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Welcome to the last update for the year.  Hope it all ended well for everyone.  Well, except for those who cut people off out of jealousy or those who think they have superior driving skills they can have a lousy year. 

Regardless, I've been busy with a few demos on new format of this web site.  The current design is 2 years old now and it needs a refresher in my opinion.

Though not Hayabusa related I'd like to remind everyone about the DAKAR rally that's happening RIGHT now !  Where else can you see Mitsubishi EVOs, VW toureg's, Hummers, Izuzu, Toyota 4wds, Harleys, Yamaha, KTM all racing against each other and the clock in one race.  Even better the race track isn't even vaguely circular with bonus wild animals and desert raiders !  Check it out at www.dakar.com or check your local TV guide.  For Australian viewers its on SBS at 6pm-6.30pm daily followed by the much talked about Top Gear at 7.30pm which is only on Mondays.

20 December 2005

Christmas time again and I haven't even put up the decorations yet.  Just an indication of how busy I actually am.  Been around the country again yet finding time to update the pictures site ! I haven't had any interesting experiences to share with you this week but I'm sure thing's bound to happen during this holiday season.  I can feel it ! So enjoy the new pictures and check back for some new stuff.

4 December 2005

I'm gearing up for a massive update to the site, non-hayabusa related unfortunately so I thought I better give you guys and gals who actually check out what I have to say every week and link to another BLOG of sorts.  It is Hayabusa related and about THE fastest Hayabusa in the solar system and certainly worth a visit.  The Hayabusa

28 December 2005

Other projects have been taking up all my time recently and it is difficult to find new material to write about - that I haven't covered already.  So this week I can only present you with a new PDA review !  Palm Tungsten TX Review

20 November 2005

Finally getting the upper hand of this particular cold/flu virus.  It has inspired me to write a humorous topic on the symptoms of a cold or flu.  Note the medical pages seem to split the difference so? Symptoms of a flu or cold.

12 November 2005

Hello again, the time lag is due to poor health ! I've been spitting and blowing greeny like chunky stuff over the past week.   No guys not olives either.   I have no sense of smell or taste.  Yet tonight for the first time I actually get to go on the Net for a little while...

30 October 2005

The old saying time flies certainly rings true around here.  Been drastically busy over the past 2 weeks (real world) I didn't have time to do proper updates.  I haven't even grouped the pictures sent in this month yet. 

As summer approaches it prime bike season in the southern states.  In the north its the off season for reasons you should know by know if you've been reading this site over the years.

Reminder to everyone that although it is getting hot remember to wear you protective gear.  Not excuse and beats time in hospital or worse although it is air conditioned...

I mentioned in the news pages that Suzuki is missing a model in its line up.  Ie. a super powerful stylish cafe racer.  Well they tried to make it up with the new GSR600 supposedly designed in spirit of the past show bikes.  Doesn't do anything for me though.

So here's to another busy week !

9 October 2005

Still working on the accessories and classifieds pages - development takes so much time since this is only only a time filler for me.  Anyway hope to have done sometime this week? 

The current oil price crisis is a real tricky thing isn't it.  One way it makes our lives harder but at the same time it provides us with an opportunity to help the entire world.  It is also disappointing that the various companies (no names mentioned) that bought out the alternative energy companies after the first oil crisis are holding the world ransom.  If they and the various governments had allowed the proper development of that technology we would have proper and commercially viable alternatives.  Imagine your home being powered by stored electrical energy from solar batteries or wind turbines during winter.  That would save a fortune on your power bills.   Look at what solar hot water systems have done for millions of people.  You could leave the lights on without any recriminations or the ozone safe air con all day without guilt.  With the spare cash you could still buy your fav bike or car powered by some energy source that would provide the same if not more fun than existing petrol powered version.

The fossil fuel industry is not being replaced but added to in a good way.  Some things just need petrol etc.. to work !  The hazardous jobs of extracting, refining and mining would be re-deployed to safer ones like cell making and so forth.  Lots of new jobs in the new power industry would be created in addition to the fossil fuel industry.  This is of course a simplistic representation and the fact is that fossil fuels would still be used but in lesser quantities and reliance on them will make all our lives better.

Anyway I'm not in government so have only one voice amongst other much louder ones.  It's not a matter of being a greenie but looking holistically at the well being of the entire planet.

