Your Star Sign/Horrorscope and your motorbike.

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Original Post November 2000
Last Updated : 02 July 2012

Horoscope for Motorcycle riders - Introduction

This page is a slight departure from just Hayabusa stuff !
It's about your Star Sign or as I call it you 'HORROR-SCOPE' and its influence on the type of bike you like or possibly own. Astrology in other words is the subject of this particular articles.

This page is updated in conjunction with the astral bodies.
However if the page proves popular I'll of course extend it with regular updates.
Warning ! to real astrologers or those who believe totally in astrology, leave this page now as you may be offended. The following content has been written by those who believe in other forms of divine influence.

Having coffee with some friends awhile ago now, we discussed amongst other things our star signs and the type of bikes that we have. I found disturbing links between star signs and the bikes we have. After studying the concepts and methodologies involved in star gazing I have exposed this alignment for all to see on this page ! YOU will be convinced !...just don't take it too seriously - enjoy.

Star Sign Guide
Although most people are aware of how the horoscope works here is a guide anyway. If your birthday falls within the dates listed here that is what your star sign will be. I won't go into detail over equinoxes and planetary movements cause that is just too serious!
Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 21
Pisces Feb 21 - Mar 21
Aries Mar 21 - Apr 21
Taurus Apr 21 - May 21
Gemini May 21 - June 21
Cancer June 21 - July 21
Leo July 21 - Aug 21
Virgo Aug 21 - Sept 21
Libra Sept 21 - Oct 21
Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov 21
Sagittarius Nov 21- Dec 21
Capricorn Dec 21 - Jan 21

How this page works
This page will contain all the descriptions of the star sign and what I have determined their attributes will be. The predictions for each sign will be located in bulk on separate pages. This so that the page will load faster and it won't spoil it for those not wanting to know the future!

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 21
Couldn't find the wave sign !
in this case the fisherman.
Lucky number is 4
Lucky day is Saturday
This is one of the air signs hence you have much in common with the other air type signs. (Despite being represented by the water carrier) Like the others you insist on having an air cooled bike where possible. Unfortunately there aren't too many these days unless you like trail type bikes.

The body part associated with the sign is the calf and ankles. In which case any accident you will probably injure these bits. Incidentally the parts you'd injure when you slide off the bike anyway. Your mind is receptive and hence you think and consider ALOT, far too much. You ponder over and over the next bike you want to get. No such heart based decisions on your next purchase ! (Not quite as bad as Cancers though) You are aroused intellectually and love pouring over specifications and trying to understand the technology in your bike.

Your sign loves independence and freedom and you make rules to satisfy yourself, be it the speed limit in 200km everywhere or 250km and on one wheel around town centres. However you tend to be affectionate about your bike and hence cling to it far too long. You have a strong sense of direction hence don't get lost very often. However you also tend to be unpredictable, thus you should always lead your friends or but you must be carefully otherwise you might might find their front wheel up your butt ! Your sign has hidden talents that can appear when you need them most, like when over speeding coming into the next corner.

Your bike tends to be air-cooled with interesting technology applied to it. Doesn't matter if its a scooter or the cutting edge sports bike - which makes choices pretty difficult these days.

Pisces Feb 21 - Mar 21
The Fishies.
Lucky number is 7
Lucky day is Thursday
The Fish. One of the water signs. Hmmm... having an affinity with water you tend to have bikes which are purely water cooled. It just won't do having an air cooled bike. And oil cooled bikes, are a crime against nature. The colours of your bikes tend to be blue or green, for some unknown reason ! Being a water sign you love riding in the rain !
The body part associated with your sign are the feet. This means you will only purchase a bike that your can get two feet on the ground.  Your sign is one that yearns for comfort hence your bike will have to be comfortable above all other detail except for touching the ground of course!

Your sign is a caring one hence you tend to look after your bike very well. You are also very sensitive hence suspension adjustment is your specialty. Being emotional the bike you end up with is usually what you only wanted at the time. You tend to worry about really silly detail. Like is a hex fairing bolt doesn't match the direction the others are facing ! You are always the romantic and love bikes which conjures images that are favourable to you.

Your bike tends to always be water cooled but apart from that being an emotional sign your bike has a pedigree. GSX-R750s, Fireblades, Z1s, Harley and so forth are the sort of bike to tend to ride.

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 21
The Ram.
Lucky number is 9
Lucky day is Tuesday
Aries is a fire sign hence an action sign. Those who belong to this group love horny bikes. Anything that can be drooled over buy the opposite sex or what ever ! is the bike for you. Your sign is a confident and honest sign. Hence you find it difficult to lie or pretend easily.

