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24 December

Merry Christmas everyone.  Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas.  As a gift to everyone I've restored the Model History links - following the melt down 12 months ago due to issues described in the last post...  Stay safe everyone and be good at least for a day! - even to the bad people of the world - so they might learn.

22 December 2006

My second last update for 2006.  Some good news - I've made a real effort at restoring the model history page picture links.  I originally had to remove the files as it was causing this site's bandwidth to increase significantly and as a result cost.  Hence transferred them to the dixonarchive.com  When I realised that they where being leeched made me a bit upset.   Along with the free classifieds section which was being abused by non-motorcycle people then the spam really hurts.  You try to help others but the low lifes take advantage of you.  It makes me think about giving up sometimes.  However I feel I was the first for this type of site so duty bound to keep it running.

I am preparing an new update format for next year that separates motorcycle and road issues to other topics I want to write about.  I also hope to create a new survey as it has been awhile since I put one up!

11 December 2006

With Christmas and new year coming up things are quieting down - at least for me!  Yay - its time to do more work on the website again.  I really need to write up some decent stuff because some of this stuff is really getting old.  Yes I know but there's so little time spare regardless of how much free time I can get to do this and email etc... BUT one thing I always make time for is to keep up with the latest news but then again there's so little if nothing for the Hayabusa.  Why?

27 November 2006

Again really busy with real world issues.  I noticed not many pictures being sent lately - oh well.  Give me a chance to think about the next step of site evolution.

In relation to motorcycle related issues - I read at the newsagency an article says that the fastest prod motorcycle in the world was the ZX12?  Where have these people been hiding? Maybe it was just to get attention?  But I think they just didn't know?  So just to recap again: Why the ZX12R will never be the fastest production motorcycle

19 November 2006

Remembering that many come here to escape the real world for a little I must keep the topics to this page at least related to automotive issues.  But like many people I have very strong opinions to certain topics which this is my only outlet for.  But in order to keep things auto related I will start removing non-motor related comments for here and create a new BLOG.  At last say all.

19 November 2006

Finally managed to squeeze in a ride this weekend.  It has been awhile since a number of health issues together with just being plain busy earning a living! (believe it or not) work travels etc...   I noticed that I now have problems doing 'reasonably' fast right corners.  Now I have no idea why except perhaps my brain still thinks my right side is damaged?  You see left handers are as good as they have ever been so I am quite curious as why this has happened!

Aside from that I am surprised that the site update ritual is something I still do.  I am still working on new material but it does take a while.

8 November 2006

Another retrospective - running the website has been a great experience over the years.  In fact these pages where the fore runner to the BLOGs of today.  Mind you it has been a trying time with psychos sending hate mail, spam by the millions, rude emails and so forth.  But there are the good times too, like when people who actually thank you for putting up the information in the first place. 

I noticed that 'fat' comments from weeks ago had an impact and what do you know I've now seen several sentences in some new articles being honest about size.  That's all it takes you know - acknowledgment or honestly its no big deal.

29 October 2006

Well the sites been up and running for over 7 years now - quite an achievement even if I say so myself.  I'm slowly working on the updates as you can see mainly because there is very little reward apart from kind emails from visitors.  But least I got a pressie last week!

23 October 2006

Is it me or do you think that the major motorcycle manufacturers, in particular the Japanese are having a bit of a rest.  Come on guys just because high petrol prices make motorcycling a good alternative its no reason to have a rest.  The others seem to be playing catch up in terms of styling and technical improvements. 

I also think the accountants are getting in the way of truly interesting designs except for the Italians who seem to have shaken off a decade or two of slumber.

15 October 2006

You know I read in the news that the Australian Defence Minister is 'encourage young Australians into the defence forces' BUT knowing the history of the current Australian Government - it is leading to conscription in Australia.  Yes everyone it looks like a precursor to conscription if you vote them in at the next election they will screw your kids up have have them killed in senseless wars.  (Some wars are necessary but lets face it not very many.)  Yes they can make it legal if they wanted to.  The time I believe has past where war is necessary - patient and public negotiation will always work out in the end.

However if you want or pro-conscription remember how shabby the government treats your families and you when you get back and old or get injured or die in combat.  (Vietnam and Kovco anyone?)

