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28 December 2003
The year in review in the motorcycle world.  It's been a very quiet year.  Nothing drastic or news breaking.  So disappointing, maybe next year.

Oh and congratulations on the GSX-R1000 winning the International Bike of the Year award again.

21 December 2003
So busy with Christmas preps that I haven't done too many updates to the site.  However I managed to fit in a stop at the local bike shop and must say that the Suzuki SV series are looking pretty good.  Hope they don't hit them with the ugly stick ie GSXF series.

A word on computers : Don't vaccum the insides of your PC.  I did (silly boy) and now looking for new computer bits.   The smell of burning silicon and PCB !  Lovely and scary at the same time - cause its addictive or is it just me...

14 December 2003
Well another year is almost over and its coming up to 5 years since the birth of this site.  It has come a long way if any of you regulars can remember !  Hopefully will be here for another 5 years charting the what will be the history of the Hayabusa !  A round up of stuff will probably be doing next week so additions and corrections will abound !

7 December 2003
After updating the pictures site it reinforced my mind set that manufacturers rarely make a bike (or anything else for that matter) that fits everyone in everyway.  So to ensure the their customers are satisfied they MUST ensure that whatever they produce can be customised.  Especially the most obvious parts.

Eg. who would have thought to those silly silver coloured rear lights if the after market enthusiasts didn't make them look good.

1 December 2003
Only a few more weeks till christmas and the new year so I'm busy with a lot of revisions to the content on the site including numerous corrections.   A revamp of the old format pages is also underway to keep the site consistent in look at least.

23 November 2003
Non-bike topic this week ! As mentioned last week, I have discovered a fantastic show on SBS called the IRON CHEF.  Saturday's show mystery ingredient was carrots.  Yep, top Japanese chefs have to prepare dishes that allow the flavour of carrots to reveal themselves.  Yep, the dishes that they have 1 hour to prepare MUST use carrots as the Key flavour, not as a garnish which most of us probably use it for.  One dish made the carrot taste like a fruit ! 

Why do I like the show ? I guess its the whole dramatisation and the mystery ingredient.  I also find the english translation, yep vocal not just sub-titles very funny.  It makes the other cooking shows seem well - boring.  You see they came up with 10 different ways to highlight the taste of carrots - some more successful then others. 

16 November 2003
Suzuki, BMW, Honda happen to be the only three motorcycle AND car manufacturers ? BMW and Honda are two of the leading car manufactureres so how come motorcycle riders are missing out on the latest tech.

Sure some of the tech may probably inappropriate like airbags and crumple zones but since they make cars how come we aren't seeing some of their other technology.  Eg stability warning systems, customisable engine management systems, height and reach adjustable steering handlebars and foot rests, integrated GPS, xenon headlights, luminent displays, trip computers ?

Imagine having an M or Type R badged BMW or Honda.  Would certainly raise a few eye brows.  So what would Suzuki use ? well I think Suzuki should get their car act together by coming up with a more sporty line up.   At least one model...

You heard it here first everyone.

PS. for lovers of food (Australian residents) check out SBS Saturday 7.30pm.
It's another food show with a difference.  The show is called IRON CHEF.
Not only did I admire the food they come up with but I loved the format.   Summarised I guess it's a pokemon type battle, except that it is real live chefs dueling it out to be the winner in cooking.  Although a 'serious' show as top chefs put their reputations on the line I couldn't help laughing at the same time as ohhing and ahhhing.  Definitely worth a look !
More on the show next week.

09 November 2003
This week's topic is system integration.  You now see car manufacturers integrating stereos with the climate control or air conditioning system and a central display for the stuff you usual have a buch of buttons dails and sliders to control.  Sure when done properly it looks great and sure it often simplifies the control.  There have been mistakes eg I-Drive on the BMW 7series what a mess that was.  They call it the central bus system where all the technology is linked and communicates with each other.  Until of course something goes wrong and in that case the whole car systems don't work.