The head represents your sign. Hence you make decisions on the purchase of your next bike on the basis of clinical decisions. On the basis of which is the horniest of course ! Your sign is hence an ambitious one, so you then to have the best horniest bike around.
Your sign loves responsibility, thus can never be a pillion and enjoy it. Street fighters or fully customised cruisers and of course the Hayabusa or the latest greatest road rocket is your type of bike.

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21
The Bull
Lucky number is 6
Lucky day is Friday
Taureans love big bikes. The bigger the better. You love grunty bikes that can push lesser bikes away. Size matters to you. Not engine size, just plain size ! Stability and security is also paramount to you, thus you would 't be seen without a full array of bike locks, alarms and the like. Stability in the form of long wheel bases etc... are par of the course. An R1 would not be on your short list of bikes to own. However the Hayabusa is!

The body part associated with you sign is the throat. Thus only full faced helmets for you ! Being an earth sign the lower to the ground the better, just don't fall over.

You sign however is a friendly one and you easily blend into bike clubs and events. A comfortable home for you and your bike are also important. You like to have your favourite possessions with you. However have your bike in the living room is going a tad too far ! Your sign is characterised by intense love of your partner hence this translates to your bike as well.

Hence you tend to choose the largest like the K1200LT, Harley Road King Gold Wing, Hoss Boss and the like. And you love red bikes.

Gemini May 21 - June 21
The Twins.
Lucky number is 5
Lucky day Wednesday
Gemini's are the most restricted in the choice of bikes they will want to own. It's because you like matching things. Yes, its not a fault its a feature ! Twins and lots of twins will make you happy. You are paranoid about single cylinder bikes.. what happens if the cylinder gets lonely ? Triples just won't do as the odd one out will get jealous. In-line fours are also cool to you but V4s are better ! You need a bike which has twins of things. Twins cylinders, twin headlights, twin carbs at least, twin exhausts etc..

The body part associated with your sign are the arms and hands. Hence you would do well to protect these by wearing gloves all the time. The sign is one of the air types, hence freedom, liveliness, energy etc... are reflected in the type of bike you gravitate to. Unfortunately you also tend to be a tad two minded. Thus you tend to have more than one bike, however the same ones ! or at least sharing the same engines. Eg. VTR1000 and Varadero.

Your sign loves being inquisitive, hence you will travel far on your bike to seek out truths or just to satisfy curiosity. Like how fast can you travel above the speed limit before the speed cameras will catch you. Being an air sign you also enjoy freedom and what riding a motorcycle has to offer.

Hence your choice would primarily centre around any Suzuki with the PAIR system, Ducatis basically most twin, V4, inline 4 cylinder bikes. Bikes with 2 characters are ideal for you Eg. any 2 stroke!

Cancer June 21 - July 21
The Crab, in this case the lobster.
Lucky number is 2
Lucky day is Monday
Your sign is the homemaker. Being a homebody, the key word is describing your type of bike is luggage. Yes, luggage and lots of it. As you like homemaking you want to take it all with you wherever your go. You love the stuff ! Any bike which has luggage is basically yours. Stuff the single seat bikes ! You need space to carry things. You also tend to keep bikes for a long long time, it's the clingy type thing that you have.
The body part associated with this sign are the breasts ! I can honestly find no link to this and your choice of motorcycle...yet.
You also like to ponder over decisions on what type of bike you like next. In fact you tend to go shopping for one years in advance! You will collect so many brochures and material that your partner will become sooo frustrated that they will just grab you by the throat one day and and say 'Go and buy a bloody bike, and don't come back it you have one !.' You will of course do so hence its a way of convincing the other half. A long winded way of convincing them but it works !
You are thus stable and reliable thus your bike matches this credos. Specific brands and types include the VFR750s, Hayabusas, BMWs are usually your choice of transport and fun. However being a sensitive sort you tend to hang on to your bike way too long, not that its a bad thing. All my Cancer friends who have bikes have known reliable models with hard luggage ! K1200RS with luggage CBR600 with luggage ! One mate has already annoyed his wife so much that she has given the approval to get one, he just has to find the money now!

Leo July 21 - Aug 21
The lion.
Lucky number is 1
Lucky day is Sunday
Hear me roar is you war cry. You love loud bikes. You don't really care what sort of bike you have, just as long as it's loud, as in noise. You are hence fiercely an individual, hence riding a bike appeals greatly to you. Thus your bike also has to be different form the rest. Your sign is a fire sign and hence passionate about your bike and everything associated with it.
The body part associated with you sign is the heart and hence your bike tends to be bought on that premise. Your may represent the warm and affectionate but you are also fearless. You'll take on the tightest corners at the greatest speeds, weather your bike actually has the capability to do it or not. You certainly can do because you know you can.
Loving loud bikes you are not particularly fussy about the type you get as long as you can get a loud pipe for it. I almost forgot, don't forget to wear earplugs as you'll go deaf quickly if you're not careful.