That said as always if military service is what you want - GO FOR IT.  There are a ton of benefits and life experience is one thing I always advocate but it has to be
YOUR CHOICE not the government's.  Life is short regardless of what you choose so enjoy it!

5 October 2006

I'm tried of this computer mucking around.  Actually its not the computer but the software that's I'm running.  It all boils down to Norton Internet Security.  I hereby report that that have conned me of the last 30 days of my subscription.  I'm not in the mood to be ripped off so I tried to remove the thing - what do you know it's stuck here arrrrrrrrrgh.  So now I have to waste my time re-installing everything on my machine including new security software.  So I recommend not using Norton product or Microsoft product which is a even bigger con and try something else.

So If I don't post anything for a while you know why.

28 September 2006

Well, the world hasn't stopped since I was off-line!  Unfortunately still MIA but managed to slip in this update.  There some news on the 2007 Hayabusa and it looks like no good news for those waiting for a all new or substantially revised model.

As I have said for the last 8 or so months, watch for the Blackbird replacement then start saving for the Busa if that's what you want !

17 September 2006

OK guys I'm off into the 'outback' again and internet access to basically NIL! - So I'll be working on lots of updates I've been meaning to do but haven't got around to because I have seriously been snowed under with normal work.  I've really got to make a living doing else...

Just remember that life is not just about a mortgage and kids.  You need to have a life too - which is something I need to remind myself about ALL the time !

1 September 2006

Over the next month I will be actually doing a massive update to the site.  Yes I know - I say that all the time and it usually isn't that big blah blah blah.  But this time I actually have some time off to do it.  Admittedly its been long time but I'm also changing PCs and so forth so I figured why not try to do the bulk updates of stuff I've been meaning to do but haven't due to time pressures ?  I might even be able to catch up with my emails for a change.

I leave you with the article I found http://www.brighthand.com/default.asp?newsID=12428 about 'old technology'.  They have articulated it far far better than I could without the extra 100-200 words I would need.  All I have to add is 'Remember Beta-Max'.

This article also brings up my rant to history.  Young people don't seem to care about history.   But if your reading this site you are reading history.  Everything I've written has become 'historical'  admittedly an inconsequential part but still.  So learn your history everyone it is most important to know your past so you have a future.

27 August 2006

I have a busy week ahead preparing for the usual POTM update and try to explain the world to my new dog.  Yes Peter's got a new puppy and in the process to house training, making sure it grows up to be a happy and contented dog.

I am also trying to update the content on the site again and do some re-organisation.  I've also got some new charts to update and of course prepare for the news and details of the New Hayabusa if it happens this year.  At this stage it look 50-50 chance due to good sales of the current model.

16 August 2006

OK I admit that the last post was done out of shock from reading a particular online mag review but unfortunately many take it personally for some unknown reason.  I'm not all of you are senior editors. So to clarify the comments further.  I was referring to the editor/s in question.  Not all of us are in denial about out size including my self but more to the other point I was trying to get across; if I have truly sampled a particular product wouldn't make up some story about being 6ft.

We may be larger but don't say something's bad because we don't fit in it.  For example if you don't fit in a Ferrari you don't say its bad because of that or we don't say my 6 foot frame blah blah blah, forgetting to mention that we carry a few extra kilos/pounds so the car's bad.  We simply say we couldn't fit because we are 6 foot and carry a few extra kilos/pounds and as a result find it uncomfortable so couldn't be stuffed.  Honesty is more informative and humorous than some bloated ego making up some story.

14 August 2006

An interesting week....I read some car reviews written by Senior editors who claim to have tested or driven a particular car.  I was shocked - After reading the opinion it was clear that they hadn't driven this particular car and was passing judgement out of ignorance - I hope they get found out and sacked.  I then though maybe they where either small minded and/or out right lies.  You see it was they way they described what the car did that was clearly wrong.

Or perhaps they (These 'senior editors') truly representative a dying breed of the stereotypical middle aged men who don't understand why certain car companies are dying and have confidence issues in driving anything less then a mini truck.  They are the ones to alway say my 6 foot frame as a pre-condition to their comments.  Spare me - why don't you just say you're fat and living in fantasy land.  Sorry but I have rarely seen a normal sized editor.