The worrying thing is the combination of the stereo with everything else.  Sure you get the Speed Racer style buttons on the steering wheel but you then essentially lumped with a sub standard in car entertainment system (ICE).  In mosts cars with this set up the sound is pretty non-hi-fi.  A prime example is the new Mazda 6 and RX-8 nice looking set up and promises the world with the BOSE labelling - but have you heard it.  What a let down I'd feel ripped off if I bought them.  It a very poor demonstration of the BOSE sound.  Shameful really.   Worse of all you can't change it.  Imagine you've sent over $50,000 on a brand new car that looks and goes fantastic but turn on the stereo to impress your passengers and oh dear what sort of sound system is that ?  yuck.

The reason for this according to motoring sources is the cheapness of doing it like this.  Most manufacturers choose the cheapest components, check out the speakers you get in your car.  Some though like the Lexus you get the Mark Levinson sound system which sound great but that is one of very few exceptions. 

Anyway the fact is that they are limiting your choice, yep no MP3s, or DVDs, no future etc...  all the advancement in car sound has been due to aftermarket stereo manufacturers and that a lot of people want better sound.  The new generation of car buyers have experienced decent car sound and will expect it in the future.  Any maker who thinks they can get away with cheapness here will not succeed.

02 November 2003
If anyone has seen 2 Fast 2 Furious the movie, you may have noticed 2 Hayabusas making cameo appearences.  They're right at the start tempting the hero Brian O'Conner aka actor Paul Walker for a race in the desert somewhere.  He was in his souped up Nissan Skyline.  I won't say what happened because you should watch it.  The movie doesn't have the best plot or story line or particularly deep or meaningful and acting wasn't Oscar winning material, but it was surprising great to watch.   However great stunts, driving and sets ie the cars.   Recommended viewing for purely entertainment even if just to check out the cars.

26 October 2003
This week I ventured to the Sydney Motor Show.  Although focused on cars, there where a few motorcycles on show ! The latest ones of note where the new GSXR-600 and the ZX-10R.  However the one that caught my eye was the lovely MV Agusta in a matt black finish.  Lovely bike - at $42,0000AUD each so it should be !   Hopeully I should have some pictures posted over the next few updates.

19 October 2003
This week I've been busy battling the latest SPAM and Virus Outbreaks.  Why do it ?  Yes it probably makes money but then money won't buy you happiness as all the spammers have found out.  People are sick of unwanted intrustion and the fact that these people do not actually pay for the quantity of mail they are sending AND it costs us money to receive it.

Good news : I will be checking out the Sydney Motor Show next week so hopefully will have some decent picces of some new cycle metal.

12 October 2003
This week the most eventful thing was the retirment of my HP Jornada 568 PDA.  Yes welcome to Palm Tungsten E.  Been so busy transferring data, and checking out the features etc...  The best thing so far is that it hasn't crashed yet.  I've doen a brief review pending a proper update next week along with some new material.

5 October 2003
Having a suitable bike in the city makes sense.  Next time you're out on the road going to work check out the number of people in cars that you're travelling with, and the number in yours. You can be sure that the average number is probably one.  What a waste of petrol and resources.  Help save the planet and put some enjoyment into your life take the bike to work.

28 September 2003
Yep free stuff is good, but unfortunately it doesn't provide inspiration like money does.  Unfortunately free stuff is the only way that can compete these days with large companies that can crush competition.  Imagine if the OS industry was like car or bike manufacturers, where there is a set of clearly definable standards or guidelines that all follow then let competition handle the rest. 

21 September 2003
Still on holidays but updated the pictures site.  I'm dedicated that's for sure.

14 September 2003
I'm on holidays so the only thing that I'll be up to for the next few updates will the pictures and updating old material.  But then again might be an inspirational period, we shall see - enjoy cause I certainly will be.

