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31 December 2004

Welcome to my final update for the year.  True it is a tad late but then I do have a life off the Net.  I hope everyone had a safe Christmas.  Due to the festive seasons I have been really busy sorting out the needs of others whilst I even visited a BMW bike shop.  Will the next bike be a BMW ?  As I also say stay tuned I will update everything - eventually !

I hope that the Tsunami disaster is sorted out as soon as possible and I also hope the world does pull together and see the bigger picture.  Help out where you can because the disaster has destroyed the lives of many who can't.  Here's hope to peace and prosperity for 2005 !

19 December 2004

Apologies for the lack of the new speed article.  We're still discussing the wording.  Nevertheless Merry Christmas to everyone who's visited throughout the year.  Hope you've enjoyed every visit.  I should be updating the 'horrorscope' pages soon too !  But that depends on how long it takes to finish off the last pictures site update for the year.  So As I always say stay tuned.

12 December 2004

Checkout the new article on bike security.  It is is draft format and I will be fixing it up during the week.  Next week article will be on the issue on speeding because its something which should be publicly commented on.  The article was sent in by a regular visitor (Australia) to the site but wished me to put this up edited to sound less 'aggressive'.

05 December 2004

Next week will be the release of the first on the 'new' articles.  It mainly an update of existing information from the site compiled together.  The topic will be bike security !  Haven't decided what the next article will be though.

One thing that really gets me is the email I get asking for more information, the most basic of stuff.  I generally don't answer those type of mails cause they they don't include hayabusa in the subject line.  I'm fine tuning the SPAM filter you see so I'm checking out ALL the mail for the past few weeks.  The really silly ones are asking for pictures...  What's the point of putting up all this info if you don't read it.  I don't sell the bike.

28 November 2004

I'm working on a mega update for the end of the year so stay tuned.  Included will be a new reviews, commentary on speed cameras and updated content links and lots more.

21 November 2004

Not much to comment on this week, except to say enjoy the ride whatever it maybe and enjoy every moment, because it will never come again.

14 November 2004

Traffic is getting pretty bad in all major cites.  We have become so reliant on inappropriate private transport that its making our lives more difficult not easier.  Large multi-seat cars with only one passenger clog up the road in times such as peek hour which wouldn't exist if government promoted smaller forms of personal transport.  But due to the vast majority of politicians are so small minded not to see the bigger picture. 

The speed factor stressed by government as THE major cause of accidents EVEN more so than drunks, ill-trained drivers, poor road conditions and poor public transport.  It criminal how the government thinks we will be brain washed into believing that excessive speed is THE cause for everything.

So what's my solution ?  Enclosed single seat bikes with smaller engines.  So obvious yet still not done.  I'm sure you can work out the details.

31 October 2004

Halloween - spooky.  Since I've return from another almost round Aust. trip I guess its time to to once again comment on the driving abilities of the different states. The worst drivers are tied between QLD and VIC.  NSW drivers are generally and by far the best drivers.  Even in grid locked Sydney harbor bridge it was possible to change lanes - just don't ask why.  Victorian drivers generally don't tail gate anymore they just lost the ability to drive properly and courteously.  The South Aust drivers still tail gate and still don't know how to overtake properly.  In all states mobile phone and driving use is quite common so having the right effect namely a seeing rear ender at least twice.  ACT drivers generally like to speed and show very little courtesy to other drivers.  Also the most unnerving scenes involve drivers attending to their child whilst driving.  How stupid - think about.

17 October 2004

Well, Back from a short break and checking out what's new in the bike world.  I was pondering the Hayabusa side of things and it clear, and that I have said many many times in past in the news pages and on this page that the Hayabusa is not going to be significantly updated until the other manufacturers start rolling out their versions.  And true to from the design will probably be very different from what we see today.  It will be the key design reference for the rest of the Suzuki range.  It won't be the derivative styling that seems to be popping up on rumor pages and so forth.

Congrats to Valentino Rossi for winning the Australian Round of the MotoGP and the riders championship for 2004 - and on a Yamaha !  Goes to show that a rider is just as important if not more important than the bike. 

26 September 2004
Update in a couple weeks.

19 September 2004
I've been hugely busy this week with the owners pictures and the 2005 pic releases.  Hope I haven't forgotten anything...  Also working on some new content and moving homes yet again.

This weeks rant is about car and bike manufacturers.  They claim they now target the younger generation with their models.  They then make it as difficult as possible to customise them - unfortunately this is most young people want to do.  SO I suspect that their marketing and PR areas are not exactly doing their job or someone had better check where they get the stats from.