Another bit of commentary. The world is full of small minded bastards who just want to blame others for their misfortunes.  Sure there are the odd occasions where you completely innocent of blame but more often you are part of the circle of circumstance.

6 August 2006

After a long period of time I considerable thought I really feel that the majority of politicians are completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent.  They hide behind statistics and any research no matter how superficial and make it official to justify their decision. 

For example: did you know that speed cameras are placed in high accidents zones especially on straight stretches of road because they have high accidents rates.  Look at the stats and you find out that the key factor is missing.  The time of accidents!  Yep because a straight stretch of road appears to be quite safe for going faster than indicated most of the time accidents only happen during peak hours!  Added to that because straight stretches of road, in particular highways - you're looking at artificially elevated numbers.

Even worse the mass media eg. internet and newspapers etc... no longer bother with journalism and just believe everything that's sent out in media releases and of course sensationalism.  What a joke.

And those saying it is the law - get over it if you want to be a lemming that's your choice but if you have any pride as a human being and an intelligence to be reckoned with then start actually thinking.  For example how laws are SUPPOSED to be made.

30 July 2006

Must be quick today because I have to go out. 
See the news page for links to sales stats I'm preparing.

23 July 2006

This week I'm angry.  I don't like war at all I believe in sorting things out in a discussion - its just the civilised thing to do.  Sounds overly simplistic doesn't it.  People should not have to die to make statement.  Freedom of speech is so important pity too few these dates especially in Australia take it for granted.

Any way this week's topic is all about petrol prices.  In Australia you have prices which have increased by at least 20 cents in 12 months it averages about $1.40 a litre. In July 2004 it was averaging $1.20 cents.  In July 2003 it was averaging just over $1.00.  In July 2003 it was just under $0.90 cents.

Now the crude oil prices in July 2006 is over $70 US dollars a barrel.  In July 2005 it averaged around $55 US dollars.  In July 2004 it averaged $35.00.  In 2003 it averaged a mere $25 a barrel.

Now everyone over the years bearing in mind the the exchange rate hasn't changed that much from about $0.65 cents back in July 2003 to what is is now hovering around $0.75. 

Technology hasn't changed or have petrol companies implemented new technology, in fact they've reduced cost of production by substituting ethanol and other substances.  Since technology has not improved and the same equipment is being used why the increase?  Simple really profit taking. 

So the conclusion is that we are being ripped off even before the latest prices rises.  Taxes are not tiered.  Independent petrol stations have been bought out or shut out by the big companies.  Together with their smear campaign against alternatives like ethanol - yet they use it themselves is hypocritical.

So everyone, support technology that is being made by companies NOT linked to the existing petrol companies.  More competitors with alternative fuels will force these companies to get off their butts.

My POV is that I don't care what stuff goes into the engine to make it work just as long as its cheap and has a zero or negated environmental impact.  Surely it can be done in this day and age. 

Look at the bigger picture we all get to be part of history where YOU get try out new engines and technology.

Part 2 next week.

On a lighter note: I saw a CT110 exceed its design criteria the other day - A postie with bags and all took a roundabout at a pace the would scare the **** out me regardless of what bike I was on.  He was clearly a really good rider cause I saw him catch the rear slide without flinching as he canned it out of the roundabout.  Gee...

17 July 2006

This week's update is running late because my internet connect failed !  No it wasn't an unpaid bill.  It was the ISP problem. So I've lost the initiative for a a topic for this week.  Needless to say there's quite a few topics I'm going to write about next week - specifically petrol prices.

9 July 2006

This week's topic has got nothing to do with motorcycles...

Australian Big Brother - The controversy this week is significant in many ways.  The most important point is the number of and I dare say minority, ill informed, vocal sensationalist, small minded who want any reason to CENSOR the media.

So many idiots including the Prime Minister who showed clearly complete out of touch with the youth (amongst other things) of today and indeed his personal NOT the public he's supposed to represent opinion.  Yep he wants to shut people up pass laws that allow undisclosed donations' to political parties and stuff like that.  Laws that prevent the media or anyone else to have opinions to read and critical analysis of government.  Yes he even wanted to ban political satire ie. comics and stand-ups.  You can be convicted as a terrorist WITHOUT PROOF if he wanted you out of the way including children. 

