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Hayabusa News Page

Last updated : 18 December 2012
Updates dependent on Hayabusa NEWS.
WARNING : This stuff MAY not be entirely accurate !!!


09/03/2002 : The rumor from the US is that an all BLACK limited edition Hayabusa will be released Mid-Year.

28/02/2002 : The watch is on for the next (what is anticipated) to be a substantial upgrade to the Hayabusa.

14/10/2001 : Pictures of the 2002 models now available ! Check them out
Finally due to quite a number of mails requesting the return of my personal update stories - it will return.  Not sure when due to time constraints but soon.

30/09/2001 : Did you know that 2001 Canadian Hayabusii only have 20 litre tanks. 
Thinking of using a 1999 ECU to derestict your 2001 model ? Don't bother - It's been done and it don't work.
*Thanks to Rick
However check the Enhancements page on how to derestrict it. *Thanks to Brad

23/09/2001 : Yes, I have had some good news on how to derestrict the 2001 Hayabusa.  I am trying to locate the manufacturer and other bits of information about the procedure.  Apparently its quite simple.  Stay tuned. *Thanks to Brad

26/08/2001 : Welcome the new Suzuki GSX1400 naked bike !  It is fuel injected ... so I wonder what this all means hmmm ....

29/07/2001 : Small updates everywhere and a new article by a regular visitor on luggage system for the Hayabusa.   Also the end of survey 2 so I now shall be tidying up the content for it including sorting out the owners enhancements ! 

Something to think about too ... The Hayabusa has been available for about 3 years now and judging by the rest of the Suzuki range I feel an update is definitely coming ... but all is quiet ... The only other Suzuki road bike not to have an update is the much underrated TL series !   But the engine is appearing in the CAGIVA range of bikes including the SV 650cc series engine. 

Back to the Busa though ... engine wise everything seems to be sorted out in the 2001 models along with the sub-frame ... so there will there be a final 12 months before a newer model or substantially upgraded model ?   If so will it be sportier or more touring orientated - I hope it'll be more touring orientated to compete with the Yami XJR touring series and expected 'true' ZZR-1100 replacement but seeing the Suzuki range it would appear there is a high possibility that the upgrade will be more sporty but considering the GSX-R1000 already closes in on Hayabusa for power ... so who knows what's in the Suzuki engineers minds afterall they did come out with the HAYABUSA in the first place !

15/07/2001 : Heaps of updates everywhere as I shift priorities. Tidying up content everywhere. Check out the updated pictures site as well as the new site for stuff.

08/07/2001 : 7 Days till my new site about motorcycle stuff will be ready !  Shake your head in disgust, have a laugh, learn a few new things you never knew, tell me it was a total waste of time but first you've got to visit.

01/07/2001 : I have been sent a rumor that Suzuki is toying with a 1500cc sporty for the GSX-R lineup *Thanks to Andy
Check out the movie Tomb Raider a couple of the bike stunts are truly worth watching.

17/06/2001 : I have been sent a report of 2000 model Hayabusas located in England reporting brake pads bonding to discs causing pitting probs and paint peeling of the exhausts and undersides prematurely.  This may effect certain manufacturing batches or those bikes located in colder climates. *Thanks to Nobby

10/06/2001 : Updates and new stuff everywhere on the site. If you've sent some great stuff in and its not up yet please be patient as I'm trying to fit eveything in.

03/06/2001 : A very busy week aided by the move of the pictures site.  I had apparently not met the criteria for having the other site.  I care not elaborate at this stage.  Hence there may be shift to a sponsored approach to the various other individual sites.  Otherwise its same as always.  On that issue I do believe that there are few sponsers that will enable me to continue the approach that I currently adopt when writing up new material but we shall see. Hence site updates this week are few.

27/05/2001 : Not another break.  Check this pic out : Break and you can chat to Peter for details.

20/05/2001 : Pictures site updated - a must visit site before you undertake any modification Visit pictures site.  My bike will recieve the latest Dunlop D207 J spec tomorrow so next week will include its review and new sub-frame news and dyno graphs courtesy of Kai.

06/05/2001 : More Sub-frame news : Danny of Singapore has mailed me with news that his bike's sub-frame has cracked ! He has GIVI panniers attached to his bike.  So mail him if you know where to get a steel replacement.