2 October 2005

There are a number of things which I've been meaning to do for quite awhile and it seems ironic that I'm just about to them when the current Hayabusa will be replaced !  One of those things I've been meaning to do is add in a search engine for my site.  Check out an updated FAQ and the new Site search function I do hope this stuff cuts down on the emails because its getting silly.

And finally will I get the new Hayabusa ? Well it depends.  If it is indeed a proper replacement NOT a just a new bike for the sake of a new shape or something that's a half assed replacement aka the original ZX11 replacement.

27 September 2005

As you probably noticed I've been very busy with updating what I have on the site.  I've also been working on some new stuff but I'm running out of free time.  Needless to say I've have been looking for a new bike - still.  I think it may be a scooter !

25 September 2005

As summer arrives in Australia, more and more motorcycles are appearing.  More to the point as petrol starts getting expensive more bikes start appearing on the road !  Just remember its not about what you ride it the point that you are riding.

17 September 2005

As you probably noticed I've updated and changed a lot of stuff I've been meaning to for years in some cases.  I also noticed that the hit counter has exceeded the million mark!  However I know that its probably a few hundred thousand off as it wasn't working properly for several years. 

I just visited the Melbourne motorcycle expo and I will have some pics of the more interesting machines up on the pics site shortly.  Overall the expo was quite entertaining with heaps of stuff on show.  Pity none of the manufacturers EXCEPT for HONDA had any concept bikes on show.  Although Yamaha displayed its new race ready superbike!

11 September 2005

An update on the date the world changed.  Lets not forget that there are better ways to change the world than blowing things up. 

Today I also start work on revamping the accessories, classifieds and other stuff.  I think you'll love the modifications.  Hope to finish them in about 2 weeks.

8 September 2005

A few special changes to the site.  You see I was tired of getting thousands of mails relating to how and where to purchase stuff mentioned on the site so I did something about it.  It was a big decision I was delaying for many years but I just couldn't bear seeing one more mail asking where to buy stuff.

6 September 2005

Once again the world is gripped in tragedy - I refer to the lives destroyed by Cyclone Katrina. Lets hope New Orleans recovers quickly from this devastation. 

In light of this natural disaster and others occurring with increased frequency focus attention to how all of us are damaging the environment.  Be it greenhouse and pollution, plastic and general crap.  Lets clean up our act before mother nature takes care of it for us - literary.

5 September 2005

I didn't realise how much stuff I've had to update and clean out !  So the quest continues at the expense of emails on other things.  A ton of changes everywhere this week and hope to have some new content up and running in a few weeks.  I can also tell you that there are a few interesting things planned to test out reader response.

30 August 2005

Even more updates. You see over the years the live site you guys see and the pages which I work on didn't always sync properly.  I didn't notice something was amiss because I don't check out the site on-line !  So now that I just checked it out I've synced many of the old pages and cleared out a lot of old stuff and update content on 'missing pages'.

28 August 2005

More updates here and there and everywhere.  Reviewing the surveys page updating all the old format pages and working on the new pages.  Should have all the pages updated by next weekend.  The new computer is working perfectly and hopefully new graphic software will make development a bit easier. 

24 August 2005

Hey there, having a 'more proper' setup does help the content review !  For example I've looked at all the crappy links (I had to get rid of 35 and counting) on the page and decided to get rid of the ones that no longer link to anything interesting and more to the point do nothing at all except commercial links.  Not surprising really since it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain a website.

Check out the soon to be totally rejuvenated classifieds site ! 

22 August 2005

A political comment this week.  In case you didn't know but the Australian Government has decided to sell of the control of the 'company' that controls the telecommunications infrastructure this company being Telstra.  You see it is a  organisation that has lost billions in un-informed and clearly hopeless ventures over a past few years.  Regardless it still makes billions of dollars in profit I might add.  The Government (currently lead by the Liberal Party in coalition with the National Party which are not really liberal to the meaning of the word) are even going to flog it of under market value !

Anyway I have considered the implications and all I can say is good bye National party ! You've agreed to privatise and wiped out your organisation in the process and not improving the lives of the people you where supposed to represent.  What a joke.  Hang on... Well its not all bad lest you've made it easier to vote in the next election.

Note I am not affiliated with any political organisation and I don't support the National party.  I support person or party who will represent my concerns. Like better roads and better public transport and so forth.  I also think its kinda of funny how out of touch politicians really are.