Back to BB, the parties involved knew what was going to happen and were willing participants, they knew each others character and it stopped when she said stop.   Where is the problem with that - oh probably because it happened around 4am in the morning when the world was awake and it wasn't even on TV - if your kids where up then you as a parent are not doing your job. 

That said, if you saw the complete event from start to finish you too would realise that the whole thing is truly a media beat up.  How can you show a few seconds out of context and legitimately report and judge what occurred.  It really makes me cynical about the whole structure of commercial media these days.

2 July 2006

This weeks rant is probably going to upset people. The topic is motorcycle prices, but using BMW as an example.

In the car world the BMW brand represents prestige and technology and to use their term a driving experience. 

In the motorcycle world in case they hadn't noticed it doesn't really mean much.  BMW motorcycles are not generally sporting, does not use technology which is state of art or any more reliable than other Japanese manufacturers.  Admittedly the only reputation of note is that they are regarded as the most comfortable touring motorcycles available.  Nevertheless very few young people aspire to or wish to own one regardless of price either.  Hence only older riders gravitate to the brand, as essentially the last bike they'll own.  Go to any motorshow and their stand's audience average age is mid-40s and over.

Although BMW has finally woken up to the fact that their bikes where old and looked old they have made same really good design changes in its latest line-up (over the last 2 years).  However they will need more than just trendy design to win customers over. 

Sure they have their trademark flat twin engines and 'para-lever' front suspension that has been the subject of recalls in the past but otherwise what else ?  Many of their engines need a minimum of 95 Octane recommending 98 Octane !  It's shocking a 600cc motorcycle makes as much power as their performance engines.  Admittedly less torque.

Although I have test driven several BMW models and came away impressed my comments still stands that the Honda's makes much more sense.

So you know my point of view, then why have they increased the prices of their range by 50% on most models ?  Surely resale is not an issue as few buy them.  Most premium models by other manufacturers have equally high resale values if not more.

I think it's the height of arrogance or perhaps out of touch with consumers.  Perhaps a touch of corporate greed showing through too.

25 June 2006

I really enjoy writing up various bits of information so much so that I think I have a problem.  Now that most of my web problems have been solved I'm working furiously on updating the pictures site and some interesting new motorcycle comparisons - yep years in the making.

Also all my fish died !  So I'm going to have great difficulty in choosing the POTM for June.  Yes they all died together except for one...  So with new fish a new standard for judging POTM? We shall see.

I had alot of complaints about the non-bike posting on the classifieds.  Since it's happened they don't get the drift.  I'm going to de-commission the classifieds page if it happens again.  Yes I have got their details.

17 June 2006

A good article about petrol and oil NEWS article about petrol reserves

I've also wrote a new article.  I actually didn't believe that I could complete one so quickly but here it is: Brain Training.

And just to wet your taste buds I'm preparing the first update of the pictures site since the shock band width fiasco.

Speaking of updates I watching a show called The Perfect Home hosted by Alain de Botton about why we choose to buy and live in conservative looking homes rather than modern ones which also happen to be more practical!  Yep - although we may ride a bike that is futuristic in look and certainly distinctive we go back to our 'pastich' homes in the suburbs.

15 June 2006

Special update to introduce you to my latest creation.  It been made so mobile workers like myself so you can find some joy.  Yes even on public transport.

Mobile Device and Game Reviews

12 June 2006

Thanks for visiting yet another entry in the update pages.  Based on estimates its been over 3 million visits and 1.8 million emails.  Unfortunately most of the emails have been SPAM.  I've personally answered some 30,000 messages over the years although have received approximately 160,000 filtered email messages.  These figures are based on stats from Eudora (if you must know). 

So as you can see I'm a busy sort of guy.  Mind you I use templates - so that's cheating a bit.  But then again I'm not type up the same answer hundreds of times.

I have to earn a living in the real world so won't answer every single message and certainly not everyday.  Remember life is short so fill it with as many adventures as possible.

4 June 2006

Yet another fun filled week of non-stop action.  I've been ton of writing for a new website which I have a passion for.  The main topic has been on my mind for a while but I just haven't had the drive to finish it - I will unveil it next week I hope...

