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Last Updated : 23 August 2015

Updates dependent on Hayabusa NEWS.
WARNING : This stuff MAY not be entirely accurate !!!
E-mail me if you want to provide some interesting news!


30/7/2013 : All Hayabusa News will now be posted on :

30/7/2013 : 2014 Special Edition colour scheme (50th US edition) will be available in Australia - strictly limited to 25 only!

3/11/2013 : 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa news! Unfortunately no changes apart from colour schemes. They will be posted on the new-ish BLOG section.

4/8/2013 : Finally signed up for an Instagram account so you can see the latest motorcycle pictures I get and of course some older ones! I still don't get Twitter... Anyway check out the latest motorcycle pictures here! 

17/7/2013 : I thought I had some real news about the 2014 Hayabusa but it turned out to be not exactly accu2013 Forate, rather not plausible. Sure the market for large capacity motorcycles like the Hayabusa is not exactly booming but its competitors aren't exactly doing any better despite the PR.

1/11/2012 : The details of the new 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa has been released! The only changes are the inclusion of new ABS (Anti-lock braking system) and new Brembo front brakes that should help with brake feel and larger rear discs. There are also the usual cool colour schemes for the year to choose from. No attempt to match the overpowered Kawasaki ZX-14R just yet!

21/10/2012 : Nothing to report from the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney for 2012. Only Suzuki Showed anything - disappointed that Honda didn't show a single motorcycle.

30/9/2012 : Getting ready for lots of motorcycle enhancements over the next month. All the updates will be done on the new BLOG website so don't forget to bookmark the new section!

25/07/2012 : Suzuki Australia has just released a new ad campaign for the Suzuki Hayabusa/Suzuki Kizashi I've put up my comments and links on the new section of the website. 

8/07/2012 : The changes keep happening to the new section of the website as I transfer the learner motorcycle articles and putting up new ones I've worked on. Don't forget to check out the Hayabusa Vs 2012 ZX-14R comparison and the transfer for the Learner 250cc LAMS and commuter motorcycles review and news.

24/06/2012 : reminder that the new section of the website will be hosting Hayabusa news and more in a few weeks time.

13/05/2012 : Some corporate news: The Volkswagen and Suzuki partnership is now OFF. According the the various stories Suzuki called it off since VW didn't share their engines.  Furthermore VW is in the process of buying Ducati.

26/02/2012 : The Hayabusa model history images are now back online on the new section of the website including the 2012 color schemes -  Just follow the links to the motorBLOG!  2012 - Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R - Colour schemes

12/02/2012 : The new section of the website will soon contain all Hayabusa related news current and past. Don't forget to check out the new section: - motorblog

18/12/2011 : Due to all the website upgrades I forgot to update the 2012 Hayabusa changes and as you can guess there only colour releases. I'll post them shortly since it is not a big deal.

12/11/2011 : Two lots of 2012 Suzuki Hayabusa news. 1st this site is getting an upgrade next week, or rather a brand new part added to it! and 2nd the 2012 Hayabusa details will also be out.

12/9/2011 : Fixed some date problems with the site so don't be alarmed there is very little news on the topic of the Hayabusa motorcycle.  However as always something should be happening next month but I'm guessing that it will be 2012 models with new colour schemes - we shall see.

12/6/2011 : For some around the world you can now order a Black/Grey Suzuki Hayabusa. Not sure which countries yet. Check out the model history page for the pictures.  2011 - Suzuki Hayabsua GSX1300R - Colour schemes - Model History

25/3/2011 : Suzuki has issued issued another recall for quite a few models from 2008, 2009 and 2010 approx 75,000 motorcycles. The recall for the Hayabusa is to replace the Regulator Rectifier. The regulator rectifier basically controls the amount of charge the battery gets. A broken regulator rectifier means your motorcycle battery have a short life span, it may also effect other electrical components. Stay tuned to the website to read updates on my experience and problems I have - if any!

11/3/2011 : This week before the earthquake*, Japan release news of the latest bullet train (Shinkansen) appropriately and officially called the Hayabusa due to its 321Kph speed.  The 'Hayabusa' is like the 'Enterprise' of Japan! Check it out here

*I personally wish those effected by the earthquake then Tsunami a speedy recovery and health in light of such a massive natural disaster. Help where you can everyone.

