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Welcome to the results of the 2001 Hayabusa ownership survey.  Some interesting comments and questions about the questions ! Remember this is not commercial in anyway.  Furthermore it is clear that some refinement is in order and I shall create another improved survey for next year. 

Anyway, back to the survey. Since there is a heap of data to sort and summarise I shall release and revise the stats every week.  I won't publish info 'live' as that may lead to new surveys bias.

Go to online survey

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has taken the time to fill out the survey - your efforts will not be in vain.

Of the 231 correctly received until 14th of April 2001 Aust time.

Ownership wishlist :

If Suzuki Motor Corp ever reads this here are the most requested changes to the Hayabusa.  Most of which isn't surprising !  This list is not in any sort of order. 

A taller front screen or something a bit more useful
Reduce the size of the rear hugger
More choice of colours inc. single colour options  The most requested colour was surprising : 10 Yellow followed by Silver with 4 votes.
Better clutch action
More upright riding position
More power and torque
Louder Horn
Larger mirrors for better vision
Gear position indicator
Higher bars
Adjustable / Lower footpegs / larger footpegs

Factory Alarm system
Complete digital dash
More extreme colour options
Better brakes
Get rid of vibration at 4000ish rpm
Smoother gearbox
Reposition rear footpegs
Polished swing arms
Different style wheels
Polished exhausts pipes
Get rid of Symbol on the fairing

Owner treatment of their bike :

7 rode their bike in a gentle fashion.
92 rode their bike in a moderate fashion.
98 rode their bike moderately hard.
21 raced their bike.
6 classified the treatment as Hoon.
The rest did not express an opinion or comment.

Origin of problems  :

126 Manufacture problems - Cam Chain tensioner issue mostly.
36 Inflicted problems upon themselves.
23 Servicing related problems
The rest did not experience any problems or opinion regarding this question.

Year model of surveys :

80 Year 1999 models
151 Year 2000-01 models (or blank)

Age of owners :

67 aged : legal-30
141 aged : 31-50
31 aged : 51 and over
They rest did not comment.

Service History :

133 owners service their bike by the service manual. 
23 Chose the 'Other' service intervals. 
22 also chose to the 3-6 month option and
all the others chose the 5-10 distance option.

New or Used :

Of the surveyed there where 37 who bought them used or demos. 194 bought theirs new !

Average Distance :

6294 Km or 4192 Miles.  I think that's the right conversion. 
Note that some figures did not look very accurate but I guess some have only 4 miles !
These figures are obviously effected by length of ownership, naturally the longer you have the bike the more distance covered. 
The next survey should take that into account.

Average satisfaction :

Most were very happy with their choice of motorcycle ! (Doesn't mean its perfect) The highest was 10 and the lowest was 4 there where quite a few in between. A few ratings didn't match with comments so I improvised and gave them a figure of 8.
Still an average figure of
9.3 out of 10.  No change this week.

The Traffic light question :

Why the traffic lights stuff ?  I have an issue with traffic lights.  When I ride I simply find it hard to get a red one. However if I ride with a certain person I do get them predictably.  This person is obviously a red light god of some sort.  This person also causes street lights to go on and off again for no apparent reason than that he's walking under them. This happens seems to happen regardless of location or number of traffic lights. It was there as a bit of fun too !  And believe it or not standing starts are pretty good fun anyway - just have to watch for red light runners !  So finally here are the Stats :
70 - 100% :  17
50 - 75% :    46
25 - 50% :    67
0 - 25% :      74

The Street light Question :

45 Had issues with street lights turning on or off.  It may sound strange but I personally know of at least 6 people who are afflicted with this issue.   I think its a electro-magnetic thing ? 1 person in particular has a field or something that makes them trigger red or green lights quicker than others.  1 has a un-proportionate high number red lights as described above.

Bikes owned previously by Hayabusa owners include :

Its quite a varied mix with the ZZR1100 (ZX-11) and GSXR1100 being the most common previous bikes.  I have counted those who still have their previous bike (multiple bike owners) hence the figures may be slightly skewed.  Some didn't have a previous bike too and some traded in more than one bike !  The list is by manufacturer order followed by capacity (mostly).

