Personal BLOG entries for May 2001.

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Update of 27/05/2001

Finally I have a new rear tyre, the latest D207 J spec apparently made for the Hayabusa.  Relatively cheap at under A$300.  So how does it go ?  Still new it does feel a tad slippery, as in not gripping the road with authority as per the AVONs.  The profile is noticeably rounder and the tread pattern as per the usual D207.  Personally I think they feel a tad more isolated from the road.  More updates on the tyre over the next few weeks.

Due to unforseen circumstances I left the converted dyno pic files disk somewhere...I will try and find them for next week.

Update of 20/05/2001

Another huge week, managed to complete updates to the pictures site.  Couldn't finish the update on the survey so there'll be a mega stats update next week.  Just very busy with stuff.

My bike will receive the latest Dunlop D207 J spec tomorrow so next week will include its review and new sub-frame news and dyno graphs courtesy of Kai.

Update of 13/05/2001

Despite being hugely occupied with other matters I have complied the results of Survey 2.  I'm trying to complete the pictures site update due next weekend so not too many site changes.  Quite a few new pictures will be available, some very nice Hayabusai out there !

As for my new rear tyre...well I'm still considering a few brands. Stay tuned for news next week.

Update of 06/05/2001

Well, I've made the decision.  The bike will stay till the 2nd anniversary.  It's a great time to sell here due to the expectant 6 months of dry weather.  Why ? I still wouldn't mind riding around for a little while more hence the June date. 

This site of course will still continue if I get settled quickly the only new bike will be another Hayabusa.  Although I am tempted to get a dual purpose or more touring orientated bike.