And congrats to Finland and the group Lordi for winning this year Eurovision.

28 May 2006

Once again, a very busy week for me.  I have been trying to update info on the site but things just seem to pop up and prevent me.  I haven't received any further info on the next generation Hayabusa which surprises me.  Why ?  Its not like cars where they hold a ton of stock, and besides its primary selling point is that the bike can do exceed 300kph.  (Bypassing the limiter of course).  The new one won't be able to exceed 300kph so what will be its defining feature ?  I hope Suzuki haven't blown it again with their marketing.  I could do a better job easily.

19 May 2006

A quick update to tell you that Eurovision 2006 is on again ! 
In Australia the semi-final is on right now !
Its on SBS everyone.
The Finals are on Sunday 7.30pm till late.

You really must check the biggest song contest from Europe - yes even bigger than the '<insert country> Idol' The same show is watch by at least 60 different countries and votes are sent in from all of them.  It's brought us ABBA, Celine Dion, Cliff Richard, and a number of others over the decades (Since 1957).

It's a difficult show to explain so give it a go.  www.eurovision.tv

15 May 2006

My thoughts on the latest petrol price rise ?  To cut it as simply as possible (which is unusual for me) :   Essentially it effects those in countries which have not been subjected to continuous high prices before. US petrol prices have always been pretty low and Australian petrol prices have also been low. 

Alternate fuels have always been available but as you can guess the 'petroleum lobby' have always held back alternatives. Ie. The lobby probably donates to various political parties.  Don't forget that they also have an interest to see that the Middle East stays peaceful and safe.  Furthermore fuel taxes help out with government coffers.

We have made so many advances in technology in the past 20-30 years since the last oil crisis why aren't non polluting fuels readily available.  I believe once there's competition in fuel we definitely see cheaper prices.

3 May 2006

Although I've seen various reports in the news etc... about how product manufacturers use big or existing size packaging whilst with less stuff in it well, I've just been the victim of it!  Yep I bought some toothpaste for obvious reasons...

Anyway, I didn't check the package because it was the same size as the normal one I get.  Then went home opened the box and discovered that the tube had been reduced in size - 145 gm packaging but only 110 gm tube.  I could not believe it !

I guess it's much like computer software boxes.  Huge box in most cases but very little in it.  Even paper based manuals don't seem to be included these days.

I shall now keep an eye out on this sort of occurrence and report it here !

30 April 2006

I have been absolutely flat out working in my normal job everything on the website is being delayed.  There's so much stuff to talk and put up.  Oh well, I don't know how anyone else with a BLOG type site manages?

18 April 2006

Welcome back from the Easter break hope everyone acknowledged its significance or whatever else.  I presume that's the politically correct why to say it !

I think the site has finally stabilised ?

9 April 2006

Ok, the site is back in reasonably working other.  At least I think so...
Hope you understood the April Fools joke on the news page.  It was pretty lame but then again at least I made an attempt.

I've decided to keep the performance pages on the the new address as the majority of visitors to that page are from the US.  As for the new stuff - I'm still working on it with new languages - at least to me on PHP etc.. are driving me crazy.

25 March 2006

As you can see even more changes!  Some very minor visually but has a dramatic effect on making global website updates easier. 

Who would have thought that in 2006 - after 7 years I'd be worried about the technicalities of the website and keeping it afloat rather than writing stuff about motorcycles.  The world has changed...

The ongoing rumour mongering about whether there will be a new Hayabusa model this year has flared up again.  It's interesting what sort of info I've been sent.  My point of view about the whole thing is that there probably won't be a new one. Why? in one word Honda. 

21 March 2006

In case you haven't noticed I have split the pages in the site.  Now you can get different information on dixonarchive.com or hyp4r.com.  Why have I done it ?  Part of the bandwidth problems I been having I realised I put all my 'eggs in one basket' so to speak. So if one site goes down at least there is another site which you can go to for info.  dixonarchive.com is NOT a mirror.  Rather I'm transferring various the graphic intensive pages to it.  Yes it's cheaper.

I anticipate at least of month of re-organisation of both sites before normality is restored. 

