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Last Updated : 02 July 2012
This page is updates as required.

Note : The content here attempts to be as accurate as possible.
This list covers the original Hayabusa 1999-2007

Click here if you are looking for the 2008 onwards FAQ:
FAQ for 2008 and onwards FAQ

Which Year Model Hayabusa should I get ?

Please see This page for my opinion.

Other bits of technical information about the Hayabusa and questions asked about the bike over the years.

Please see This page for more info like what does the symbol (Kanji) mean.

Known differences between 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 models. Models years are often referred to from 2001 onwards for what ever reason by k1 = 2001, k2 2002, and so forth.

Known differences (summary) :
Basically there aren't any that you can actually see apart from colour for 1999 vs the 2000 models.
The different colours can be seen on the model history page.
Cam tensioner issues on 1999 and 2000 models only.
The rear sub-frame is also different either in welding or be it a metal version applicable worldwide.
The late 2000 and 2001 models are also top speed restricted by the engine management system, not many will actually find out of course its - 290kph .
Performance is otherwise unchanged.
The Speedo meter on 2001 models only go to 185mph.
Australian Speedo meter reads a top of 280kph with the rest of the lines unnumbered.
The orange reflector on the front forks and else where indicate that it is the US model.  Road safety just like the plate on the front lobby group (ha ha).
Top Speed of 2001 model onwards is 290kph or 180mph.
2001 idle adjuster is now under the tank.
2001 'vent' on tail fairing on the right is flat unlike the left which is curved in.
2001 models appear to have a oil capacity of 3100ml.
2001 models have a steel sub-frame coloured black in the US.
2001 Canadian models only have 20 litre tanks.
2001 models have a Suzuki sticker over the rear tail lights.
2002 Models have polished metal joining the mufflers as opposed to the matt black 99-01 models.
2002 also have radiators in an unpainted metal?
2002 in some countries have a Oxygen sensor integrated into the exhaust pipes.
2002 have inset front wheel hubs.
2003 New ECU or ECM 16 - 32 bit processing power (late 2002 intro)  and cannot be over come by the TRE ?
2003 have a new lighter generator - Alternator ?
2003 have gold/bronze coloured front forks and brake callipers.
2003 have Titanium Nitride coated inner forks.
Polished stainless steel exhaust pipe for improved appearance.
bolt on, stainless-steel tie-down hooks (previously welded to sub-frame) ?
2004 Red limited editions have stylised single 'S' on the fuel tank.
2004 Red limited editions have unpainted rim edges on the wheels.
2004 Limited editions have black frames.
2004 have unpainted radiators.
2005 Suzuki logo on tank changed to just a stylised S.
2005 All indicators now have clear lens.
2006 Only colour changes.
2007 Only colour changes.

Known differences between countries :

As expected there are differences between Hayabusa's produced for different countries.  This section will attempt to unravel the various differences between models in each country.  (It's not easy...)

Often asked questions :

Claimed performance times

Fuel consumption

Hayabusa Service Schedule

Other often asked questions :

The Seat or Hump ? :

All Hayabusa's purchased new from a dealer comes with the 'hump', rear seat pad and grab rail.  The hump and seat can be swapped over with the key however the grab rail is secured with screws.

You cannot have the 'hump' and grab rail attached at the same time without modification.  Naturally, the rear seat and the grab rail fits perfectly !

What is a Motorcycle Steering Damper :

All Hayabusa's have them fitted as standard.  It's hidden at the top of the forks behind the instrument panel.  What is it ? (Simply) Well its like a shock absorber for the bars but it is to prevent side to side bar wobbles or tank slappers in most conditions when the front goes light.  Eg. Wheelies or monos.  It too needs maintenance usually requiring an oil change every so often.   

Model identification :

It is difficult to identify a particular model's specification until you have determined the following :
Actual Build Date or Month.
Compliance Date or when it becomes a registrable model in your country.
Country of first delivery.
Colour scheme.
It is not unique to the US where the following calendar year specification is released in the former.
That is a '03 spec bike released in late '02.
It is also not uncommon for manufacturers to not release all colour schemes in one country.
There appears to be a specific times when all Busa's are made.

Hayabusa Workshop Manual or Hayabusa repair manual or service manual :

I have recently noticed that there are a few places offering to sell 'workshop' manuals.  To make life easier checkout my sponsored online store :
Hayabusa and motorcycle parts store.  So much easier buying stuff now.

