Personal BLOG entries for December 2000.

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Update of 31/12/2000

2001 Screensaver has been completed ! It can be downloaded from the pictures site ! Personally I think it looks great.  Specs of your computer must include 800 x 600 screen resolution an 16 or 32 bit colour for the best viewing and some variant of the Windows operating system.  I don't have a Mac computer or suitable Linux software. 

Furthermore I have just received more news on the Hayabusa Model !  Check out this link www.motorcyclemodels.co.uk or www.nemc.co.uk for further details.  2 colour options are available Copper/Bronze and Blue/Silver.  They cost 25 UK pounds plus shipping costs.  Contact Simon Watterson. Click here to see the pics gsxr1300.jpg and   gsxr1300blue.jpg.  Get yours before they run out.

Not much happenimg due to the storms we're having up here.  My bike is hence resting most of the time.  Since completing the screensaver I now have some spare time to do other work the site requires including the new pictures sites.

Update of 24/12/2000

A Christmas Eve Update. Not to much happening as it is the holiday season afterall.   Remember to check out the new pictures site located at this address ............ it will contain all the best quality pics sent to me.  There will of course be the best pic received right on the front page.  If your sending one pls remember to keep the file size down !  640 X 480 is perfect and preferably in .jpg format !

The survey is going very well.   Hopefully with a few extra days off I can complete the stats.

Update of 17/12/2000

Due to the number of survey results coming in I have had to spend more time analysing the figures.  As a result I haven't had much time to do anything else !  A huge thanks to all those who fill them in and take the time check up on the bike it makes maintaining this site worth while !  The Survey results page will get most of the attention for now but other pages will be updated as well, including the enhancements page which will contain as much info on the enhancement everyone's been trying out !  As usual check out the survey results HERE !

Update of 10/12/2000

The rain has eased up a bit and I actually managed to get out for a decent ride.  So the big question is, what difference does it make.  The engine is definitely tighter than previous and sounds it when idling, however it doesn't feel as smooth generally, however the vibes above 4500rpm appear to have been diminished.  As I had service at the same time.  There doesn't appear to be any power drop off, mind you a bit more time needed before I can judged properly.   

I've managed to update the first set of figures from the survey Check it out here !

Whilst riding I was caught in yet another downpour.  Nope the computer hasn't been struck by lightning yet, this time my mobile phone was water logged and hence I require a new one.

This week has been rather interesting.  Discovering some more viruses in some mail.  Interesting stuff as they can't effect my computer anyway, still interesting programs and bits of code webmail has some uses I suppose.

Anyway back to the good stuff.  Due to server efficiency problems I am relocating a number of sites and stream lining others.   I have created a completely new Motorcycle Pictures site.  Pictures not just of the Hayabusa-i that owners have sent me over the year but non-hayabusa pictures that have been sent to me or collected in my internet ravels.  The site should be up before Christmas so there'll be something for all you bike lovers to check out.  As usual it'll be quality job. Apart from that very busy trying to develop a new screen saver and video which won't be finished in time for the new year due to weather difficulties.

Update of 03/12/2000

This week not much riding as it's started to rain at the most inconvenient times, besides I have heaps to do.  I've been given another load of projects to complete *sigh*.  Anyway did what I could.  So the Busa stays at least for another month as it's almost impossible to find buyer at this time of the year.  So off to the bank I go...

On the up - After initally concerned at a harsh mechanical noise made by my bike on start up the noise has disappeared and I presume it's just the new cam gear and stuff bedding in - which I checked with the mechanic.    The survey is comming along very nicely ! - I've had 30 replies so far.   At this rate there should be some really interesting stats next week !  The Other problems is coming along just fine too !  Check up the  News for rumor concerning the reduction in power.  Also 2001 'Horror-scope' should be available SOON and the 2001screen saver as well.  The video will be delayed due to the large amount of rain we've been getting in this part of the world.

The story of the Hayabusa model.. (Maisto version) the plane arrrived in Sydney at 6.00am in the morning.  I left at 5.45am NZ time so it was about a 3 hour flight.  I had the 6pm evening flight back to Darwin so I had basically the whole day in Sydney.  I caught the airport train into Central and ended up trying to work out how to get to Kings Park ? so I could have a little rest before heading to the motor show at 10am.  I was absolutely buggered !  I saw the Centrepoint building and basically walked that way.   Whilst walking up a hill 15-20 mins I noticed that there was a Suzuki dealership on the side of the road, destiny I thought.  It was 8 ish and it was shut - thank you I was in no mood to think of anything but resting my sad eyelids.  I walked past and noticed a Red Cross place as I had a headache.

Alas !!! a cafe and it was open and I went in and got some coffee real stuff at last.  Sat down outside to chat to my travelling mate and sip the hottest best tasting coffee I've had for a long time, nearing choking on high strength aspirin I might add.  I stared at a heap of tourists packing themselve into a couple of OKAs and it was only then I noticed that there as a Motorcycle Accessory Store right next to the coffee place - Yellow store I think...destiny again.  As I left for the park and noticed the model in the window, arrrrrrrgh I had have it. So after resting I came back when the store was open.  What the store was called I have absolute no idea.  It had writing everywhere on the outside. Lost the receipt but it cost only $10.95 !

I honestly don't know the name of the store or what street, believe me seeing so many people and things in one place is a dis-orientating experience. - maybe someone can help.