19 March 2006

Still going through the site and working out what needs to go and what can stay.  I still have bandwidth issues - the provider actually called and said that I can't go onto a plan with more downloads until at least later this month.

It's been a god send actually as I never really understood the stats they provided - mainly because it was never ever accurate.  Although I can understand how they do it now I still query the method used to calculate the figures.  Its not exactly transparent and I am worried.

I have even sacrificed the front page to an Ad bar. ..

On the up side it looks like Suzuki is preparing for an all new or substantially revised Hayabusa for later this year.  BUT you heard it here Honda and ZX-14 are the issues.  IF the ZX14 does not meet expectations don't expect Suzuki to release it this year.  IF Honda releases the Blackbird replacement this year expect fireworks.  It won't be called the Blackbird by the way...

The current one becomes the Yamaha FJ competitor...

12 March 2006

Very busy updating and transferring the site and distributing the bandwidth.   Lots of naught people and sites directly linking to images !  Well the world just lost a lot of my old galleries.  Should have done the right thing and supported the site everyone.  The pictures site will be revamped over time and the more support it gets the better the galleries get.

The pages on this site are also undergoing a re-design.  I'm going back to basics and design the pages for speed - except the main page of course !

Performance pages have been moved to the new site so I can expand the content over time for other motorcycles an comparison purposes. 

9 March 2006

A mid week critical update on the site !

Yep an emergency has happened - or will happen.  I have begun the cut back program as the site has too much problem with bandwidth.  I simply can't afford to pay any more.  I'm not happy with having to do it because I have always provided a entertaining and changing visit to anyone who cares to visit. I've reluctantly added some advertising in any effort to cover costs and to reduce email but it doesn't even make a dent. 

The first to go will be the motorcycle picture galleries.  Cut back to only a limited number and only post the really good ones.  If this doesn't cure it then even more drastic steps will be taken.

It's quite upsetting that despite the site's popularity and fading spelling and grammar checker that not enough people care enough to support the site :(

5 March 2006

For loyal readers here's an interesting article just for you. VW GX3

26 February 2006

Did you know I spent half a day fixing a problem caused by Norton - AGAIN.  I can't believe it !  I paid to have the crap on my computer.  Despite all the years of their supposed research etc... I didn't change any setting whatsoever just doing what I usually do with web sites and crash for no reasons whatsoever.   No new programs in the last 6 months Windows update last month nothing at all and Norton decides to crash the machine !

You can blame the crash on not being able to write something vaguely interesting.

19 February 2006

I been reading various articles on road safety - namely those about what government is supposed to do to reduce road tolls.  After all they tried the speed camera solution to everything ignoring every other issue involved in road safety.  The latest as I understand is blaming unsafe cars.  Yep you guessed it cars are simply not safe enough.  You see its not safe enough to cater for increasing stupid drivers and poor quality roads lack of public transport and government policy. 


Admittedly it does seem like they are taking a long term approach to solving the accident rate (Ie. improved driver training) but still the car thing in at this point is time is quite stupid.  You see all car manufacturers are improving safety anyway because safety sells.  I guess they are trying to take credit for improvements in safety.  Laughable really.

Show us a proper plan - that is what you're elected for.

They also miss the point that there are millions of older car on the road.  You see they forget they have tax payer funded cars or drivers.  Not everyone can afford to buy new cars every year or every time it reaches 40,000ks.  Reality check - Shock Horror - 'most' can't even afford a personal driver.

12 February 2006

Still working on the next batch of surveys everyone and watching the Winter Olympics - if you must know.

5 February 2006

First of all more Government motor/privacy stories - this article is actually quite balanced !  Eyes on the road - Technology

AND - Yay, the 'extreme' proposal to ban cars from Australia ! - Melbourne city is finally considering the option and it is gaining traction.  Naturally a full ban is unlikely but at least its a step in the right direction.  However it brings up issues of what is a public service. 

I mean public toilets are very often pretty disgusting places to be ... why because people are really just animals.  Lets face it all animals do it wherever they want so humans are exactly the same mentality.  Shocking isn't it.  So do your bit to rise above the rest and be tidy in public toilets OK.

Yes and there are also factors like what about the people who live far away but I'm not here to solve those problems - at least in this post.