29/04/2001 : Hayabusa in the movies : The new movie 'Married/Unmarried' staring Ben Daniels will have a Hayabusa in it ! 
*Thnks Marlon who is the stunt rider for it.  More details as they become available.  Check out Marlon and his bike on the next Motorcycle pictures site update, which is due Mid-May.

22/04/2001 : There's a new Survey I'm running ! Much better questions than the first ! Click here for the new survey.

01/04/2001 : TTS-Performance have more stuff on the Hayabusa Sub-Frame so if your interested do check it out !   Still no offical word on the problem though ! Visit links page !

17/03/2001 : Some more stuff to read :

Record in the making :

http://WWW:COME:TO/SWT_RACING   Patrik Fürstenhoff holder of the wheelie record !
World speed wheelie record (20.3mph)
New landspeed record for two wheels (325mph+)- yes!!!!!

This is a sad one :

In November, I started up my Hayabusa in my garage and was letting it warm up as usual. The temperature was just getting into the operating range when I heard a "pop". My bike was on fire and there was a puddle of burning oil under the bike. I shut off the bike (still on fire), wheeled it outside my garage and ran 40 feet for a fire extinguisher. I put out the puddle of burning oil in my garage and then put out the bike. Lower fairing was burned, some inner parts burned. I called my dealer and told him what happened. He picked up the bike and said Suzuki would have to look at it. I thought it would be covered under warranty. Suzuki looked at the bike and made a copy of my proof of insurance. Last week, (three months later) Suzuki told me that I should turn the claim into my insurance company. They said that I left the choke (high idle) on too long. They said that it was still at 1/5th setting. The exhaust pipes became too hot, (engine fan never turned on because engine temp wasn't high enough) and that it blew out one of the oil lines. The head Suzuki warranty/customer service person said that this was normal operation for fuel injected motorcycles. The warranty rep for Suzuki told my dealer that he had seen other cases of this. Some fires, some bikes with just melted fairings. I was disappointed with Suzuki. I loved the bike, liked the dealer, even own one of their 4 wheelers. I turned the claim into my insurance. My insurance company said they might go after Suzuki for reimbursement. I don't think I will buy another Suzuki product. Will Niven  WDNIVEN@aol.com  2000 blue/silver Hayabusa s/n: JS1GW71AXY2105720

04/03/2001 : Some more interesting news on 2001 power and speed !

Speed restriction my be done by throttle body mods, and ecu and speed sensor mods Thxs Wayne
A few people have also sent me reports of reductions in power due to the new tensioner mechanism.  Logically this would appear to be possible, again I haven't seen any dynos of 2001 Hayabusas.

11/02/2001 : Well everyone, there's no need to worry.  There will NOT be another recall !  As the page says 'This stuff MAY not be entirely accurate'.  The article in from the mag (the extract is below) doesn't appear to be too precise ie open to mis-reading.  Since no-one has come forward with any further news consider this a non issue. 

Just to be set things straight : There are 2 CCT recalls for 1999 models and 1 for most 2000 models.  A total of 2 recalls not 3.

Thanks to Dewey for clearing it up.

"Suzuki has issued a second recall on it' Hayabusa for problems with the camchain tensioner. Last year, Suzuki redesigned the part and recalled all bikes for immediate replacement, but has not discovered the redesigned tensioner is no better than the original. The new tensioner now uses oil pressure and a spring to keep the camchain tight. A ratchet system is also used to prevent the camchain from loosening once it has achieved the correct tension. Suzuki recommends all Hayabusa owners contact their local dealer immediately for replacement of the part. Owners can also contact American Suzuki Motor Corporation at (714)996-7040 or at www.Suzuki.com."

In another even more interesting mail sent ot me, I am forwarned that the Hayabusa engine will be the basis for a new Tourer in the vein of the Honda ST and BMW RT. Then again I can't read  Japanses so the message may not be as it seems.  I still wonder how email programs can work it out ?

04/02/2001 : No confirmation yet so stay tuned.  Treat this a gossip for now.

28/01/2001 : More news on 2001 models : Apparently reported in the US Motorcyclist mag that 2001 cam may be recalled.  Thxs Dewey.  Yet to be confirmed by myself..so stay tuned.