7 September 2003
Checking out new bikes again there's only the new Ducati's which catch my eye.  It their attention to detail that really makes you take a second look. (749s and 999 Testastretta) Technical and handling still one of the best makes it a really desirable bike.  However I must admit looks from a distance they don't do it for me.  I think its because of its smaller road presence doesn't quite convert me over, especially when its at a premium price.  But yes its a lovely bike.

31 August 2003
A bit of news for those with a computer Microsoft will now be charging for Internet Explorer.  As usual MS tactic shows, destory the competition via what ever means possible including  illegal means then charge a fortune when there's no other competition.  Most software decrease in price over their life time, especially for the same version.  Yet prices for MS software continually increase for the same piece of software.  I want to also add that MS will no longer be developing Outlook Express so the very virus prone current version is all you 'll be getting.  If you think that's bad just wait till you have to pay for Hotmail accounts.  (Although Hotmail is an excellent webmail system) Not possible you say - we'll see.
(No I'm not anti-MS just not happy that their stuff is no longer value for money.)

Competition is good.  It will always provide better products.  Monopolies are usually bad, except where a natural and regulated monopoly should really in place. For example since Netscape's final demise there has been NO innovation the MS Internet Explorer Browser, the one that your probably using.  Yet other alternatives the free ones have a ton of features that are really very good.

Mozilla - Mozilla Internet Browser
This is now my Browser of choice.  It is honestly excellent piece of work.
Skinnable to change colours button etc...
Includes a Newsgroup reader, email, chat, address book, HTML editor.
Has a great Tabbed browsing panel.
A Pop-up ad blocker that works.
A Cookie manager that works.
It's only 12Megs at most to download.
A Bookmark manager that formats in HTML not file names.
No known or exploited security holes.

The only thing which I can say that is not up to par is the Email program, however you'll only notice this is if you have to re-install your machine.  It uses a customised mail formatting which is very difficult to back-up and recover. 
I think its a profile issue ?  Anyway I prefer a standalone Email program called Eudora mail.

I've tried the lot of Email programs Outlook, Pegasus, Lotus Notes, Eudora and many others. I decided a little while ago what the best program to use was and this is a summary.
The Eudora Email program has been around for years.  Those on the internet in the late 90's probably used it until Outlook expressed came along.  This is the Email program of choice.  Why ?
Easy and logical to use.
Easy to back-up mail directories and restore.
No known or exploited security holes.
Produces nice little graphs on Email stats !
The price is right fully featured in sponsered mode of limited in totally free mode and cheap in paid mode.

The only thing which annoys me is the way it treats embeded images, which many people send.  You can't see the whole image.

24 August 2003
This week the write-up for the tyre survey has been done hope you can get some meaning from it.  Next week hope to get more general motocycle content loaded !

17 August 2003
Not too much this week lots of pictures to add and hence took my time on being able to finish the survey results and so forth.  So might do a mid-week update.

10 August 2003
This weeks story is off topic.  It the other interest of mine, technology.
Memory Cards is what I want to talk about this week.  As you probably realise there are a number of different memory card formats.  The smallest is the SD or MMC card, The next arguably the Sony Memory Stick Duo, The CF Types, the Smart media, the normal Sony Memory Stick and a few other minor brands.

I reckon the CF Types are the best based on cost, especially for the higher capacity versions as they are often half the price of the other types, its size which is not too small or too big and compatibility with a other computer equipment.

03 August 2003
Temperatures are rising, at least during the day, at least where I am at the moment and bikers are venturing on the roads again.  Makes me wish I could too, however being bikeless at the moment means I jus get to watch.  I saw a bunch of scooters riders this morning which was fun to watch and obviously fun for them too !

There are good and bad car drivers, last week I saw a ton of good drivers and terrible bike riders.  This week I want to talk about the bad ones.  Specifically those in large 4wds.  I'm avoiding mentioning the gender as this seems to apply to all.  What is it with these drivers that think they own the road.  I saw one driver haplessly running over a bicycle that was chained up to a pole.  Sure the bicycle shouldn't have been there, but there is no reason for the driver to run over the bike in the first place.  He didn't even bother to see what was running over what a loser.

