine, but having decorative frames, larger fuel tank and head light decoration. Even the exhaust system has received attention, from cylinders attached to the sides to semi hidden mini ports seemingly hidden before the rear wheel and of course hidden under the seat.  These stylised designed are even given a new name - the cafe racer.

I think the latest trend is pretty cool, its been a long time since manufacturers have played with this particular class one of the originals being the old Suzuki Katana I believe.  I still think pop up headlights are pretty cool - shock!

On the website development, I'm still trying to put together a blog type program that allows me to post topics that are largely non-motorcycle related issues. It not easy because of the limited time in a day.


Oh damn it! I've had another lousy weekend now intestate again.  The site still getting regular visitors which is really good and now that the pictures are on a different scheme it seems that I'm less in the red than usual.  Which brings up the questions - why bother?  Well everyone I enjoy doing it for nothing - just like thousands of other who do it for nothing.  Imagine a world where there wasn't any free software we'd still be paying thousands of dollars for a flaky operating system.  Most of all imagine if the Japanese didn't make motorcycles - no sorry I can't because it would bring on severe depression.


Car sales people and PR (Public Relations) and advertising mentality these days are so inappropriate.  In my opinion you either have it or you don't.  What's more these same people are effecting what you see on their websites.  It's quite insulting really.  If I want a brochure I want to download the thing not send away and wait for days and be hassled by email and mail and calls every week for the rest of my life. 

You know I just want to have a look!  Hassling people who have taken the effort to turn up at your dealership is really bad for business.  You guys don't have a good reputation and it won't improve if you treat people like this. Now this is the great part - when you actually go in to buy the thing they ignore you by wasting their time to someone else who's just having a look. The solution is simple - just as ask me whether I just want to have a look for now or I want to be convinced to buy this particular car.

Remember don't go to the dealer that gives you the best prices but they've been rude.  Buy from the one that was nicest to you.


I've just finished a huge pictures site update this week!  Here's my summary: Apart from that I watched the finish of the DAKAR rally which had an 'unexpected' result.  You see the relatively new Volkswagen Toureg team where running first for almost the entire race!  Unfortunately one by one their vehicles basically broke down leaving the trailing  Mitsubishi Pajero Evo team to clean up the first and second in the event.

If you watched the rally it was really clear the the Volkswagen Touregs where faster on the flat than the Mitsubishi Evo's, in fact even the sole Hummer driven by Robbie Gordon was faster the the Evo's - on the flat.  The Touregs simply lost because their cars weren't as reliable and showed the their drivers where indeed pushing the cars to limit.  Although the Toureg's did show much improvement over last year it was clear that it's critical weakness against water crossings has not been overcome.  You'd think they'd learn by now.  So Mitsubishi once again despite a slower car this time wins the Dakar by showing superior reliability and certainly better drivers this year.

The motorcycle part of the rally was once again won by KTMs.  The Dakar in my opinion is really about the motorcycles and their riders.  These riders regardless of whether officially sponsored or privateers have to overcome an unbelievable amount of mental and physical hardship.  So to finish at all is an achievement.  This the winner of the Dakar had to overcome a fault gearbox on the new KTM 690 (in fact all of the KTM690s) except strangely for the leader (Marc Coma) of the race until the final stages, where he had an accident.

A similar story was repeated in the truck catergory where MAN trucks finally won their first every Dakar rally!

So the moral of this weeks update?  You may have the latest technology but it means nothing if you can't actually use it properly or its not reliable.  (I guess that means I won't be upgrading to Vista just yet too!)

Next week I'm planning to write about some of the technology being used by the vehicles in the rally!


With the latest motor shows in the US revealing some of the future I wonder whether the next motorcycle shows will reveal anything new and inspiring.  The latest design trend of using sharp angles is maturing and so I wonder what install.


Seriously everyone check out the Dakar rally whether your into rally or not.  It's one of the last great adventures that almost anyone given the desire can actually go for.  Sure most of the participants are either European, French and Spanish but there are a few English speakers coming through the ranks.  The Dakar isn't just about motorcycles its about rally cars and trucks!  The contestants aren't in it for the money its about the adventure.


The first update for the year!  If you're into trail - off-road - enduro motorcycles I recommend that you check out the 2007 Dakar rally!  2007 Dakar Rally!  These are the best high performance motorcycles of off road adventures money can buy.

On site news I've made up a new page featuring videos from others on Youtube and Google and others Check it out here!

Last update for December 2006

Hi thanks for visiting and persisting with reading my various rants over the years.  (See the bottom of this page for links to past updates.)  For 2007 I am going to introduce some more non-motorcycle commentary in a separate pages and leave this one as purely motorcycle related as possible. 

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