Note that there are a few trail bikes a few Harleys, Buells a Laverda too !   Not many previous Yamaha owners though.  Previous Suzuki owners trading up appears to be a common trait !  Much of the model mix is available here.

I haven't included all year model variants as I discovered it take would way too long.

How its done : After collecting the info from the site I cut and paste the results into a Works Spreadsheet.  The data is then summarised via a time consuming percentage formula.  The results are then typed updated and manually counted and put here.  As the formulas get more complex more data can be analysed.

Buell M2 Cyclone 1
Buell S3T  1
Ducati 900ss 1
Ducati Paso 750/m 2
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 1
Harley Davidson Low Rider 1
Harley Davidson Springer 1
Harley Davidson FX 1
Harley Davidson Sportser 1
Harley Davidson (Generic) 2
Honda Goldwing 2
Honda Valkyire 1
Honda Blackbrid CBR1100XX 8
Honda ST1100 2 
Honda V65 1100 Sabre 1
Honda V65 1
Honda CBR1000F (Hurricane) 5
Honda Fireblade series 2
Honda Steed VLX400 1
Honda Ace 1
Honda VFR800  4
Honda VFR750 3
Honda CB750  2
Honda CBR600F 7
Honda CBR250RR  1
Honda (Generic CBX - CB) 4
Kawasaki KZ1300 1
Kawasaki ZX-12 2
Kawasaki ZZR1100 (ZX-11) 31
Kawasaki GPZ1100 3
Kawasaki KZ1100 1
Kawasaki ZN1100 2
Kawasaki KX1000 1
Kawasaki KZ1000 2
Kawasaki Z1-R Turbo   1
Kawasaki 1000 Ninja 1
Kawasaki ZX-10 2
Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja 3
Kawasaki GPZ750 1
Kawasaki ZX-7 Ninja 4
Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja 2
Kawasaki ZZR600 1
Kawasaki Ninja 250 1
Kawasaki (Generic) 2
Laverda Jota 1
Suzuki Intruder 1500LC 1
Suzuki Intruder (generic) 1
Suzuki Hayabusa 4
Suzuki GSXR1100
(inc. modified ver) 26
Suzuki Bandit 1200 7
Suzuki GS1150E 2
Suzuki GSX1100 2
Suzuki Katana 1100
(inc. modified ver) 3
Suzuki GS 1000/1100/1100 turbo 3
Suzuki TL1000 S 1
Suzuki TL1000 R 2
Suzuki GS1000 S 2
Suzuki RF900 3
Suzuki GSX750F / Katana 750 9
Suzuki GSXR750 9
Suzuki DR650 2
Suzuki GSXR600 5
Suzuki RF600 1
Suzuki Bandit 600  1
Suzuki GSX600F Katana 1
Suzuki RF400 1
Suzuki RGV 1
Suzuki Generic 0
Triumph Sprint 1
Yamaha Venture 1
Yamaha FJ1200/1100 6
Yamaha V-Max 1
Yamaha GTS1000A 1
Yamaha R1 6
Yamaha FZR1000 3
Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace 2
Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat  2
Yamaha FZR600 1
Yamaha DT500 1
Yamaha 1100 1
Yamaha Seca II 1
Yamaha FZ700 2
Yamaha (Generic) 1
None or not filled in 9

Modifications :

Here is the dump of almost all the mods that you have sent ! Its enough to give you a fair indication on he tyes and sorts of mods that can be carried out to the busa.
As you can see I have just a 'slight' issue with sorting out who did what and what is what etc...
I will sort them out, just need another holiday to do them...