Instruments :

The Hayabusa has conventional dials for the Speedo, Rev meter, Fuel and Engine Temperature.
Warning lights are circular and not part of the Speedo or Rev counter etc..
However it has 2 digital readouts.
One is for odometers, fuel consumption and trip meters.
The second is for the clock.
ALL dials do the automatic spinning routine when starting - its pretty cool !

Choke :

OK everyone I have received a mail explaining the various technical aspects of the mechanics of the 'choke' and it clear that it is a fast idle lever, no enrichment at all. Thanks Steve 'Dangermouse' 

The air-vents :

The vents beside the front headlamps are not for cooling purposes.  The have apparently been aerodynamically design to create a super-charger effect.  (This is a common design feature in modern bikes.)  Hence the more air pressure, it is presumed that the engine will make more power.  Just like regular internal combustion engines the higher the altitude above sea level you are will also mean that the bike will produce less power.

Which year model to get :

Please don't ask me whether you should get the current model or wait for the next years model etc... I won't answer that question because its got nothing to do with me.  You see - I probably don't know you at all and hence have no idea what your personality, priorities in life, likes or dislikes, allergies, favourite pet, country your in, condition of the bike or dealer and so forth.  Besides we aren't even dating or even going steady for that matter...not that I'm complaining or should I be ?? hang on a minute - we may not even be physically compatible...See below in 'General characteristics' for the actual answer.

Which is faster ? and Is the Hayabusa the fastest production motorcycle in the world? :

The answer is YES in particular reference to the 1999 and 2000 models.  After those year manufacturers agreed to artificially limit the top speed for all motorcycles to about 290kph. 

That means that no-one can now claim to be the next fastest production motorcycle in the world because the Hayabusa will retain that title until the limit agreement has been lifted - if ever. 

So the ZX14 is not the fastest nor is the GSXR1000 etc...  there is effectively no FASTER production motorcycle in the world any more.  Even if they can reach Hayabusa speeds you would need to modify them hence no longer production.  What is the fastest non-production motorcycle ?  Who knows...

common question I get asked, clearly by inexperienced or new riders is which is faster eg. GSXR1000 or Hayabusa, Ducati or Hayabusa etc...  Well the answer is obvious isn't it.

Now you say which is faster round the track.  Well again this sort of thing is asked by new or inexperienced riders.  And the answer is it depends to who's riding it.  A average rider will never do a better lap time on the Hayabusa than the same rider on a proper sports bike.  Why? because the Hayabusa is a more difficult bike to ride.  Its main mission was never to go round a track the fastest - its mission was top speed.  It just happens that it handles very nicely too.  It eats tracks too but only if you can actually ride properly.

Run in or break in procedure for the engine :

This is a simple one - follow the instruction manual - since it only needs to be run in once.

Long term storage for a motorcycle :

Why store a motorcycle away? Well a lot of people live in countries where they need to store their motorcycle for extended period.  Namely these who live in snow infected areas!  Don't forget to check the users manual too!

So here's some stuff I gathered over the years.
- Complete clean including chain.
- Use a race stand for front and rear tyres.
- Disconnect the battery.
- Fill it up with fuel but not full.
- A dust cloth or cover over the screen and headlights.
- A motorcycle cover on top of that.

Special Editions - Hayabusa Based :

To date there has been only one Official Suzuki endorsed special edition.
Special Edition - meaning mechanically enhanced, not just cosmetic.
This is of course the Yoshimura enhanced Hayabusa known as the X1.
Only 100 examples of the bike are known to exist.
It contains all the Yoshi enhancements available for the bike.
It was released in 1999.

There are other 'Special Editions'.  Often these have been made by other Performance parts manufacturers or racing outfits e.g TTS.  I'm sure they have a ton of useful mods too.  However none to date are Suzuki endorsed.

Limited Edition Hayabusa:

There have been many 'Limited editions' over the years.  The only difference from the normal versions are the colour schemes or lack off usually.

Derestricted the 2001 models onwards (TRE stuff) :

Information on the derestricting various models to follow.

Go to Enhancements Page

Go to Specs and Performance Page

Summary :

Since many people have asked here is a summary of all the mechanical type problems you may encounter whilst owning the Hayabusa.  In general there isn't much that seem to be common to every bike or particularly fatal.

