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Hayabusa NEWS Page

ARCHIVE 2002-2004

Last updated : 18 December 2012

Updates dependent on Hayabusa NEWS.
WARNING : This stuff MAY not be entirely accurate !!!
E-mail me if you want to provide some interesting news !


16/09/2004 : Well, what do you know!  Despite the rumours - I'm right after all.  No new Hayabusa will be released for the next model year.  2005 models get the usual cosmetic enhancements only.  Thanks to all those who sent in pictures and they include : M Buss, Tom C, Mangus, and other ! - Thank you.

Pictures can be found on the brochures page !

However since BMW has released its challenger, so Honda must be nearly ready to go with their Blackbird.  Kawasaki is always fixing its ZX12R so nothing of note there. (Just kidding)  So when Honda releases it's Blackbird that'll be the event that means an new Hayabusa is on the way.

1/08/2004 : '2005' spec Hayabusa's are due to be released sometime in October.  Be sure that since there is such a short lead time to October a completely new model is not expected.  (But I've been wrong before !)  If the update is not released in October there is a VERY HIGH possibility that a completely new model in on the way !

1/08/2004 : Due to demand, here are some juicy bits and a pic that was sent in.
The Busa will be overall lighter : Via lighter brake components and wheels.
Overall weight loss is about 12.5 kilos.
The Busa will have a completely new EFI system including ECU for a gain of 5% at the rear wheel.
The Busa fairing will be updated with a edgier design (unfortunately in line with the current trends - sad really) and a nose that droops further down (yay).
Instruments go digital and electro-luminance.

Info is thanks to a variety of people : P Ferreira, R Graham, F Reost,

More to come...

4/07/2004 : A few pics and rumors eg. 1500cc, GSXR style, and so forth.  However think about it everyone... The current model is already a best seller.  Honda, Kawasaki, et al. have not replaced their top line models or updated them significantly.  Why would Suzuki now consider an all new model when the others haven't bothered yet.  I think its a competition thing.  We need competition to progress the bike !  See this page for more commentary for 11 July

23/05/2004 : No news on the much rumored 2005 update but more news on the auction scams !  Just be careful if purchasing over the Internet.  It's not just eBay that the cons are now spreading to.

08/02/2004 : Well, what do you know ... it looks like the red one is for real.   Yep another limited edition.  It seems only for the US and Canadian market.   Thanks everyone who sent in the links etc.. truly appreciated.

01/02/2004 : Thanks for sending all the Goss guys ! Over the past few weeks  I have had several mails reporting of a another limited edition Hayabusa, this time its all red !  We shall see if its for real shortly. 

As you know I don't post just any old rumor so lets hope the track record for correctness improves :)

18/01/2004 : Warning is out for Hayabusa scams on eBay.  If you see a Hayabusa that's price is too good to pass up it probably is scam.  Don't bother.  Unless the bike is of course, damaged etc...  The scam appears to be originating from Italy so be wary everyone.  Scams are easy to spot if you see a corresponding pic from the Pictures site Hayabusa Pictures and the details like country of origin don't match up.

Also more colour schemes for Canada ? - see the Brochure page.

28/12/2003 : Congratulations to Suzuki for its GSX-R1000 winning the bike of the year award again !

12/10/2003 : The word is out that the 2005 Hayabusa will have some significant changes.   It will lose some weight, new brakes, new computer, more power though still speed limited.  Thanks to P Ferrira

No word to the actual design just yet...

28/09/2003 : The latest colour schemes for 2004 have been out a few weeks now but I haven't had the chance to update the site due to being on holidays so here they are : Brochure

24/08/2003 : A new colour scheme for the Hayabusa has been released in Japan only at this stage.  It has a blackened frame (which seems to be the latest thing in the bike world) and the fairing is painted in Deep Pearl Sea Blue. 
Thanks M Lindsey for a great pic and confirmation of the news.
Bigger picture to be located on the pictures site.