Oh and worked out why certain people are motorcycle haters too ! It's the insecurity gene and incompetent gene.  You see its my understanding that pure car drivers and motorcycle haters are incapacitated - mentally.  They are the ones who get road rage they're the ones to tail gate and generally bully other road users on and off the road.  Yep it the same people to just start to walk slowly across the road when they see a car coming so that they can feel smug and superior.  So grow up get a brain and be civilised cause you're all guilt of destroying the planet.

29 January 2006

I'm gearing up for the first pictures site update for the year and there's a few decent ones to post too !  Aside from that not much to report. 

I'm trying to get some surveys up and running too so pls participate in them when they come up !

22 January 2006

Yes - I have started and posted my new IT site.  My Apple Mac Mini  The site isn't fully completed as I intend to update it as I go as per this site. 

I'm looking forward to this particular long term review.  Because lets face it Suzuki isn't exactly rushing to update the Hayabusa. - *Sigh

18 January 2006

Ok my post yesterday was quite negative but true.  Rather than be negative I simply ask the commission to be a leader rather than recommending pointless legislation.  Lead the field in promoting transportation that saves the environment, cheaper to run, easy to get around, cheaper to buy and maintain.  This leads to saving in road maintenance, cuts inflation caused by high fuel prices and healthy lungs because its difficult to smoke when riding or breath underwater when all the polar ice melts.  Make the tough decisions look at California it saved their lives literally.

18 January 2006

Important : The Australian National Transport Commission is about to legislate - officially banning 'lane splitting'.  The way the justification for this legislation appears quite off.  They say they had input from all relevant state authorities but the point is - how come it so dangerous when cars are stopped ?

It appears to have been written by some loony who doesn't drive very much or very well or concerned about the environment or just pissed of because they couldn't get they're large 4wd through traffic maybe they thought they where driving a race car... 

The press release reads fine but read the actual document - what a piece of...

How can passing stopped cars be dangerous.
Maybe road side should parking be banned because its dangerous too.
While I'm at it bicycle riders should be banned too that's really dangerous.
Maybe banning walking should be looked at too because it's really dangerous - in fact deadly.

Have your say quickly and stop this bureaucratic crap. 
And Before I get banned from expressing my opinion. 
Read it here :
Bikers anger over lane-splitting ban plan - World - theage.com.au
www.ntc.gov.au - Stop this nonsense.

15 January 2006

I'd like to announce 2 new pages which I'm working on at the moment.  First, a page to IT issues.  Because I have plenty and nothing better than sharing !  Next a page about bike insurance.  Why? I wrote one awhile back but just couldn't finish it so I'm going to give it another go.  It may take a while to upload due to real world demands but they will be up shortly Ie. I have a real day job.

Anyway in the meantime check out the revamped 'How to choose a motorcycle'  article.  I did it years ago (about 4 actually) but forgotten about finishing it off !  Not surprising you regular visitors think.  But many over the years have commented on its lack of progress so I thought I'd better do it up - and so here it is.  It has been written in a vaguely humorous fashion so take note.

Choosing your first motorcycle or new motorcycle - Intro

9 January 2006

Another week and more stuff to do.  Just got back from a short break to find that someone aka Santa has managed to revamp my archives pages. Yay.  saves me extra work, unfortunately they didn't even attempt to answer my emails.  I can see why...arrrrrrrrrrgh!

2 January 2006

Welcome to the first update for the new year.  Hope it all ended well for everyone.  Well, except for those who cut people off out of jealousy or those who think they have superior driving skills they can have a lousy year. 

Regardless, I've been busy with a few demos on new format of this web site.  The current design is 2 years old now and it needs a refresher in my opinion.

Though not Hayabusa related I'd like to remind everyone about the DAKAR rally that's happening RIGHT now !  Where else can you see Mitsubishi EVOs, VW toureg's, Hummers, Izuzu, Toyota 4wds, Harleys, Yamaha, KTM all racing against each other and the clock in one race.  Even better the race track isn't even vaguely circular with bonus wild animals and desert raiders !  Check it out at www.dakar.com or check your local TV guide.  For Australian viewers its on SBS at 6pm-6.30pm daily.  However on Mondays it is followed by the much talked about Top Gear at 7.30pm.

Also a brief reason why ?

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