Personal BLOG entries for April 2001.

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Update of 29/04/2001

How time files, the new general magazine style site is coming along just fine and the Hayabusa survey is keeping me busy.  I've also been busy updating the my Email program as the old version didn't have the features I was after.   I still only see text based mail for security reasons. 

My bike is due for another new tyre, it's last whilst I still own it.  It's going to be a sad day when I finally say good bye ...

Site updates are minor in nature (refer to news page) although I'm busy preparing new articles !  Next month's pictures site update looks like a huge one so make sure you check it out, updated by mid-May.

Update of 22/04/2001

Another lovely dry and relatively cool weekend - probably due to the Cyclone Alistair we had earlier this week !  Also managed to  finish off the questions for Survey 2.  The survey has much more Hayabusa and motorcycle related questions quite a few from the last wanted more detailed questions.

Update of 15/04/2001

First chance to go for a decent ride in months, and I did.  The following update may contain experiences which may offend but remember I was there and well aware of the conditions.  Many of you don't get to travel at the speeds the Hayabusa is capable of thus this may be a eye opener.  If you are offended - try living here and see the conditions for your self it might teach you a few things about where I'm comming from.  Do the research in other words.

It's not an Autobahn and its not a multilane highway either but somewhere in between. Major cause of death on the roads is in the town centres, caused but inexperienced, drunk, stupid drivers and riders.  In the open limit zone is people sleeping on roads and 4WD roll-overs, these things don't handle so why drive them like sports cars ?

Note I live in the Northern Territory the only place in Australia that still has a open speed limit.  Most travel in the 120-140kph and are very sensible.  All bikes seem to travel at 160kph.   Traffic levels are low even in the tourist season.  But one must watch out for wild life and the like.  It is at least 100kms between some sort of fuel stop between towns.  Tempreatures are 28 degrees C and almost cloudless skies.  Very dry conditions and a good road.

Anyway back to the ride details.  First thing noticed was that the suspension had definitely gone softer.  Not surprising considering it still the standard ones.  Defintely softer at the front than the rear. It is not noticable at normal speeds however when you can go as fast as you want as long (where I live) as its long as it is safe to do so which is surprisingly not all the time there is a sense of wollow, more tourer soft. 

When you travelling 160kph on average you do tend to notice the softness.  Mind you after almost 2 years ownership and thousands of k's it is expected.  So next service it is definitely time to adjust the settlings, I think the head bearings my need ot be tightened too.  I also noticed the 'engines vibe' at 4500rpm seem to have lessened after the recall although they seem to diminish 1000rpm up the scale.  Overall my bike anyway is running very well much smoother overall.  Fuel consumption was a creditable 5.4 litres per 100kph on premium/normal combo.

The issue of speed is another topic which I'd like to comment on - in fact a new page is in the pipeline addressing this issue shortly.

The Hayabusa like all modern performance bikes speed is relatively effortless. In my opinion the cruising speed of the Hayabusa is defintely 180kph-190kph on a normal road.  The bike seems to feel 'just right'.   BTW with the hump on at 180kph it doesn't want to wheelie anymore !  High speed handling, absolutely planted even when cornering.  Braking, lack of bite initially at slower speeds changes - the long travel brakes suddenly become quite effective at the higher speeds.

Aerodynamics - Tuck behind the screen and you immediately notice the reduction in drag !  Coasting to a stop with no brakes, the thing coasts alot more than other bikes.  Vibes, they are there easily forgtten as your busing trying to navigate.

When there are multitude of tight corners the Hayabusa can be kept at about 120kph as long as it's not a 90 degree turn ! - and safe.  Again this is relative, if your a racer for example it may be a tad slow !!   based on my current suspension set up - hence the damn thing can handle for such a big bike. 

The self described hoon I was travelling with wanted to add that the CBR600F4 is a very stable bike at 220kph.  It handles brillantly but uses a lot of petrol.  He loves his bike and the new tyres. 

Update of 08/04/2001

Another busy week thus could only manage to update the pictures site.  I have a free day over Easter to update more content on the other pages as I have got quite a bit to do. 

What more could I possibly say about the bike after 2 years ?  Well, its still a fantastic piece of machine well worth the money and with the 2001 models out with no problems to speak of what are you waiting for ?   With that said I am still curious about the sub-frame issue for prior years !

Update of 01/04/2001

I was considering an April Fools joke but can't think fo anything original.  Anyway, not much happening in the motorcycle world at this stage.  Site wise stay tuned for a pictures site update in a few weeks and a new section on motorcycle racing.  Hope everyone enjoyed my little story on future classics !  One more note - I just did a spell check on the page and it was bad, should be fixed now.

My own Busa is still with me, hopefully a job offer will come up and I can keep it...however I very much doubt it.  Moving states is difficult enough but moving between countries even a close one is even harder.  I also saw a new blue white Busa around town yesterday so hello there.  I heard that there was a smashed Busa so I presume the NT count is either 2 or 3.