Then there are those who can't control them properly and insist on driving between lanes, causing other drivers to move out of the way.  Lane markings are there to prevent people causing accidents so f* stay between them.  If you can't drive between them or in most cases you can't prevent the car from understeering you should slow down.

27 July 2003

Busy week with behind the scenes and more obvious pages updates. 

This week another discussion point on riding skills. I have and you probably have as well seen the dangers of aggressive or careless bike riding.

One of benefits of bike riding is being able to get through traffic easily but then there are those of use who deliberate get themselves in situations where the skill of the car driver is essential to their survival.  Shocking I know but true.
Imagine a bike breezing (more speeding) through traffic,
obviously way above the speed limit in the twilight. 
(I hope you guys know what twilight is !) 
Needless riding close to the bumper of the car infront and always riding in the blind spot of the car. Travelling too closely behind the car infront (in this case less than 2 meters) means the rider can't see beyond the back.  
Quite dangerous especially in peak traffic which is unperdictable at best of times.
The car in front of the car the bike is following closely decides to changes lanes, indicating extendedly etc... due to a stoppage up ahead.  At the same time the bike rider decides he's had enough and decides to overtake.  Because he wasn't following at a safe distance the bike doesn't see the car changing lanes and the car can't see the bike.  The bike rider clearly doesn't have the reflexes to realise his own mistake and its up to the car in front to stop changing lanes and everyone else to brake.

The lesson is clear, IF the car driver (who did the right thing) did not have the reflexes to stop changing lanes and the cars behind to brake quickly enough the rider would be flattened.  I hope the bike rider grows a brain quickly because he won't have a working one very shortly.  An idiot literally who probably blames the car driver other then his own stupid actions. So everyone, assess how your riding in dangerous situations like peak hour traffic.  Better late than very very late.

Unfotunately, I was in the other lane watching it all happen (checking the bike out), and I knew by the way the rider was going, it was inevitable. To balance it off next week I'll talk about idiot car drivers.

20 July 2003
Welcome to the new look site.  So far only the new stuff is in the new format.   The older articles will be archived or brought up to date slowly - as usual.  The reason for the upgrade is largely techincal.  Ie I shaved 2 seconds of the load time for the main page, the look is in line with the other new sites I've constructed.  Also made sure the links menu appears on all the pages as the simple navigation structure used in the prior format was tedious at times.  Although I believe that web surfers generally use the BACK button more than the menus.  Most of all I used to get black lines in my vision after looking at the white text on black background but now they're gone !

Also check out the latest article - a game review. 

13 July 2003
Just completed a new look for the site !  Works properly in all browsers unlike the current one which seems to have problems with Netscape and Mozilla.  By the way - I prefer to use the Mozilla browser rather than IE because it has an inbuilt pop-up blocker, tab interfaces, multiple skins and comprenhsive cookie filter and manager tool !  Try it and I'm sure you'll agree.  For Autralian readers - go out and get a pack of Nutri-grain with the MotoGP3 game in it.  Great game - review due next week.

6 July 2003
Another week and nothing of note happening in the bike world.  I recently read in a car magazine that US car owners are slack in servicing their cars.  Intersting because by all accounts bike owners seem very particular in their servicing schedules.   Hmm I might run a new survey on both these questions.  However I don't think it will be a good reflection on the real situatution as this site is geared towards owners with pride in their machines.  Oh well we shall see.

29 June 2003
Maybe it's just me but after looking at the colour scheme for the site, white text on black background have you noticed that when you back to say your word processor you see black lines ? Hmm...  I think a site colur scheme change is order.

29 June 2003
The survey is coming along just fine and as the results come in it does seem that I won't have to do much filtering of data to finalise each weeks results.  Hence more time for other things.  Not much is happening to in the bike world of note in the last 3 years which is a bit of a downer, considering the last decade has been full of fantastic machines eg R1, FIreblade, Hayabusa, the emergence of the 600cc class and the resurrection of the cruiser etc...  Has the profit motive of the manufacturers stopped them from developing new ground breaking machines or has our expectations risen so dramatically that only nothing will impress.