21 August 2005

Whilst doing the server changes I realised that the image of the animated Hayabusa above actually works well as the wallpaper on a mobile phone.  If you have a Nokia 6230 simple copy the image to your phone. 

Also there is an Anime called Machine Hayabusa.  You may be disappointed to know that it has 4 wheels.  Least it has a staring role.  Hayabusa News.

I am working on a new survey though.

17 August 2005

Oh no still can't do auto-updates from a spreadsheet.  How difficult can it be ?

14 August 2005

Yay! you say nothing's gone wrong with the site and more to the point he's actually used the spell checker on some of the pages.  I say finally you've spent some money and bought new software.  Old versions dating to the mid-nineties really don't cut it in 2005.  In my mind it proves that you don't really need new software when the old has been working perfectly for the past 6 years.  Sure a spelling checker is nice but its not really the bees knees is it.  Still working - should be back to normal soon.

7 August 2005

I been pondering how to produce more interesting and interactive material since real world employment is bogging me down.  (For quite a while now in case you haven't noticed)  Backlog of mails, articles pictures etc...  So I've decided to update the server's features.  Hopefully it shouldn't take too long and hopefully the site doesn't go down for very long.  I really want to do more surveys but the work it to sort out the real ones from the crap takes a long time.  Anyway here's to hope that the new features will work as planned.

24 July 2005

Still sorting out some probs with the new machine because it does everything but the software is Windows based and some older software I used doesn't seem to work very well on it. 

On the bike front I'm still looking for a new bike and I came across this thing:
http://www.carver-europe.com/home.htm It's a pretty cool looking thing which appeals one many levels.  Its only available in Europe which is disappointing but you never know !

17 July 2005

I'm back ! Well 90% operational anyway.  Still trying to work out how to get the interactive stuff to work... The new machine is finally on the web and the site updates should be coming along again shortly.  I've been busy with new config issues and deciding on a future development plan for the site.  After ball there is lots of useful and not so useful stuff you can look at here.

7 July 2005

I've been pretty quiet over the past 2 weeks as I have been busy looking up new computer specs and preparing for the arrival of a new development PC.  As most probably realise preparing to shift to a new PC is not an easy experience especially if you've been essentially using the same one for 3 years.  Sure its had one or two reinstalls but due to partitioning they have been pretty painless.

Anyway for those interested the new PC is actually a notebook and it is a ....
I'm not going to announce it yet cause I'm still working on it ! so as always stay tuned for the announcement, hopefully on Sunday.

12 June 2005

I haven't discussed trends in motorcycling for a little while now as I have been busy with trends on the 4 wheeled variety.  In fact I've been told albeit only several times in as many years that site visitors appreciate the the views on this page.  (They love the other pages but find this one inconsistent) As you can guess that's a fair enough comment since this page represents my views on all aspects of the motorcycling world and other issues.  But I digress yet again !

Anyway manufacturers have been into the 600cc segment for at least the past 5 years.  Every 12 months we see some sort of new or modified 600.  So much so that the 600cc class looks a lot like each other in terms of riding characteristics and charm.  The next focus seems to be the 1000cc class.  There have been a heap of models over the years.

That brings me to this year's trends.  It seems that 'naked' bikes are all the rage.  Each manufacturer has a number of rather stylish naked or muscle bikes.  I presume 'naked' applies to female bikes and muscle applies to male bikes...

For those who came late... Naked bikes are those without fairings.  Yes so all bikes pre 70s? are naked bikes. Who began this term - have no idea.  Anyway conventional naked bikes are often just a lessor tuned version of a more sporty model with the plastic bits.  But lately naked bikes are being released with unique  chassis and other bits.  Some of which are very tempting - since I am in the market for a new bike.

5 June 2005

Riding appropriately.  Now I've seen some very silly things over the past week or so and that is brain dead people.  These people are the ones who get in to accidents or blame everyone else for their problems and inexperienced or generally ego driven riders.  Namely the ones who shouldn't be on the road.  The silly thing I noticed is in relation to positioning on the road.