12 September 2004
I've been meaning to put this up for some time but I completely forget !  This news is at least 12 months old (I think) It was about Formula Hayabusa.  These are racing cars that are based on the Suzuki Hayabusa engine.  Here are some links :

www.suzukisport.com/english/product/fomulahayabusa/fhayabusa.html www.advanceautoparts.com/english/youcan/html/pht/pht20030201fh.html

5 September 2004
Welcome back.  Excellent games, what I saw of it anyway.  I must say the Australian coverage was less than spectacular.  Poor choice of coverage of the events and same content on the 2 different channels.   Repeats are good but the number of repeats was shocking.  Furthermore we missed out on repeats of the more interesting sports like gymnastics and sync swimming.

In the bike arena we have seen the introduction of BMWs latest K12.  More modern looking thing almost Japanese with hopefully performance to match.  Will keep an eye on its reviews to see what everyone else reckons.

14-28 August 2004
Since it the Olympics is on.  You should be watching them instead of reading this !
I'd also want to add that everyone says speed is bad but lets face it there are lot more accidents cased by carelessness than speed.  We're being brain washed everyone.  

8 August 2004
The latest news from NSW is that the government is trying to sell the idea of a curfew for drivers and riders under 21.  They are claiming that it will cut the road toll.  Sounds almost sensible but there are so many other factors to consider.  I wonder whether the current NSW government is capable of the right decision (whatever it may be) because their record so far has not been impressive.  Eg. the failing rail service, failing hospital service, failing roads administration, failing housing plans.  And what do they do to fix the problem ?  Put in another tax so they can waste even more money fixing problems they caused.  There is no-one else to blame in these case.  Anyway it reeks of another typically short sighted solution to a serious problem.  It also seems like political suicide not to mention yet another restriction on our already limited free society.

Good examples are the use of speed and red light cameras, in the right location they actually work.  Unfortunately I'm sure all agree the majority of mobile and fixed cameras are not in high accidents areas but high revenue areas.  At least else where in the world eg. Uk they are reviewing their entire system.  Maybe its time we had one too.

25 July 2004
My previous comments of the Hayabusa being THE bike to beat are fully justify - so stop the mails on which is better.  (I do get tired of the whole thing)  By the way its just not my opinion but almost every respectable and non-respectable bike journalist's.

When there is report on a new 'power' bike it is usually with the reference to Hayabusa beating power or the like.  Furthermore the Hayabusa is usually the winner in any past or present comparison.  If it didn't take the out right win it was usually conditional to the other bike anyway.

I am changing the way I put up content, it actually back to the old ways !  So here's and interesting link to a site in Brazil - Hayabusa Day.


25 July 2004
There are so many factors to driving and riding any motorised transport since its invention.  It is genuinely far more difficult to get around than 50 or even 100 years ago.  Rules for this rules for that, rules that contradict all other rules and so forth.  However the constant is that there are still fools every where. 

It is easy to blame others for accidents and its probably true most of the time but don't forget you are also in control.  Some cultures seem to enjoy promoting that culture of blaming someone else and this is not a good path to follow.

11 July 2004
Well, this week I think I've got the PC, actually a notebook up and running at about 95%.  About time too (you add).  You see I run Windows XP Pro on this one and lets face it the number of patches and upgrades required is a joke really.  (This bit leads on to the commentary this week about competition.)  And lets face it the whole thing needs a re-install every so often to keep it running properly.

It's all to do with competition.  If we had multiple OSs that competed with each other there most probably wouldn't be such an issue.  If we also had multiple Web Browsers it wouldn't be a problem either.  Since Netscape folded IE hasn't improved one bit.  Sure we have the seemingly daily patches to IE but nothing that improves the actual program.  Mind you I've been using Mozilla for years now and it is genuinely a better browser.  I encourage you to check it out - especially for the pop-up window blocker !

You can see examples everywhere - see mobile phones, they keep getting better because there is so much competition.  They actually build those things according to customer wants and desires. 

It's a standards issue too.  If companies co-oped to standards we have compatibility regardless of any propriety bits.  The Internet, Mobile phones, Cars as perfect examples.  Take the fantastic work with MP3s.  I would never purchase new audio equipment that couldn't read MP3 files.  Take note Sony. 

A case study : Would you purchase a bike that could only one brand of petrol ?
(Yes brand like BP or Shell etc.. Not by their octane rating.)