Virgo Aug 21 - Sept 21
The Virgin.
Lucky number is 5
Lucky day is Wednesday
Not much to say here except that you will only buy a new bike. Second-hand etc.. are plain no-no's. You couldn't stand the thought of a bike not soiled by your own hands ! You will never ever have a bike which is naked ! But you do like to tease so half naked bikes are OK. New releases are perfect for you too being Virgins to the market!

The intestines are the body parts associated with this sing, thus your bike will often not have hard suspension. Even if it was a sports type bike, you'd soften the suspension on it.

Hence you love white bikes ! And ones with a huge fairing ! Unfortunately they are very rare unless you ride a police bike !

Libra Sept 21 - Oct 21
The Scales.
Lucky number is 6
Lucky day is Friday
Balance. You just love balancing things. Hence the motorcycle is really your only choice of transportation. You can continuously balance it ! Unfortunately you worry about things like the exhaust on one side and nothing on the other, its shocking. However as long as its balanced by the chain and side stand on the other you'll be happy. You don't like bikes with only 1 headlight which is not round is not balanced. It doesn't matter if their different sizes just as long as its balanced.

Thus your idea of balance is hence a strange one. Eg 3 green lights followed by 1 red is balanced ! You are happiest if the rev counter and speedo are balanced, eg 3000rpm at about 300km is balanced ! You are happiest when the temperature gauge is at the same level as the fuel gauge. Strangely single sided swing-arm bikes are OK as you believe in proving that it is inherently not balanced...go figure?

The kidneys are this sign associated body parts. Thus you tend to have bikes that are soft in the suspension department but at the same time balanced ! Gee the Hayabusa is perfect for you!

Hence the types of bikes to tend to have are ones which can handle properly. Any sports type bike is basically your to choose from. Like the Hayabusa of course!

Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov 21
The Scorpion.
Lucky number is 9
Lucky day is Thursday
You are the danger sign. You love riding bikes which bite back. It's in your nature to ride sedately and suddenly hoon off into the distance. You sign is another water sign hence emotional. Just remember don't bite of more than you can safety chew. The saying 'Still water runs deep' describes you perfectly. What it really means a real Scorpio will only know !
The body part associated with your sign is are the 'private parts' (don't want to be classified as an 'adult site' you know !) Hence comfort on the bike in these areas is what you look for.
Hence you tend to sporty type bikes and or bikes with possibly dangerous or reputation of nasty characteristics, with a mind to being comfortable too. Bikes like the TL1000 ex-GP racing bikes or 2-strokes RGVs Aprilla's.

Sagittarius Nov 21- Dec 21
The Archer
Lucky number is 3
Lucky day is Thursday
This is the best sign to have if you love bikes. It essentially represents freedom. You are adventurous, rebelless, restless and just plain, don't want no routine existence. Although not really materialistic, you love change and hence you tend to go through quite a few bikes ! You also tend to do the silliest things like cross the Shara on a C90 postie ! One day you'll have trike, the next a quad, a scooter, a trail type bike, then perhaps a cruiser, a tourer the fastest bike in the world, then the slowest, the oldest bike the one you've always wanted but could never afford it then etc... It all depends on your mood at the time.

Hips and thighs are your associated body parts thus room to move on a bike is an important criteria for you!

Hence you're free to choose whatever you want ! However you must remember that you won't like it for long as there's always something else to try and you do, go through a lot of bikes ! Remember though that your sign is insensitive to money matters so watch the budget.

Capricorn Dec 21 - Jan 21
The goat.
Luck Number is 8
Lucky day is Saturday
This sign is an Earth sign although you don't tend to be Earthly at all. Instead your sign is characterised by a mean streak. As a goat often tries to climb to the highest heights that is what you tend to do with your choice of motorcycle. From humble beginnings and bikes, to climb to the best possible. Like the Hayabusa of course.
The body part associated with this sign are the knees. You love knee scraping ! However as you aspire to be highest you also like tall bikes. Just hope that you can touch the ground ! Something like the old Quota which I think has the reputation for being the production bike that has the tallest seat to ground height.
The type of bike to tend to have is thus the very best or a bike which was the best at the time. You understand it takes time and hard work to get the best and hence willing to wait.

Your Star sign and Your motorcycle - Predictions for 2000 and 2001



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