Anyone whose been on a rider training course knows the appropriate position on the road to ride on.  Unfortunately these idiot riders take it literally and can see no other place on the road for them.  Will everyone including the trainers show a bit of common sense when dealing with traffic.  If a road train (which are over 50 meters long and weigh at least 20 tonnes) is heading towards you at at least 100ks it is the safest think to make even a little way for the truck to pass.  Equally if a car coming towards you at a decent speed it is probably a safer to make even a little way for it to pass.  There simply is no argument against this simple safety action.

18 May 2005

Yay, some people actually read this page !  Following on from my comments last week I finally have pics that Hayabusa's do exist in India.  So there I hope everyone feels better now. 

Just remember to use Hayabusa in the subject line of your emails - thanks for those who sent some pics in !

You see this is what the Internet is all about especially this page anyway.

15 May 2005

Listen up everyone, I've received mail from alot of countries some very dubious ones claiming Haybausa ownership.  More often than not it picked up as from a SPAM source usually from Nigeria.  Now I may be called small minded by ignoring these emails but honestly Hayabusa's don't exist in places like Timbuktu and so forth. 

The latest ones seem to come from India.  Yes, I know that you can get some decent machinery in India these days but Hayabusa in India doesn't seem quite right.  I don't get it - why bother making up some story like this.  One of the mails I received last year didn't sound quite right and I asked for a picture to prove it, lets face it if you can afford a Hayabusa in India you can afford a digital camera.  So the challenge is out send me a pic of you bike in an obviously uniquely Indian place.

8 May 2005

I've been busy with various content updates and additions this week.  However as a result I thought I'd better refer you to what I regard a perfect fix for inaccurate speedo on most bikes including the Hayabusa.  Check out the GPS301 Review for the solution.

1 May 2005

As you can see I didn't add anything here last week cause I had to complete the first cut of the GPS review.  Been busy with updating the pictures site with new material and removing older pics too.  Besides all this stuff I feel disillusioned at the lack of scoops and so forth.  You know 'supposedly' neutral websites getting the latest news from manufacturers under NDAs and being merely pawns in the game of marketing as opposed to being informative and interesting.

18 April 2005

You know the reporting media is responsible for many failings in society over the years.  You know the pay for story issue and so forth.  A simple solution would be to just say that they paid for a particular story.  They also have their political bias due to ownership.  There's also the marketing angle which distorts truths.  So when historians write about history over the next decade we'll see lots of incorrect and flaws.  However the future students of history will have lots of fun sorting out the actual truth from crap.   

Anyway for next week I'm preparing some more new content so hope for me that work issues will not prevent me from completing them.

10 April 2005

The week has been entirely uneventfully which has allowed me time to do some more updates to the site.  Oh my mobile provider has decided to send me an offer of a new and supposed free phone if I sign up again with them.  Since I'm not entirely happy with their coverage I can't make up my mind.  Anyway I might even post a mobile review !

Traffic woes: I have seen this so many times ever met a car driver who thinks they have the right of way be it if they where in the wrong or you or another driver whatever.  Gee the road is for every one not just an ego trip.  Everyone makes mistakes including the 'always in the right driver'.  So those who think they have every right to NOT avoid an accident think again.  This applies to those who do not let other cars merge.  You are committing murder if anything happens.

3 April 2005

Hate to sound like a broken record but I have been very busy with real world duties.  I really need a holiday so I can catch up on more content updates because some of the info is getting old.

As a point of interest I counted 3990 spam emails form my various sites in 90 days that's a lot considering I have to abandon some of them (email addresses that is) due to overload.

Another thing too, please remember this is a generalist Hayabusa site

20 March 2005

Another busy week in the real world.  However still time to have a go at the real world and another environ comment.  Petrol prices are rising and its time for everyone to take note. 

Bikes are a perfect way to travel (whilst using conventional petrol engines) since they use a minimal amount of petrol, use up minimal resources and have amazing performance.  If you work in the city take a bike, unless weather is truly bad.  Parking is easier and often cheaper.  Running costs are cheaper and you'll probably spend much less time on the road unless you decide to take the long way because its so much quicker. Imagine cutting down the daily grid lock by half the time.  Try it and see if you like it.

13 March 2005

Busy week for me in the real world but managed to get some things updated.  Actually updates are prepared several weeks or months earlier :) but haven't had time to finish them off properly.  You see if the site actually made some money then it wouldn't be a problem but it doesn't so stays in the fan arena which is probably the best place for it. 