Same with bikes we have competition get the 600cc and 1000cc class hence regular model upgrades but in the open category where the Hayabusa belongs there hasn't been any.  See what happened to the original ZX-12R the Blackbird.  The Hayabusa clearly hasn't had the substantial upgrade that should regularly happen because no-one else is doing it.  You may say that's its all to do with the agreed speed limitations and so forth, but there are other things that Suzuki could be doing to cement the top spot.  Eg. adjustable seating, new instrumentation, motorised wind screen etc...

4 July 2004
Re-installing a PC is not any easy task especially if you haven't kept track of what you've put on.  Especially if you run Windows making sure all the patches are installed and indeed if they are the right ones.  Maybe I should consider an Apple just for another change.

27 June 2004
After much distress I have done a HUGE technical (stuff you don't see) overhaul of the website.  There is still much fine tuning to do and a lot of other behind the scenes work before its fully ready.  At least the forms and other stuff is working again !  Again the promise of more interactive content is being worked on.  Just remember this site is still fully funded by myself hence it takes additional time to update and work on. 

13 June 2004
Following on from my last entry petrol companies have a lot to answer for too.  After the fuel crisis of the 70's alternative energy companies where bought out by the fuel conglomerates and essentially competition to oil was eliminated.  I can only imagine if development was continued we'd certainly have viable alternative fuel sources.  Li-Ion batteries for example would have been available by the late 70's and certainly more efficient solar cells, even ethanol and hydrogen would now be common place.  Nitrous Oxide - NOS would be performance norms rather then exceptions.  Maybe we would have seen a Hayabusa type bike in the 80's rather than at the turn of the century.  (History isn't such a boring subject after all.)

30 May 2004
Everything is relative isn't it ? All things that are the same aren't really the same if you get my meaning.  What's fast in one's mind is not really fast to someone else.  It is thus unfortunate that you have to go though a learning process before understanding the relativity factor.  Unfortunately it is the vocal minority in ALL cases that make the masses suffer for their lack of learning.

I hear vehicle manufacturers resisting the push for reducing fuel consumption and lower pollution standards from their engines.   Purely because it costs too much money to do and they'd rather make a $buck now than acknowledge the near future.  You see its quite simple.  Lower you fuel consumption now you can continue making car or what ever for longer.  Resist now and use up all the fuel now and go bust in a short period of time.

As consumers we should also be considerate of the near future.  Pollute now and gee the planet will go up in smoke - literally in a few short decades - certainly within the expected life span of the readers of this site.   Your favorite camping or site seeing roads will literally vanish forever cause there's too much pollution for anything to grow.  Rivers, trees, annoying bugs that splatter on your helmet - everything that keeps the ecosystem and us alive...Anyway, I'm not a greenie I just felt that something has to be said on preserving and improving on what we have now before its too late.  Lets face it 'desert views' aren't really a selling point.

So what you say, cars and stuff are relatively less polluting than industry - well tell them to start being cleaner too.   They won't be able to escape the planet - just yet anyway.

Maybe the new fuel crisis is a good thing and will mean transport such as motorcycles get a more friendly focus.

23 May 2004
I've added a few new stuttering explanations/solutions and updated content (Other Problems Page) in various places.

It is me or are bike manufacturers going conservative in their colour schemes and designs ?  So far only BMW has introduced some notable and I guess sort of classy schemes !  Some of their designs not just colour schemes are getting quite different.  Must be the Bangle influence

All the Japanese/Uk manufacturers are coming out with truly unlovable designs. (Odd headlight configuration and edges is OLD hat guys)  Come on designers surely you can convince them to take a chance ?  A classic design pls.

15 May 2004
As you can see I've had a week off to recharge batteries and so forth.  Personally didn't have any effect.  Anyway that's life.  There is a backlog of info to update on the site but due to the amount of stuff here already it gets difficult to put info in an make it easy to find.  However I will work out something shortly.  This site was never meant to be an all inclusive about the Hayabusa just as much as possible.

2 May 2004
Well, another long drive and I've got more sensible advice to give - hopefully.  Crests or small hills are dangerous where you can't see what's on the other side are a serious hazard.  If your approaching one it is always sensible to slow down and be wary of what may be coming up from the other side of the road.   Not all drivers/riders are intelligent but are often suicidal and over confident murderers.  All it takes is one of these fools to overtake or go on the wrong side of the road for you to be wiped out.

18 April 2004
I've updated the Trivia page with the Biker Boyz semi-review but haven't updated anything else.  Biker Boyz ? - well its not a must see movie but a time filler.  I understand the other bike movie Torque is better...we shall see.   Nevertheless its nice to see bike movies, not very many to choose from you see.  