22 June 2003
Busy week sorting out the bugs out of the new survey system.  The results have been posted for all to check out.  Now I'm working on the next round of updates involving the much awaited new content.  Yes I know its been ages but I have been busy with other projects.  Don't forget to send in bike pics and bits of info - it is always appreciated.

15 June 2003
It's been a recovery week, trying to back on top of the things which I've had to delay due to illness.  I've completed one of the long new content project, the long awaited survey on tyres.

After checking out the tyre manufacturer's sites, it is easy to see what type of people designed and approved them.   Some are very flashy - literally while others where so much better because they wheren't the state of the art graphics.  A personal opinion but content presentated in a simple form and the option of comprehensive details is far more appealing than moving pictures.  More on these site reviews when I get some survey results back.

08 June 2003
I'm still trying to recover from this terrible flu.  It's qoute a downer cause I can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for anything really.

01 June 2003
I have a terrible cold this week so haven't been able to much.  Hope I can started on artilces and stuff I've been promising for quite awhile.  Hey, this is a personal site so there aren't any deadlines yer know !! 

25 May 2003
I visited the Sydney Bike Show last weekend and was dissapointed at the lack of any interesting new bikes !  The only thing that attracted my attention was a BMW R1150R ?  or something like that anyway.  Mainly because the colour was lime green and geometric grey stripes.  All very harzard warning type design is one way to describe it.  Another thing that was dissapointing was the price increases especially the BMW range.  - shocking really.

The other thing I noticed was the number of performance modified Hayabusa's. Obviously the choice bike for any modifier.  I saw at least 3 in varing stages of extreme performanace modification.  Watching the Kawasaki stand, it was a little sad to see the ZX12-R very unloved.  On-one was even taking a look - pity really cause its still a decent bike.  The ZX6 was getting all the attention !

As for the Honda stand, lots of interesting stuff including a very new and very low key CB13000, loved the look definitely consider one along with the new Kawaka Z1 if I ever can afford a new bike again.

18 May 2003
Updates to content everywhere.  New additions to the prices section and the like.   I really must use a spell checker cause the number of errors I have had to correct has been amazing !

11 May 2003
The past 12 months in my opinion have been very quiet in the bike world.  Nothing with high impact seems to have announced at all.  However certain trends have certainly emerged.  Digital instrumentation has made a come back and it seems to be taking off.  Some implementations of it though appear like cost cutting to me.   Kawasaki for example have a pretty trendy looking instrumentation pod, however I think its a tad too small !  Because the same one is being used on the ZX an Z series it's pretty difficult telling which model you're riding, apart from the decals.  Which brings up the point I've made many many times and goes like this :

Say I paid for a top range 900cc bike, $3000 higher than the 600cc version, damn it, I'd want it look like I paid $3000 more.  They do it for cars yer know. 

Its not that its showing off etc... it a simple point of value for money.  Non-bike riders can't tell the difference anyway.  For example why do you think aftermarket for Harleys do so well.  All performance bikers can look forward to is colour changes.

Just a note : I'm still working on the new articles but I have done quite of few updates to the enhancements and other problems pages.  Do check them out !

4 May 2003
There are somethings that I know we all detest.  Here are a few which I've experienced this week.

Runners and Joggers (non-organised events) using the road instead of the side walk.
Bicycle riders riding abreast (non-organised events) using the road instead of a perfectly good bicycle path.
Idiots who slow down when walking across the road when they see a car coming and having a smug expression.
It's a poor attitude circle - think about it. What if the tables where turned ? They must be brain dead.
These idiots are probably the first to complain about deaths on the road etc... caused by their own stupid actions.
It's time people take responsibility for their actions not blaming the rest of the world for their own misfortune.