Only 1999 and 2000 Hayabusa's are effected by the Cam Chain Tensioner Issue .
If you're buying these year models used make sure this upgrade has been performed.

There are no other major reliability concerns that affect all bikes.
Others are common with any type of bike not just the Hayabusa. 
I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion that the Hayabusa is very reliable.

General Ownership things to look out for :

'99 - '00 : Ensure the recall work on the Cam Chain and Fuel pump has been done.
2000 models : Stretched chain and cam chain (1st recall for 2000 models).
Difficulty with 5-6th gear change until bike is complete run in (1st - 2nd service) .
Clutch reservoir goes cloudy on some bikes.
Sub-frame problems if the Busa has been carrying lot of luggage/or has after market exhausts
Max weight for '99 and most '00 models is 195kgs.

*Ensure service bulletins on the return fuel lines and filters. 99/00
*Length of fuel return line to be shorten if kinking under the tank. 99/00
*More Electrical wiring insulation if rubbing against other parts. 99/00

*Thnks to M Dresser for more info.

General characteristics all year models :

Rattle of the steering damper on rough road - reduced by refilling the damper oil
Cost of tyres has been taken into account
Vibration on the left side of the screen on some but easily fixed.
Uneven rear hump - it's not very noticeable
Heaps of attention from car drivers and police
Some owners report high rear brake wear, due to big feet !
Be sure to fully extended the side stand or you know what !
Some engine vibes noticeable from approx 4500rpm - only because up to then the engine is really smooth.
Cost of tyres has been taken into account.
Some have a white residue at the bottom of water reservoir - unknown - but doesn't effect anything.
Some develop a loud clunk noise on take off - it is not serious - it is usually the effect of a stretched chain.
Remember to adjust your chain first before asking for another opinion - read expensive.
(You should be doing this anyway as part of your own regular maintenance ie lubing the chain.)
And yes any bike will do this if not maintained.

Sub-frame Issue 1999-2000 models

This has always been a tricky issue.
Fact : The sub frame for 1999-2000 at the welds can crack.  As experienced by a number of current and past owners.
Fact : The sub frame is made of high strength alloy but the welds are not.
Fact : In standard trim with exhausts in place and carrying under the maximum weight (Ie. No modifications to the bike what so ever) The bike is perfectly safe.  Tested publicly in the UK by road safety authorities.  (Links no longer work)
Fact : No-one knows exactly why it happens.
Fact : It is commonly blamed on the installation of after-market exhaust systems. 
Fact : There was never an official recall.
Fact : Some owners where given new sub frames out of courtesy.
Fact : Silly really but Suzuki claimed that the Hayabusa was never designed to be a load bearing tourer.  Says its the Ultimate Sports Bike...
Fact : 2001 models onwards have a heavier metal sub-frame.  It's not any stronger but if you carry too much it will bend rather than break.
Fact : If you have one of those effected talk to the Suzuki Head office in your area or maybe the dealer.
Fact : If your bike has been modified you will be ignored.
Fact : I cannot do anything about it or reassure you or otherwise.
Fact : There are real examples of sub-frames breaking.

Can Chain tensioner 1999-2000 models

Fact : No major media publications on cam-chain tensioner breaking.
Fact : I have received reports over the years of chain breaking on high milage engines. 
Fact : I cannot confirm the specifics of each report.
Fact : Cam-chains last longer that Cam-belts.
Fact : Problem relates to the tensioner mechanism not the actual chain.

Best year models to get :

For the genuine unlimited fastest motorcycle in the world (in production) get the 1999 or 2000 year models.

For the most reliable get the 2003 (new ECU) onwards.

General characteristics -  2001 onwards :

There isn't really very much to report on these models, cause they've been refined over the previous years and it does look like all the issues with the original 99 and 00 have been addressed !

Sure I get the occasional message but these days it seems that only modified Hayabusa's encounter and mechanical problems.

All OK for : 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 2006 so far.

The things that happened to my Hayabusa back in 1999 :

Afflicted with cloudy clutch fluid, which was replaced under warranty.
Afflicted with contaminated fuel (from BP fuel) and kinked fuel hose.
My bike has suffered 2 flat tyres due to nails and a very large bolt.
The rear hump does not sit completely straight.
The front screen vibrated but has been fixed.
The only thing that I replaced apart from tyres was the chain - the usual 3 year replacement cycle.


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