Pending the Torque review I hope that better stories are being created for this genre because to spreads the word that bikes a pretty cool and just a safe as 4 wheeled vehicles.

11 April 2004
Further re-jigging of material on the various pages. Nothing major as I'm trying to enjoy the long Easter weekend.  I hope you are too !

4 April 2004
More updates on stuff -  including the new Believe of Not page.  About time someone put up something like this !  Doing updates always reminds me on how much stuff is actually on this site - if you care to look and its not easy keeping up with everything !   Anyway even more updates coming, some so minute but obviously some visitors really do care about the context issue !

28 March 2004
Very busy adding new stuff and of course updating the Pictures site !  This brings me to this week rant... 

Customisation - It is given that any motor vehicle will be in some way customised.  How far that goes I guess is dependent on the owner.  However I hope the trend of making hard to customise vehicles do not extend to bikes any time soon. 

Lets face it do we really want to have identical bikes differentiated only by colour scheme ?  Certainly not !

And another thing - I witnessed a guy who was obviously a new rider with zero riding experience the other day.  Even though he had a ZZR-1100 in pretty good new condition.  He couldn't corner and certainly couldn't keep up with traffic.  He's in for problems real quick if he doesn't get his act together.  The point is - you can tell if a rider can ride or sh.. scared of the bike and the road. 

It's like me and trams really - but that's another story.

21 March 2004
Well, I'm back from an unexpected 'holiday'.  No time for explanations, except to say it was interesting.  Coming up shortly will be Part 2 of the names article and even more re-hashes.

29 February 2004
Very busy week for updates.  The pictures site done along with the enhancements page omitting some supposed new info due to lack of confirmation.  Re-jig of material here and there.  So enjoy more guys.

22 February 2004
Never ending reasons for not updating the enhancements page - its a lot of work to verify stuff you know.  If I don't get more info on the enhancements I'll just post what I have.  Without much of the new stuff.  I guess that what happens when you don't have any funding.  Hmmm I wonder how cyber begging will go - it is for a good cause after all !

Why do bike riders still wear minimal clothing in summer ?  Sure its hot but tempers flare when its hot for car drivers and they do stupid things.  With all the very good clothing built for summer e.g. Spidi's efforts not only look excellent but at least provide you with decent protection AND air flow.

Remember, I should know ...

15 February 2004
Almost finished the enhancement updates but correction of last week article was more important - wrong version.  Goes to show that you really do have to be careful what you post on web sites !

8 February 2004
Still haven't verified enhancement stuff so you get a new names article to pass the time with. Need I say more this week ?

1 February 2004
Opps didn't have time to verify the new enhancements page material I was going to put up, due mainly to having to update site and mail to cope with the latest virus outbreak.  When will it end ? spam, viruses, emails for information I already have on the site  its takes up all the time I want to devote to the site mods.  Yes I do have life.

26 January 2004
Another busy week but I still managed to update the Pictures site as promised !  Some really good pics and mods out there that's for sure.   Next week The Enhancements Page gets a make over and more enhancements for you to have ago at !  About time too I hear you say.

The Dakar has ended - you can view the results from this page :
The English Paris-Dakar site

If you watched the telecast on TV you really wonder how some of the privateers made it to the end.  A very tough rally.

18 January 2004
A few interesting bits of technology news for you.  This year Paris Dakar had a proto-type 2 wheel drive motorcycle.  At 450cc its one of the smallest capacity bike in the field still running.  Most of its a Yamaha WR !  The bulk of riders of course choose various KTMs or part of the KTM Works teams.  The bike is actually doing very well.  I think its 7th overall, even with a few stage wins under its belt. 

From TV reports its a torque on demand system, ie when slippage is detected in the rear the front wheels will then start working.   The advantages in such a rally are of course interesting...I assume it'll be much better in the sand as per the 4wd vehicles.

11 January 2004
Hope everyone is starting the new year in one piece.  As you known by now this page is for my personal rants.  And this year there won't be any changes to this page - although I will try to use a spell checker more. 

The rest of the site is still undergoing upgrading and changes so keep a lookout of some more interesting stuff coming soon.

This week I have a few words to say and they are : Paris-Dakar.  Yep, the rally is on again this year and a field of almost 1000 competitors.  Car, Bikes, Quads and Trucks.  In Australia, SBS is showing the highlights usually at 6pm or 6.30pm dependent on day.  Fantastic viewing and fantastic machines.

4 January 2004
Hello again. Still here.  Enjoying a short break now so stay tuned for more stuff in the coming weeks - promise !

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