31/12/2000 : News on 2001 models : US versions have definately got the steel sub-frame and a 185mph speedo. Thxs to RAT1966

Furthermore I have just received more news on the Hayabusa Model !  Check out this link www.motorcyclemodels.co.uk or www.nemc.co.uk for further details.  2 colour options are available Copper/Bronze and Blue/Silver.  They cost 25 UK pounds plus shipping costs.  Contact Simon Watterson.   Click here to see the pics gsxr1300.jpg and  gsxr1300blue.jpg. Get yours before they run out.

10/12/2000  : Some results from the survey can be seen HERE !

03/12/2000  : There's a rumor going round that the cam chain modification (following the recall) will reduce engine power. HUH ? It's only a rumor people so ignore it.  Check out the Other problems if you have any other concerns.  Also check the enhancements for more interesting and useful stuff.

I've got more stuff which again I didn't have time to post as I'm still answering email from 3 weeks ago.  So pls stay tuned.   I'll probably have to so a mid-week update soon.

Don't forget your riding a very high performance machine, and should be maintained accordingly.  140ish Kw of power from a 1300cc is quite a achievement !

26/11/2000  : Hayabusa 1:18 Scale model is now available.  Made by Maisto.  It's a special editon apparently Copper/Bronze only !  I checked on their Web site but it wasn't there.   I'm not sure how often they update it though !  So how do I know ?  I've got one !

The sub-frame issue continues with a spot on the UK 'Watchdog' program.  Suzuki UK have sent out a letter to owners explaining the situation.  There are various ways to interpret the letter, so far I heard the good and bad email reports on how Suzuki has handled the situation, I leave it up to you to decide.  I doing up a page specifically on the issue shortly so stay tuned.
Norman.              See letter p1            See letter p2

Additionally I have an interesting image sent to me of a speed ticket for doing 304kph. See ticket   R45,000 is apparently half the price of a Hayabusa in South Africa. Thanks to Marco.

05/11/2000  : Well, it appears to be a world wide recall !  I had mails from all over the place !
I'm taking a short break to develop some new material and to have a holiday. 
So check back at then end of November for the next BIG update.
Suzuki Australia have completed their web-site and can be seen at www.suzuki.com.au.
I leave you with a set of Hayabusa Mag Ads from Europe thnxs. Brad Mc.
Brochure page.

29/10/2000  : Regarding the recall : UK and Aust have been received not sure about the rest of the world yet !
I've still preparing more News worthy items and other problems and issues dealing with the Hayabusa so stay tuned for next week's updates.  It's quite amazing how much info there is on this one bike !  The Enhancements page also has some interesting new stuff.

23/10/2000  : Sub-frame pics. alloy1.jpg   alloy2.jpg    steel1.jpg   steel2.jpg    steel3.jpg   steel4.jpg

22/10/2000  : RECALL news, yes All Hayabusa's are being recalled to check and or replace CAM CHAIN ADJUSTER SPRING.  The inability of the spring to spring will result in the CAM CHAIN adjuster failing.  So everyone, if you engine jams pull the clutch lever in and activate the brakes.  As you can see it was envitable following the steady mails I've been receiving form everyone.  Yes it is annoying but in relation to other new models....

Servicing problems : I had a steady increase in the number of mails citing problems with their servicing dealer.  I can't publish some of the horror stories due to litigation that it may entail, unless it really effects the vast majority of owners.

If SUZUKI Corporation. ever get to read this, I think you've got problems in Germany and Canada !

I am fortunate to have a very good servicing dealer in the NT unlike some other makes up here.

More updates to some during the week as I haven't had chance to finish the updates tonight !  Including the pics of the steel sub-frame.

18/10/2000  : An article was sent to me by Michael Fellows whose Hayabsua sub-frame cracked and who suffered life threatening injuries from it's failure.  His bike did not have luggage but had after market pipes.  He is currently in litigation with Suzuki.   The summary is based on extracts his emails to me and article that appears to be from the MCN in Europe. 

Essentailly Suzuki reckons that aftermarket pipes can cause the sub-frame to fail.  They had a man jumping up and down on the without the bolt holding the sub-frame inplace.  Thus showing that the stock exhaust mounting could actually carry the weight of the rider without collapsing on the back wheel.   With the bolts in place the sub-frame can thus easily carry the weight of the rider.  It would seem that aftermarket pipes add stress and weaken the sub-frame.   After market exhausts with luggage would thus pose an even greater risk.