Baglux         No stickers anymore         Denso Iridum plugs    Akrapovic     none yet    *Full synthetic Race Oil             None     titanium exhaust. But I'd like to find out about heli-bars.     Cam chain adjuster twice    none     double bubble windscreen    none yet             none     Manual cam chain tensioner (APE)    bubble screen     None    micron full exhaust    Completely stock at present.    Remus cans    Akropovic 4 into 1. Airbox mod.    Yoshimura RS-3 slip on mufflers [polished alum]     K-40 built-in radar dector with LED lights in helmet above eyes     only a tank cover    K&N air filter     megacycle carbon slip ons/double bubble screen     Yoshimura's new Tri-Oval(Stainless pipe w/Titanium can)      None        Gear Sensor. Zero Gravity Double Bubble screen. Rear guard and indicators. manual CCT.          Megacycle slip ons. Pink wire cut. Undertail fender eliminator. Handlebar ends...             Roo Racing pipes     NONE YET    Micron 4-2-1 full race zetz system with a blue carbon end can (sounds wicked and blows flames out on overun)     gearing & brakes    replaced rear tire at 7500 miles - use Sunoco standard leaded fuel (114 octane)             Non     NWS Hugger.Pyramind tank protector.Suzuki centre stand     Cut airbox    stock    NONE YET-CONSIDERING CUSTOM PAINT JOB-DARE NOT PUT CANS ON AFTER SUB FRAME WARNING.         RS.3 slipon         Stock    It just arrived yesterday. I have already started installing the goodies. MRE lock-up clutch     Two Brothers 4-2 Full Exhaust System C5-Oval Carbon Fibre.     Yoshimura RS-3 Race Pipe         Padded rear seat    Hayabusa Logo'd Tank Cover    euro-com intercom system. Immobiliser/alarm     big fuel pump        Tires     AKRO             bubble jet screen     lower foot pegs for the rider    Remus dual exhaust system            none yet     none    lowered and m4 pipe and cut the air box ......             none         Datatool alarm         None--YET!    yosh rs-3 exhaust     planning on a full race exhaust and power comander         Yosh RS3    Megacycle muffler     FITTED: SCORPION OVAL TITANIUM RACE CANS.             none yet......     none    Polished rims    Polished rims     air box tmh    Scorpion 'Vision' oval endcans     Japanese Suzuki graphics (decals)             No mods. as yet.     none    Yoshimura Race Trioval         pcII    No mods. yet     A modification every french buyer has to do : back to full power !!!!     Handlebar conversion kit    I put Yoshie Z3 Zyclone stainless full race exhaust on it. At the time it was the only exhaust available.     Deer alert    4 to 1 Yoshimura Duplex carbon exhaust system    yoshimura exhaust    yoshimura racing pipes     Dunlop 207s    Stock    Trick kit for for rear turn signals and license plate - Awesome!    zero gravity screen     Yosh exhaust    yosh carbon fiber bolt on's...not too happy with them and i am thinking of     radar detector/tires/tank bra     yoshi pipe    Wrapped fairings and lower half of take with ClearBra    none yet but about to put v&h pipes mabey remap the fuel injection        rs-3 yoshurmura exhaust     center stand & tank cover    remove the exhaust internals & outlook cosmetic.    200-50-17 rear tire     pcII    kickstand modified so it won't fall over!             Leather seats     Have not made any modifications as of yet.    i am waiting for some United Kindom parts to be sent over    Double bubble shield    k&n filter    None yet    Yosh 4 into 1 carbon fiber cannister    YOSH CARBONFIBER SLIPONS     Scorpion exhausts fitted (silencers only)         Yosh RS3 Stainless full system     Leather seats             Hugger and double bubble screen    High Rise" screen; Exhaust system; polished rims; headlight protector    Nil    Re-mapped fuel injection and Yosh exaust    air box mod    double bubble screen/center stand /scot oiler /steel sub frame/baglux tank harness.    Yosh pipes...     yoshi 4 into 1 exhaust    Zero Gravity wind screen     smoke windsheild    yosh    Power Commander    any.    Two Brother's Racing 4-2-1 nickel-plated    COMPUTER    Yosh RS-3 race pipe     None    None    Yosh Titanium RS3 4:2:1 exhaust. Harris ajustable rear sets    Zero Gravity Touring Windscreen     Tank Cover    Venture-Pac Luggage System  TRIOVAL FULL DUPLEX TI   Corbin seaat with extra half inch of padding   Corbin seaat with extra half inch of padding

Witty Comments !

These are the ones that brought on a smile. I also promise no further traffic light questions in the future !

"Red Lights ? Fortunately I'm Colour Blind. - Nick West

"Can you say Hayabusa???? Its Japanese for " I'm scared"- Mike Batch

"Where the fuck does the tyre tread go!" - Ben Brown


Q&A Survey

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