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Last Updated : 02 July 2012

This is the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) about the factors involved with measuring performance.

There are lots of things that effect the performance figures, statistics and specifications of a motorcycle or car in the real world. That's why various organisations around the world have tried to develop a standardised methods in a scientific way to measure performance claims by manufacturers.

Fuel consumption claims particularly vary significantly to real world fuel consumption.  However performance claims related to speed are just as affected by lots of variables in the real world.  As a result I have listed some of what I think are the most important factors in increasing and reducing real world performance claims.

Condition and age of the engine.
Condition and age of parts other than the engine eg. gearbox, chain, tyres
Condition of fairing including side wing mirrors
Condition of fuel
Condition only performance parts
Type of fuel
Experience and commitment of the rider
Weight of the rider
Riding position of the rider
Condition of the road
Altitude of the road
Temperature of the road
Slope of the road
Wind speed
Air pressure
Air temperature
Traffic conditions

Thus as you can see there are lots of factors that effect how fast you and your car of motorcycle can actually go.  Change any of these factors and you can increase or decrease your performance.  The change in figures may not be significant in some instances but dramatic in others.  Needless to say a well maintained motorcycle will always perform better than one that isn't.



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