7/11/2010 : The 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa update has apparently been skipped. Currently there does not appear to be any changes what so ever - except for colours of course.  I'll have a closer look to see if the decals are the same in the next few weeks though - just to be sure.

22/8/2010 : I was watching the Top Gear (British version) last week in OZ and noted that Richard Hammond  owns or is currently riding a Hayabusa.  I also recall that Hollywood actor Ben Affleck also has a Hayabusa I read in a mag interview several years ago.

1/8/2010 : Still nothing of note to report in terms of specific Hayabusa news! Hope there will be something soon!

14/3/2010 : Next week is backend site update week! Once again I am trying to introduce new features.  IF you get through try the alternate BLOG site for updates on the process!

28/2/2010 : More Suzuki corporate news.  As you probably know GM is bankrupt and selling off a number of brands it owned, Saab and Hummer come to mind.  GM who partly own Suzuki and vice versa since 1981 and collaborates together Suzuki and GM designs for number of models.  

14/2/2010 : Lots happening - updated content here and there - the clock and banner graphics - a new motorcycle news section and the Winter Olympics always worth a watch for entertainment. Unfortunately no Hayabusa news yet.

3/1/2010 : Haiti earthquake - I've been so caught up in the tragedy that I simply don't know what to think.  No one knows how many died or how many injured. Just help out where you can everyone.

10/1/2010 : First news update for the new year!  As usual a reminder to check of the Dakar rally this year.  It is the biggest race in the world and its always worth a watch.

In other news I'll posting a general Suzuki new pages this year.  If feedback is good it will stay otherwise it off to the archives!  The page should be up in a week or so!

25/12/2009 : I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Even if you're not religious or so forth it is the spirit of Christmas that is important.  World peace guys and gals!

12/12/2009 : Some changes at Suzuki Japan - VW (Volkswagen) and Suzuki have formed an alliance..  Both will owned in part by each other.  VW doesn't make the really small cars Suzuki specialises in apart from the Polo and Suzuki doesn't make any 'big' cars - but I personally don't think its all about cars - I think VW wants to get into 'motorcycles' !

20/10/2009 : The new 2010 Hayabusa colours have been released: Black with red graphics, Blue with light blue graphics and white with grey graphics!  The black and dark blue looks good.  The white not so sure - it is different.  2010 - Suzuki Hayabsua GSX1300R - Colour schemes - Model History

4/10/2009 : The count down is on once again for the information on the 2010 Hayabusa.  Yes - in a few weeks we should know what is expected to be only new paint schemes for the model.

22/8/2009 : OK I think the website transfer should go according to plan in a week or so hence no update next week.  Hopefully everything will go fine and I can start updating again!  Again should anything go wrong I'll report it on the BLOG site.

26/7/2009 : Having some technical issues with this website so if you can't access it you can check out the BLOG site for any important updates.  The BLOG site will eventually contain more interesting news articles.

20/5/2009 : Hayabusa news is a bit slow over the last few months. Which has enabled me to update the motorcycle pictures site to BLOG format so do check it out.  Motorcycle pictures site

11/2/2009 : Victorian Bush Fires have killed hundreds of people and homes leaving
thousands more homeless and missing people and millions of animals and devastated hundreds of kilometres pls show your support for the survivors who have lost everything.

4/10/2008 : The 2009 colour schemes are out. 
White Hayabusa remains but has blue highlights. 
- Glass White/Metallic Silver (FGF)
- Solid Black/ Metallic Majestic Gold (FGG)
- Pearl Nebular Black/Phantom Grey (CZY)
- Metallic Grey/Mystic Silver (GRF)
Thanks to Naoko and Tom for the pics.

Here is the updated model history page

14/9/2008 : Since I'm still waiting for more Hayabusa news for the 2009 (due any day now) and I noticed that was sent some material about Suzuki Kizashi concept.  It's not a motorcycle but a new car to be made by Suzuki and release within a year or two.

