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Last Updated : 20 September 2012

It is ultimately up to whether you willing to sacrifice your hard earned cash to buy one of the best motorcycles of the 20th century. Don't forget to factor in running costs, license points and stuff like that - Enjoy!

Remember make sure you can afford to finance the loan if your choosing this method.  After all you do want to keep it working and looking a millions dollars.

To help you along here's the Brand New Hayabusa pricing from around the world.
Recommended Retail excluding on road costs of course! (Where possible I have also included some on-road pricing) If you can get better deal go for it.

Email me ! - If you have the pricing of Hayabusa in countries not listed here

Australia :
$17,800 - 1999
$18,490 - 2006
*Thnxs to Jim D
$18,490 - 2008

Belgium :
540,000 DEF - 2001
*Thnxs Kevin

Brazil :
2005 R$66.000,00
(Real=Brazilian currency)
The exchange rate 03/2005 for Us$ is divided by 2.57 =  US$ 25.680,00

*Thnxs to E Tammaro

Canada :
$14,299 - 2000
$15,099 - 2007
$15,099 - 2008

Denmark :
$30,000 USD or 199,995 DKR (Danish Krones)
inc Sales tax 25% & Rego 180% - 2004, 2005.
*Thnxs Kresten Kilt
$26,000 USD inc. Sales tax 25% & Rego 180% - 2003.

*Thnxs FL Tomassen

Finland :
17,990 Euros + Shipment Inc 22%Tax  (May 2005)*Thnxs Harri
18,990 Euros + Shipment Inc 22%Tax  (2005)
*Thnxs Mikko

Greece :
15300 Euros = $18,385.82 USD or $26,801.51 AUD 2004
*Thnxs to Konstantinos

India :
Update 2012:
Bangalore (diff states vary on prices by ~3-5%)
2012 - 16,000,000/- INR
2009 - 13,100,000/- INR - (Showroom+ insurance+taxes)
*Thanks to Ashok

Update 2010: The price of the Hayabusa or motorcycle in India as per the email sent to me is broken up into the following categories.  I haven't reworded since it is quite clear!
1. Showroom price of the vehicle (Since Hayabusas are imported as a Completely Built Unit, as opposed to being assembled in India, the Showroom price = (US MSRP + Freight + Transport Insurance) * 104% + US MSRP. i.e. (12,000 USD + 500 USD (freight + insurance; both assumed) ) * 104% + 12000) which works out to about 25K USD)
2. Road tax (differs by states)
3. Registration
4. Insurance (Even though there are many companies offering insurance, the rates are typically close and does not differ much). 
Therefore, the OTD price works out to almost 28K USD when you include 2, 3 and 4 above. 
*Thanks to D Hemadri

The Hayabusa has finally arrived in India as an official import!  Price varies according to region so check with your official dealer or website to what it is!
2009 Pricing is 1,310,000.00 INR on road.
*Thnxs to A Ashok for the update.

Hayabusa prices in India are a tricky thing.
Since they can only be imported you will just have to find a reputable importer !
The price you can expect to pay for a new bike is based on the following:
Price of bike in the country you wish to buy or the country the dealer has contacts in. + Freight charges + Import Duty @105% + Misc charges.
Eg. NEW from the US $10000 USD + $500 Freight +  $10500 + $500 = $21500 USD.
Of course used model would be much cheaper !

*Thnxs Ken, Kashi and all those who sent stuff in.

Italy :
13598 Euros (2004)
*Thnxs to Joker

Japan :
2000 -  890,000 to 950,000 yen
(divide by current USD/yen rate of about 115 >to 120 for price in dollars add 5% for tax on Honshu anyway)
2001 - 1,000,000 yen
2002 - 1,050,000 to 1,100,000 yen
2003 - 1,150,000 to 1,250,000 yen
*Thnxs J Stepp
2007 - 1,159,000 to 1,250,000 yen

Netherlands :
$16,800 Euros - 2003
*Thxs to H Anchelon

New Zealand :
$24,990 on-the-road - 2000
$19,990 - 2007

Romania : 
13000 Euro inc.30.8% Tax & 19% VAT - 2003
(Approx 19000 USD dependent on the exchange rate of course)
*Thnxs L Bogdan

Singapore :
13000 Euro including 30.8% Tax and 19% VAT - 2003.
(Approx 19000 USD dependent on the exchange rate of course)
*Thnxs L Bogdan

South Africa :
R 109,000 for the standard model
R 119,000 for the Ltd Ed.
*2006 Prices thanks to
S Volschenk

South Korea :
15,800,000 Won
*2007 Prices thanks to
B Beauchamp

Spain :
$24,000 on-the-road - 2001
*Thnxs Jordan

Switzerland :
$20,990 Sfr inc TVA (Tax)
$21,990 Sfr 01/02

Swden :
137000 SEK (Swedish Kronor) - 2008
*Thnxs T Johansson

US :
$11,999 2008
12,015- 2003 (I think)
*Thnxs Lormar

UK :
8,299 Pounds RRP - 2000
7,357 Pounds*
*Thnxs Norman
8,649 Pounds RRP - 2005-2007
8,999 Pounds RRP - 2008



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