Suzuki is in the process of proving that the sub-frame, without adequate support from the original exhaust weaken can lead to failure.   They still insist that luggage can also lead to sub-frame failure.

On a better topic : New 2001 colour schemes.   Thanks to Guy See the brochure page.

15/10/2000  : Some really interesting stuff on the sub-frame and other hassles due during the week !  Been really busy lately and didn't get time to sort though most of them before I had to post the site updates.  It's important stuff so visit again shortly.

01/10/2000  : More bad news in regards to the sub-frame this week.  I've received the first mail from a rider whose frame broke, and whose bike did not have luggage attached. Thanks  Michael See the Aust. Hayabusa Club discussion board for more information and discussion !

Is you Hayabusa backfiring ? It could be the 'After several attempts for help from Suzuki we plugged the line coming out of the breather box which went to the PARE valve, this cured the problem. Suzuki sent me a new valve which we installed.' Thanks to Millerless

01/10/2000  : I've been sent more records of further tensioner probs.  This time affecting 2000 models - 3 failures have been recorded in Alberta Canada   Thanks Art

17/09/2000  : I've been sent 2 mails confirming that the replacement cam chain tensioner on the 1999 model has failed and 1 with problems on a 2000 model.  So if the engine is making extra vibes or doesn't sound right get it checked out IMMEDIATELY.

03/09/2000  : Some more news from about the sub-frame.  Max weight the sub-frameload is 195kg.  Suzuki reckon that the Hayabusa was sold as a hyper-sports (oops from last week typo here and hence didn't make any sense),  not a full luggage capable super sports tourer.  Hence no recall.  More details can be found at this link to Motorcycle world. Motorcycle News (Ie have you ever seen a GSXR with a pannier set ?)   What I think ?... fair enough but considering the nature of the Hayabusa it was quite clear that it begged to be loaded up with luggage and taken on huge trips.  Hence a warning sticker or in the manual would have prevented all the ill feeling and accidents.   Liability for the accidents ? I need more info. 

13/08/2000  : HUGE Thanks to everyone who sent me to the GIVI site for some more info on the frame prob !  It's quite incredible !  www.givi.co.uk

06/08/2000  : Australian Motorcycle News is doing a tuning special to their Hayabusa.  So there should be some interesting reading over the next few months for those who want to make modifications to their bike.

16/07/2000  : Firstly, according to various European magazines and news top speed will be limited on 2001 bikes.   New 2000 models will be restricted to equivalent top speed of the current fastest bike, i.e the Hayabusa.  There where also other agreements including not using speed as a selling PR.  The reports indicated that these where agreed to as a measure to prevent official legislation. i.e already used in German and France.

Now the biggie, regarding the frame splitting or rather the sub-frame, the bit that the seat is bolted to the main frame.   Thanks to all who sent me messages regarding the problem especially Nick Smith for pictures of what happened to his bike.   Admittedly all bikes involved where carrying and or pillions according to other news reports.  Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5

So what does it mean for us current owners ?   Well if you have luggage and or carry pillions or of large stature it would be wise to check the mounting points of the sub frame !

01/07/2000  : I've been sent a pic of the Silver Hayabusa !  Check it out on the brochures page. Click here Much thanks to Art Dowell for the picture !  And I've been told of a UK owner's Hayabusa frame splitting.   Still trying to find out what happened.  More details as they arrive.

01/07/2000  : Here's the link to the silver Hayabusa pic ! Thnxs to AzureDevil this this ! Silver Hayabusa

Some news this week.  The US based Motorcyclists magazine has given the most readable review of the ZX-12 yet.  It actually has the guts to say that the ZX-12 is uncomfortable and vibey/rough motorcycle and surely Kawasaki can do better.  They had also some analysis of the speed limiter issue.  I'll write up a summary of what I can remember of all the ZX-12 comparisons since so many have asked when I get some time off in a few weeks.   Looks like a limiter may be inplace on both bikes for 2000.

For the 1999 Hayabusa owners - well, you all have the fastest production bike that will ever be built ! 

11/06/2000  : Limited edition of Silver Hayabusa's with black frames will be available to Canadian buyers shortly.  Flashy but I still think the current Blue and Silver Hayabusa is hard to beat !  Hopefully some one will send a picture to me !