27 Apr 2003
Updates in the FAQ pages to reflect more 02 and 03 stuff and re-wording and spelling corrections on the site this week.  Still busy with the bike name article.   Hopefully ready for next week.

Apart from that I've noticed so many riders in Darwin cruising without appropriate safety clothing.  I really sympathise cause it is genuine very hot and uncomfortable.  However despite this, I never rode without safety gear.  All I can say is - just do it guys and gals, it will save your one day.  The stuff these days looks pretty cool and works.  Just mail me for recommendations.

21 Apr 2003
Unfortunately there aren't too many updates this week as I'm preparing for the next pictures site updates.  There are still quite a number of virus effected machines out there and it has required another change of email address for the pictures submission.   I've been considering offering a token prize for the best pictures sent to me.   The prize being a customised Mobile Phone Operator Logo.  Unfortunately it seems to only work on Nokia mobile phones ! Regardless I still haven't competed one which I like just yet, and there's so much more interesting stuff I'd rather do, ie the new articles.

12 Apr 2003
More updates everywhere.  New article on designations and stuff is also coming along just fine.  Hopefully I'll have a draft ready for next week's update.  Apart from that it's pretty quiet on the riding side of things.  - I've started a search for a 400cc Import or a 250cc cause I'm missing the riding.  Sad isn't it.  Any hints for a SSSA CBR400RR is most welcome !

06 Apr 2003
Some updated links and other problems info available this week.  New article on model designation should be available next week. 

On my various driving trips around Australia I have noticed the different driving characteristics of each state.  I'm going out on a limb by actually ranking my preference of driving styles !  Based on the most recent trip.

I think the best drivers are located in Victoria. Maybe due to new laws etc... But they enable they seems to drive in a much more following manner rather than try to hold up traffic by giving way and allowing cars to change lanes.   Considering that traffic is heavy most of the time this is great.  They also accelerate from the lights.

The next would probably be New South Wales.  Similar to Vic but you require more ambition.  They seem to drive slower in NSW too.

Next would be the Northern Territory due to the very relaxed pace and style.  Unfortunately bad drivers here are a stand out due to the lack of traffic.

The worst drivers of all are South Australian.  I have never experienced and seen tail gating and erratic manoeuvres so common.  Every drive is an adventure of other drivers following way too close to the car in front, hence making them do evasive acts regularly.  Quite scary esp. if it occurs in the middle on nowhere.

30 Mar 2003
Finally getting started replying to all the mail I've received since starting my trip 2 weeks ago.  It was a lovely drive and I shall be writing a article shortly.  For those who aren't Aussies.  It is over 5000kms by road for NSW to the NT.  It is mostly a 100-110kph trip hence long and tedious.  Anyway the good news for regular visitors will be that I now have time for updates to this site ! Yay !!

22 Mar 2003
On a long drive back to Darwin again hence the lack of any substantial updates.  It has become clear that Australia is indeed a very large slice of the planet.  It is also clear that a proper highway linking the 2 biggest cities is needed.  The highway should really bypass all the smaller towns and speed limit raised.  It is a very long and tedious drive at 110km.  Admittedly this will never happen but wishful anyhow.  

The only comment on the war due to not enough knowledge on all the issues, is I wish all the troops a speedy and safe return. 

And remember life is short so make the most of it.

16 Mar 2003
Terribly slack week, nothing but packing and re-organising again.  The Dog site is still remains unfinished.  Even worst is the seeming lack of exciting bike models and news to talk about.  Just a word to riders who don't wear proper clothing.  I partially witness another bike accident a few weeks ago.  A rider came off a Blackbird.  Knocked over by a car driven by youthful female driver.  The rider didn't appear too badly injured as he was checking out his wounds.  Not sure if he was wearing proper riding clothing.  So riders who don't wear the right protective clothing - just do it.  It's not rebellious or cool etc... wearing a T-shirt and shorts it's deadly.  You may think you're safe but there are other idiots out there to contend with.  So its hot to wear looks wankerish, blah blah blah, whatever, but it could save your life.