I also checked out the Melbourne Motor Show this week and was disappointed that there where so few bikes there.  After all Victoria is supposed to the place for bike riders.  Anyway only BMW had 3 bikes, admitted new ones yet to be released here and Honda had the token racer and road side by side.  Suzuki disappointed by having nothing.  I was taken by the unfaired K1200. 

27 February 2005

Finally the pic site update has been done ! Its late so I haven't had time to think about my words of wisdom ... or ... lack of this week.  However I leave you with my fav site for the week : http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/mythbusters/mythbusters.html

It can be seen on SBS at 7.30 Mondays in most Australian capital cities.  One word of advise - get rid of the voice over guy with someone else he's sounds like a over excited strange one...you know what I mean.  Sure they speak American english but I think we can manage.

20 February 2005

Haven't done very much this week cause I'm busy with getting the pictures ready amongst other things.  I also noticed the new Suzuki Swift Ad displaying the Hayabusa as a lead in image whilst promoting that Suzuki uses cutting edge design.  Does Suzuki produce cutting edge design ?  The answer is yes - every so often.

The GS, GSXR, Katana especially the original Vitara, 3 Gen Swift etc... have been leading edge design when introduced.  The Hayabusa was certainly a big break from all other bike designs, at least from a fairing prospective.  So will Suzuki do it again for the next version ? Well let's hope so.  It'll be shame to ruin such as good image.

Overall poor management and survey work is to blame, I feel most of the time that ruins the Suzuki image. (If indeed it has the same image else where in the world)   I guess focusing soley on the Japanese market is purely for economic survival is sensible.  But there are better ideas.  Maybe they should give me a job ?

12 February 2005

Just in case you didn't know here's a link to Official Hayabusa accessories. http://www.suzukicycles.com/Accessories/ Just follow the prompts.  There's not very many but a start to your mod-ing future.

I haven't updated my own accessories page for many years because its just too difficult.  There is so much stuff available which lots of companies send me email on but on-one has sent me any samples :)

Which leads me to the point of website maintenance.  I have worked hard to keep the site up to date since 1999, yes its that old. Its gone through many many changes and many more to come.  But don't expect cutting edge news because I just done have the time.  If the site actually made a $buck it would be easier but it doesn't do there.  Stop complaining. 

For example even with the regular email address changes I get on average 20-50 mails a day. (1/3 is SPAM).  This means I'm always behind in emails especially if I've had a few days off.  However those who actually use 'hayabusa' in the message topic gets my attention after a few days.  However then there are those who send email without reading further into the site and ask the same questions I've answered many times on the site I don't usually don't respond to because its wasting my time on other proper emails.

Anyway enough of the complaining and as I always say stay tuned for more.

6 February 2005

As you can see the first of the new articles has been posted.  See Speed cameras and Government.  The issue is old and complex since to it deals with human nature BUT the undeniable factor is Government wrong doing in the article's case.  Simply no argument.

I should have part 2 ready shortly has my friend who wrote it has further rather strong opinions about this sort of thing.  Since I don't live in Victoria as yet...

23 January 2005

As everyone waits patiently for new content I must inform everyone that eating poppy seed coated bead or cakes will make you register positive for the associated narcotic ! So anything with poppy seeds in it should be avoided.

Speaking of new content, the speed article and the pictures site update is being prepared so very busy with these.

16 January 2005

Working on new content is not easy.  I'm very busy writing new stuff up amongst other things.  Yes, still way behind in emails and stuff after a the all too short holiday.  I wish SPAM didn't exist and that people would read the site before asking silly questions answered multiple time.

8 January 2005

Welcome to my first entry for 2005 !  Back from another holiday and once again way behind in emails updates and the like - oh well.

The DAKAR is on again (formerly known as the Paris-Dakar) now called the Telefonica Dakar.  This year the rally starts in Barcelona - Spain.  The annual mega-rally I feel is the best test of man/woman and machine.  It's simply huge.  There are 3 main categories, Motorbikes, Cars and Trucks.  All worth watching. Check out the latest news and competitors at www.dakar.com

The Australian rep, Andy Caldecott is on a KTM.  His second rally this year he retired last year due to a broken leg - I think... 

SBS in Australia screens the highlights everyday at 6pm.  So everyone pls support the coverage so it gets a higher profile and it'll go for longer.  Its only 25mins. 

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