We're familiar with the competent and robust Suzuki Jimny/Sierra, Swift, Liana and Grand Vitara models but they lack the street cred element and size that most of the other Japanese manufacturers have.  The new model attempts to address that should lift Suzuki's profile - based on looks alone.

Check out some pictures and more information here: Suzuki Kizashi

19/6/2008 : The recall is world wide.

17/6/2008 : Not the best news this update.  The first 2nd generation (2008) Hayabusa Recall has been issued.  The letter says (summarized) that the ignition switch lead wire may be effect with repeated movement of the handlebar. In the worst case scenario the wire may break and basically stop the engine if on and stall.  It obviously won't start if broken. 

So there you go!  Not exactly a earth shattering but dangerous enough.  I don't know which countries the recall effects apart from Australia or which production batches at this stage.

See the 2nd Generation FAQ page for more information.

26/3/2008 : This is it everyone.  The first and I reckon, the best and free animated Hayabusa screensaver/wallpaper (because I made it) for your mobile phone! Check it out in Free Stuff and Downloads 

16/3/2008 : There hasn't been much new - news in regards to the Hayabusa but there I shall be spending the Easter break working on a new project for the 2nd generation Hayabusa!  All will be revealed in a couple of weeks.  HINT: the ultimate accessory for your Hayabusa. Well, at least I think so...

6/1/2008 : Lot's of new stuff have been updated and loaded including the new BLOG and the 2008 brochure scans!  See the main page for appropriate links!

9/12/2007 : It's been awhile but I now have a 2008 Hayabusa sitting in my garage and awaiting the next few years of reviewing!  It's a Blue one and it feels great.  Checkout the other pages as I continue the long term review.

27/11/2007 : Well it seems that 2008 models have now been released for sale in Australia and most of the world. I've been so busy I haven't noticed - shocking isn't it.  So the question is 2007 or 2008?  That is up to you!  More news as it becomes available.

11/11/2007 : In the process of writing up my report on the 2007 Tokyo motor show - hopefully have it completed sometime this week!

4/10/2007 : I now doing the review of the 2008 model you can check it out here.  I haven't finished it yet but posted what I've got so far because I don't think I can finish it on Sunday.  Suzuki Hayabusa Review 2008

16/9/2007 : 2008 Hayabusa release dates are an interesting topic at the moment.  For various sources Australian release will be in October simultaneous with the rest of the world?  I'd like to believe that its true but it'll probably be mid November if this year or February 2008. 

15/7/2007 : Ohhhh lovely rear end! Available Specs

7/7/2007 : An auspicious day for more rear end pictures!

5/7/2007 : Opps! - I forgot about the White with red flames edition - similar to the ZX14! Model History

30/6/2007 : Just to add I told you'd be surprised. Personally I love the rear end.

27/6/2007 : Available Specs

27/6/2007 : Here you go - to loyal visitors first pic sent in by Tom B!
First pictures of the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa.  Model History

9/6/2007 : Some more interesting information on a possible new model.  I've heard credible claims of 156Kw from a revised 1300cc engine.

23/3/2007 : A certain magazine is about to release 'scoop' pictures of the 2007 Hayabusa.  Unfortunately the publication is well known for its um - how shall I put it - inaccuracies when it comes to news like this.  The picture its self shows old hat design clues and incorrect themes.  You only have to look at the forth coming GSX-R1000 to see where Suzuki is heading for the next model!

Honestly that said I can tell you that you will be surprised at the actual design of the new model - it's all but done just waiting for the existing run outs and competition -Ie. Honda.  The estimated release date is either October this year - a 60% chance or 2008 90%.

20/3/2007 : No breaking Hayabusa news this month so I'm working on a new
site design! (Just to prepare for anything that might happen.)

9/2/2007 : Regional New for Oklahoma US! Hayahusa OHP Police bikes Thanks SH.

1/2/2007 :  As infallible as ever (ie very late news) - if you want a Hayabusa engine supercar you can drive on the road as well check out the Westfield XTR 2. Not the most practical thing on the road but then who cares !

7/1/2007 : Don't forget that the Dakar Rally is on again. Here are some links!

Suzuki Hayabusa news archive 2002-2004
Suzuki Hayabusa news archive 1999-2001



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