09 Mar 2003
At last - the Across Updates have been finished.  Once again a minimal style has been chosen for the output.  Most of the world still uses a dial-up and I don't anticipate any change to that - at least in the next 5 years.  However I can't wait till Broadband finally takes over.  Heaps of stuff I'd love to try but can't do to slow speed.  The Dog site should be finalised by this week which finally gives me time to get started on the first major upgrade to this site for at least a year.  BTW - the SPAM filters seems to be working properly at last.  Admittedly I know real mail probably got deleted too but I figured if you really wanted to contact me you'd just follow the simple instructions.

02 Mar 2003
Busy week doing the finishing touches to the Across site and working on the new dog site.   I've got really cool ideas on the major rework on the Hayabusa site.  So many things to do and so little time.

23 Feb 2003
I am amazed at how quickly spam reaches even a new email address.  In my research on how this email harvesting is being done I have discovered that the big internet companies are involved in this. The amount of spam over the email addresses I have to maintain due to the number of sites I maintain and develop is incredible.  5764 useless and largely repetitive mail over 4 weeks.  You can see why I can't answer legit mail.

16 Feb 2003
An eventful week.  I have a had to reinstall the PC due to system errors.  So your lucky this update even occurred ! 

SP1 upgrade instructions followed to the letter have not yielded the upgrades desired.  Hence a new install and what do you know it all seems to work.   'Seems' is the word.  Then the entire software and hardware setups had to be completed.  I must say though in Microsoft's defence that WinXP Pro has a working System Restore.  However if they designed their own upgrades properly bearing in mind the other numerous factors involved a complete fresh install or System Restore would not be required in the first place.

Did you know :
This web site (and all the other websites) are maintained on a PC that has not other function.  Work is done on a completely separate PCs and final files loaded onto this one.  This ensures security, at least at this end...

09 Feb 2003
Stay tuned for the new Across Site and the Pictures site update next week.  Thus been very busy.  Been reviewing emails and sorting through a heap of possibly useful material for the Hayabusa this week.  Not sure how to begin the updates really. Just remember this site presents general information.

02 Feb 2003
Finally the new car site is ready to be seen by the world.  Check it out at Grand Vitara Site more content will be included over time. It's the Across site that needs my attention now.  Once that site has been completed get ready for much needed updates to this site !

My event this week is how stupid some people park.  Some loser decided to park in my driveway during the week.  There was plenty of parking but no this idiot thinks they are above everyone else and insists on pissing others off.   Needless to say they have a parking ticket in the mail.  Everyone knows parking in someone else's driveway is the height of rudeness especially if you don't even know who they are.  Even worse than able bodied people parking in a disabled parking spot.  Obviously mentally disabled.  Even worse are the losers who take up bike parking.

27 Jan 2003
After watching the HUGE traffic jams in Sydney I also noticed how easily the bikes avoided them by using the 'extra' lanes.  Score one very big point for the bikes !  I can imagine how the car drivers felt.

19 Jan 2003
Sunday drivers - it's true they exist.  You know that ones who take the car out once a week - and it shows. 

So how's life without a bike ?  I guess you could call it difficult.  But least it gives me time to update the site with new stuff.  Once the pictures site upgrades and streamlining is complete, the Across site will be made over and then the GV site will be finally made LIVE! and finally - long over due all the new stuff and revisions for the Hayabusa - it so exciting cause I'm working on it right now and you have to wait hah hah hah !

12 Jan 2003
Welcome to the new year and the web site.

A word of warning for those with Windows XP in its various forms and contemplating the SP1 upgrade... its not as easy as they claim.  I had to completely reinstall the PC from scratch before it'll boot up again.  Lucky I have a spare Windows ME computer.

Been very busy over the holidays with the new format Motorcycle Pictures Site that's almost completed.  And new Grand Vitara Site almost finished too.  Check them out and see what you think.

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