10/06/2003 : Fantastic news for Europe, the all black Hayabusa is available in limited numbers.  Each country apparently has their own allocation.  Thanks to M Herpman and others !

11/05/2003 : Updates to the site everywhere !

09/03/2003 : The orange model is part of several limited edition models to celebrate Suzuki's 40th Anniversary.   Estimate release date is May 2003 !  Thanks Mike M

02/02/2003 : Thanks once again to Steve D and Danny Y pictures. If anyone has bigger pic please send it in - Thanks in Advance !  Brochure

02/02/2003 : There seems to be another 'limited' edition Hayabusa - this time its and Orange one.  Worldwide availability or release is unknown at this stage. Thanks to Steve D for the info !

There will also be a Blue/Silver Hayabusa in the 2003 pattern available.  Again, availability or release dates are unknown. Thanks to Eric L for the info !

28/12/2002 : Finally some news !  Tamiya have apparently released a 1:12 Scale Hayabusa. Thanks fro the info from David S

9/09/2002 : Reviewing the mail and pics I received over the rumored '03 Hayabusa I guess its partly true... The new GSXR1000 does have the front end derived from the Busa after all, and without any markings or proper fairing this model could be interoperated as a 'new Busa' model.

29/09/2002 : There you go everyone the 2003 Hayabusa's have been released.  Judging from the specs and pictures not too much has changed.  The colours are certainly very conservative.  The pattern, in my opinion not as nice as the 2001/02.  Looks like they've changed the front suspension.  See the Weekly updates for more of my opinions.

08/09/2002 : Well, still no news on anything in particular.  Very quiet period of bikes in general.   Hopefully it'll get better next month. Maybe...

22/07/2002 : Anyone with interesting news, its been soooo quiet lately.

30/06/2002 : Watch out for money scams guys check out www.scambusters.org I've received a few already which I've forwarded on the relevant authorities. Check out the pictures site for new Black Busa images !

23/06/2002 : Fantastic ! - Some great guys have sent in pictures of their BLACK HAYABUSA ! I shall post their images here next week along with more pictures !

The latest rumor is that The BLACK Ones where made to sell-off excess Hayabusa parts in readiness for a new model.

16/06/2002 : The Black Busa has indeed arrived in some stores.  Appears only US will get them.  Suzuki have been very quiet about this one. hmmmm. 

10/05/2002 : Well, I've been getting a few mails from the US that they have ordered the Black Hayabusa due sometime at the end of this month.  Pls send me some pics !

19/05/2002 : Gee all these late news updates...Yes you've probably heard it already but Kawasaki and Suzuki have agreed on a  parts sharing arrangement.  So bits from Suzuki and Kawasaki may be identical.  No word on whether entire models will be shared though.  What reminded me of the news was that the ZX1200 or ZZR1200 NOT the ZX-12R has very familiar front screen.  I haven't checked up on closely yet but it's either from the Hayabusa or the TL series ! - Judge for yourself.

14/04/2002 : I know this news is a bit late but as they say 'better late than never'.

Suzuki displayed the Hayabusa based concept bike the B-King at the Tokyo Motor show.  Details are cutting edge but the most important are the engine, supercharged at least 200 bhp+.  A naked bike beautifully styled and finished it also boasts finger print recognition, GPS, mobile phone, email etc..  Pictures site shortly. No word on its availability as yet.

24/03/2002 : It's true there will be what appears to be a all black limited edition Hayabusa available Mid - Year.   Specifications are not known as yet.  World wide availability is also unknown.   So anyone with details please (with sugar etc... on top) send them.  Anyway here are the pictures with HUGE thanks to Chris !

09/03/2002 : The rumor from the US is that an all BLACK limited edition Hayabusa will be released Mid-Year.

28/02/2002 : The watch is on for the next (what is anticipated) to be a substantial upgrade to the Hayabusa.

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