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Last Updated : 02 July 2012

There are heaps of problems that may occur to any motorcycle not just the Hayabusa.  Many problems are the result of poor maintenance and/or performance related modifications.  However there are those that occur from wear and tear.  Here's a list and some successful problems/solutions tried by various owners and results good or otherwise of their solutions!

If you have any to add or know of successful solutions pls mail them. I do not include Emails on the page any longer to avoid you being spammed.   The information here is as is it may or may not prove useful or otherwise. I always recommend that you should get your problem looked at by a properly qualified mechanic.

Index of Problems

Inaccurate Speedo reading

Spot and Fog lights

Oxygen Sensor Issues

Funny noises

Backfire problems

Solve the Grabby Clutch Prob if you have one

Failure to start in high temperatures after a long ride.

General/Stuttering problems

High altitude stuttering.

FI light and rough running.

Clutch Fluid leaking

Clunk noise on standing start.

How to fix the vibey screen (From Sept 1999 Archives)

Gear changing or gearbox problems.

Excessive Tyre/Tire wear.

Engine running and electrical problems.


After market pipes/exhausts

As with all bikes, there is a high possibility that the fitting of aftermarket pipes will effect performance.  This was particularly true when most bikes still had Carbs.

Bikes in particular those like the Hayabusa are extreme performance machines.
Let's face it extracting at least to 130Kw and 138Nm from 1298cc in such a small package is quite an achievement. Needless to say that it can do it any and any time you wish reliability and does not cost the earth to run is saying something about the level of technology.

Hence engine tuning to meeting all the planets different pollution regulation you'd expect the tuning of the bike to be pretty much complicated.  Changing any one of the components eg. exhausts which play a large part in the performance equation you'd expect certain problems to occur.

Some of the common problems include :
The bike becomes hesitant when throttling on.
At certain revs extra power comes through rather than being having a smooth build,
but then levels off then powers on again and so forth.
Strong petrol smell and increased fuel consumption.

Spot and Fog lights

Does any have any experience with the installation of Fog or spots lights to their bike ?
If so any suggestions on brand and type and wattages so the bike's battery and electrics don't fry themselves ?

Oxygen Sensor

European and American Hayabusa models differ in various techincal details.  An owner Andy N is having problems with the FI warning staying on his Euro spec Oxygen Sensor presumably Cat equiped Hayabusa. He has replaced the stock exhaust system, which is why the warning appears.  Anyone who knows how, why, etc... suggestions feel free to email me.

Funny Noises

Bikes make lots of noise.  With experience you'll be able to tell the health of your bike by the noises it makes and the way it rides.  I have had a number of mails over the years from owners experiencing various noises which do not appear normal.

Some include whining from the fuel tank, fuel pump, brake buzzes etc...  The solutions to these are not easy to determine as some can be relative in nature and dependent on modifications done to your bike.  Eg. You may be more sensitive to fuel smells or hearing.   The best solution to these problems to to contact your servicing mechanic.  If you're servicing mechanic does not acknowledge the noise get them to compare your bike with another this will usually enable them to tell the difference.  If not I guess the only solution would be to try another mechanic or specialist outfit.

If you have any and know the solutions pls email them ! - Thanks

Backfire problems

1- The choke is mal adjusted or out of adjustment.
2- The fuel may be old.
3- The fuel lines are kinked.
4- The fuel filters may be clogged up due to being left standing for so long.

If your bike is effected by a grabby clutch this my be your solution.

A grabby clutch can afflict any bike.  There are a number of solutions to this particular problem.
Clean the lever and cable assembly.

If you are using fully synthetic oil it apparently is a very good lubricator hence the extra bike.
Change to oil to a semi-synthetic version to cure the problem. Sent in by
Mike B

Starting problems after hot run and FI being displayed.

This report has 2 parts :

- Some 2001 riders have reported that the bike has trouble re-starting after hot running.

- Some have the 'FI' appearing on the clock display.  Which usually means ECU problems.

This occurs whilst riding the bike.  After resting for 5-10 minutes the bike restarts again with no problems and/or the FI disappers.  I have recieved 3 such reports.

If you are experiencing similar probs send a description and or solution to the usual address.

Stuttering problems after stopping at traffic lights.

- All the runing problems associate with stopping at traffic lights, waiting
in traffic, not starting when hot etc I cured on my machine by moving the
Input Air Temperature Sensor (bottom LHS of airbox) to the ram air tube
(about 1 inch left of the fuse box)

- Problem is when the IATS gets hot, it leans the mixture out. You take the
machine for a ride, then try to hold the IATS in your hand.....TOO HOT!!!!!

- I plugged the vacant hole with a plastic bolt and a dab of silicone sealant.

- Melted a hole in the Ram air duct with the tip of a soldering iron, just
large enough so that with lots of trying the IATS would screw into the

For more good stuff : Check www.themotorhead.com Thnks Marc

Stuttering problems 2.

Several things help this problem:
- synchronize the throttle bodies;
- clean the throttle bodies: this involves cleaning the butterflies with "q" tips;
- install the TRE by Ivan, this is a "timing retard eliminator";
- install the-motor-head-air-box-mod, all longs;
- remove and clean injectors with carb spray;

Recommended by Alan .

Stuttering problems 3.

- Check the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) if your are encountering on/off throttle stuttering.
- Another reason for backfire is people fitting aftermarket exhausts without
removing the PAIR valve system, where fitted of course. (PAIR is not fitted
in all markets.) The reason the backfires occur is full-systems make Busa's
run rich in the midrange (dunno why, common sense would say they'll run lean
but they don't!!) and the PAIR valves job is to stuff air down the exhaust
headers in order to burn-off any unburned mixture - which there will be
loads more of thanks to the rich running...
- To stop the Oxygen sensor code after replacing the stock exhaust on effected
models, pull the brown and black wire going into the ECU. This will default
it to "open loop" operation. The oxygen sensor loop only alters the mixture
at tickover anyway.
Info provided by 'DM' - Dangermouse ! - Thank You.

