Personal BLOG entries for August 2000.

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Update 27/08/2000 :
Lots of updates to the site : more links, more Hayabusa enhancements details and more on my opinion on riding the Hayabusa and ownership details.  So check it all out.

Also the infamous cam chain tensioner recall : Click here

Update 20/08/2000 : This week I've prepared a summary of Hayabusa Ownership so far.  As it seems to summarise the entire Hayabusa ride and ownership prospective here's the link, consider it this weeks update. 

It's been over a year that this this site has been going and it will continue for sure.  However time is a limited resources and I seem to have less and less of it every week.  Having received may thousands of email of which I've tried to answer every single one (email failures and incorrect addresses and all) and tried to as helpful as possible, I've also learnt a lot of things from all you guys and gals. 

The world is a large place and there are so many things that you as an individual can do.  Thus I need to try all those things and of course keep things interesting for everyone who visits this site.  My Hayabusa will be with me for a little while longer but as I'm changing the direction of a couple sites which I also maintain and hopefully a change in career I may not be able to afford to keep the bike.  It may be ironic that my Hayabusa my be sold to finance the next adventure.

Thus if there is anyone who knows of an organisation who wants to sponser a new type of site pls feel free to contact me.  I don't like putting ads on this site (yes there are alternatives !) hence the various affiliates including a very lucrative sex type ad is not really on.  Hey I was around when the internet had NO advertising what so ever and most sites had those ridiculous backgrounds images !  Anyway that's all for now and see you next week !

Update 13/08/2000 : Back from Brisbane and a couple stress filled days.  Hence no riding done this week.
More next week for sure to make up for this week lack of interesting stuff.   Needless to say Brisbane seems like a great place for motorcycle riding.

Update 06/08/2000 : As Darwin approaches the wet season I'm feeling the heat on the right hand side of the bike again.  It's noticeable because the left side is definitely cooler. The AVON tyres are definitely slower to warm up then the previous BT56s.   They also seem much more resistant to squaring off than the BTs.  However they still definitely have for feel than the BTs though.  Also whist riding behind my Hayabusa I noticed that they have a wider contact patch than I noticed with the other tyres.

I've been having problems with the Domain's email server during the week.  They're doing an upgrade and I think I lost some mail, as the numbers I get are definitely down.