07/06/2000  : More goss,   the Public Relations and tabloid media may be responsible dishing out rumors of the speed limit to explain the ZX-12 failure to meet the Hayabusa challange (Japanese site) not the first time.  That would explain the lack of news from english language based media.  I believe that it's not aerodynamic enough. So if anyone important enough to see this can tell us all the truth it would be nice.  Anyway that's enough of the ZX12 stuff.  Both bikes are fantastic machines bringing unbelievable performance to mere mortals.  No more unless its really juicy of course... like the extended run in period for European ZX12Rs due to engine self destructing on test recently.

27/05/2000  : This is a Hayabusa news section so those asking for ZX12-R comparisons should check the Comparisons page.  You'll be quite surprised at the building database of stuff !  Let's face it the ZX12, Blackbird are logical competitors for the Hayabusa.  According to AMCN  the Hayabusa is faster than the ZX12.  Yes the Hayabusa produces more torque and power everywhere except the few thousand revs when the ZX-12 power curve finally passes the Hayabusa's.  Yes the torque factor and high power curve makes the Hayabusa a more usable bike for everyday use.   The Hayabusa also has a very high 6th allowing for the 300kph plus road speed.

21/05/2000  :
 New (sort of)  Suzuki Model - 'Son of Hayabusa'.  The new GSX-R1100 is supposed to be ready for release by the end of the year.  It's supposedly based on the Hayabusa engine and frame.  No news on Hayabusa based super tourer though - yet.

12/05/2000  : Seeing that every ones seen it, here's the link to Hayabusa Trike Site. Thanks to Mike Cassera for the address and details.  The lastest goss is that the ZX-12 isn't restricted, its not aerodymanic enough.

26/04/2000  : Well all the tests I been told of have shown that the Hayabusa is still ultimately faster than the ZX12R.  Not by much mind you but nevertheless the Hayabusa is faster.  The ZX12 didn't appear to be speed limited.  Regardless the ZX12 still has one of the most powerful production motorcycle engines in the world.

16/05/2000  : Ok guys and Gals, here it is, a FULL comparsion from Motorcycleworld.  Essentially, the Hayabusa is IS faster than the ZX12.   Although Kawsaki claim that the ZX is speed limited !  This seems believable the ZX does produce more power.  Both bikes are equal in most respects.  The ZX12 is faster  over 400 meters due to better grip.  Hence the Hayabusa is the better handler.  The ZX-12 is even faster than the Hayabusa for in-gear power.  Don't dispare though, the Hayabusa IS definitely better looking - but then I'm immovable in that regard. 

02/05/2000  : Apparently, the major motorcycle manufacturers has agreed to limit the top speed of bikes for 2001 models  to 250kph.  Which means the Hayabusa et al. will be the last of it's kind for a little while if not forever !  Check out the article in Australian Motorcycle News Vol 49 No 18.  Unless the article was an April fools joke, which apparently tends to be the case at this time of the year !

26/04/2000  : It's official the ZX12-R is not as fast as the Hayabusa ... for now.  ZX12-R didn't even reach 300kph in some tests.  Check out the article at Motorcycleworld This link goes directly to the article.

19/04/2000  : For Aussie owners, the GIVI range of mounting gear is now available !  Unfortunately only the top rack is immediately available.  Further more I just heard that the fuel filter problem is prone to being clogged by contaminated fuel  such as I had, can affect any bike.  A service bulletin has apparently been issued so if your bike suffers from this it's an easy fix.

18/04/2000  : Note that due the the recent Denial of Service hacker attacks around the world there's been a drop off in server performance.  This site has been affected but all is supposedly OK now.

12/04/2000  : For Aussie buyers I was told that 3 colours will be available.  Blue/Silver, Grey/Black and Maroon/Brown.  Not many will miss the Copper/Bronze scheme although I will miss it, I'm sure it'll be a classic.  It was outrageous for its time ?

05/04/2000  : I have just been told that Yoshimura the world renown performance tuner and manufacturer is releasing their race modified version of the Hayabusa.  It'll be called the X-1 (Experimental one ?) and only 1000 will be built.  Aside from the tuned suspension, the engine will produce close to 200 bhp.

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Suzuki Hayabusa news archive 1999-2001