Clutch fluid leaking.

Clutch fluid leaking from around the piston seal.
The problem came from dirt entering around the piston when the piston is in the retracted position, causing corrosion around the bore and enabling fluid to leak past the seal, to solve this problem there should be a rubber gaitor around the cylinder and clutch push rod, stopping dirt entering. Thanks to John

'Clunk' noise on standing start.

Some Hayabusa's develop a clunking noise when accelerating from a standing start.  Initially it may sound like the cushes from the rear or some diagnose it as a damaged clutch basket.  So to save you expense adjust the chain as per the handbook first.  The adjustment is not a large one either- a few millimeters. You may be surprised that it actually solves the problem.
Don't forget you ride the fastest prob bike in the world huge power means more rider maintenance.

Inaccurate speedo.

This is a huge problem I feel as it affects almost all bikes.  I can understand why speedo are inaccurate but with the current state of technology I can't see why a solution hasn't been found.  Nevertheless I've found a perfect solution and that's using a GPS road warning system.  Its easy to find to the Hayabusa and gives a much more accurate measurement of how fast you are actually going.  Check out my review of one model that you could use
GPS301 Review.

How to fix the Vibey screen.

Update 12 / 9 / 1999 :
The bike has just had its 2nd service (about 5500km).  The most noticeable thing about the bike after the service was the gear change.  Its improved dramatically, I must ask them what they did !  Since then it hasn't missed the 5-6 change and it gives a nice precise click-click sound like the old GSX-R when changing gears.   However the screen now vibrates at different revs.  So I attempted to fix it my self : 

The screen is secured to the fairing by 2 screws near the mirror.  Taking the securing nut out was easy, using the standard toolkit but the rubber bit is another story.  The rubber bit is NOT a washer.  It's a plastic tube that has a lump in the middle. The holding nut is moulded inside this tube.   You must pull out the tube washer before taking the screen off, its about 1.5 cm long.   When the nut is tightened the rubber compresses hence tightening the screen. 

Anyway,  once the tube washer is taken out, the screen can be pulled off by sitting on the seat and pulling it towards you.  Once out of the fairing you will see the recessed edges of the screen that slots into the fairing.   I used electrical tape to over ALL the edges (at least 2 layers).  Don't use too much or you'll be able to see the tape when the screen is inserted back and the fit will be really tight and the securing nut will not be able to be screwed back in.  Make sure ALL the edges have been covered or  the screen will vibrate in a different place. 

Once completed insert the screen back into the fairing aligning the securing holes.  The tube washer can then be inserted back in.   You may find this difficult because when you try to push the tube in the lump expands making the tube wider hence too big.  The secret is to loosely put the bolt into the tube and nut place it into the fairing hole and with the hex-tool from the top and push the tube in.  If aligned correctly the tube goes in without any effort.   Why, put placing the bolt in and pushing from the top expands the tube, making it thinner, the lump in the middle flattens out !  Tighten the screen and go for a test spin.  hopefully if you've taped the right areas on the screen the vibration should disappear.  Well, it worked for me! 

Difficulty changing gears ?

I want to start off by saying that the gear boxes on the Hayabusa when new are hard to slot in.  Over time it does wear in as per normal bikes.  As you can see from my 1999 post.  There are lots of reasons for this but its all common sense really.  Nothing to worry about. 

The only reports I've heard of Hayabusa gearbox especially breaking is due to heavy modification to the gearbox itself.  Personally - I can't see the point of changing the gear ratios (actual cog) as that is one one of the reasons it can go as fast as it does.

Excessive tire/tyre wear ?

If you are experiencing excessive tyre wear you may just be a hard rider doing too many figure 8 or Os!  Seriously though - you can increase the tyre pressures by at least 5psi or more from the recommended to reduce wear - in normal riding. Even try different suspension settings - that is why they are adjustable!

Engine running and electrical problems ?

As motorcycle electrics gets more advanced so too the number of problems that can occur.  However over the years thanks to car developments it is unlikely that the ECU that controls a motorcycle's engine, eg. spark plugs, fuel injection and so forth would the cause.  So if you encounter strange problems like miss-fires, cut outs and so forth it is usually caused by something else. 

Assuming your bike has remained in standard trim here's a quick guide to diagnose or fix what could be electrical problems. Remember to always check the obvious especially on older models.

Miss-firing can be caused by kinked fuel hoses.  (I should know mine had one)  When you do check the hoses it may not look it but consider replacing various hoses anyway.    Consider replacing the spark plugs and leads as a preventative measure.  So check that operation of the engine kill switch it could just be a faulty or corroded contact here.  (I should know I had a similar problem - how embarrassing).  Spray the internals with WD40 or similar.

Another thing to consider is the battery.  After 3 years it will deteriorate, after 4 - well I consider replacement.  Sure not essential by could be the cause of your problems. Check the battery contacts and also the various grounding cables while your there. 

Other obvious things to check is the fuse box!  Sure you may not have ridden in the rain or left it outside but because it is a dry location you may find that ants or other insects have decided to call it home.

If you don't ride often or ride short distances the fuel in you tank may go off - it's not an urban myth.  Drain the tank and start again.  The instructions are in the manual.  I've had an email this year saying that they had to replace the fuel injectors.  Deterioration caused by fuel... Then again modern petrol has cleaning additives...

So give things try if you think you have running or electrical problems.


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