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Last Updated : 02 July 2012

This stuff was written in 1999 and updated every so often.

2012: Brand new section of the website now open: MotorBLOG

The Kanji (symbol) on the Hayabusa fairing

Finally, more details on the meaning of the graphic adorning (Kanji) our favourite bike !  So what does the symbol on the side of the Hayabusa fairing mean?

Further emails from Nomad (UH) has detailed that the symbol does not represent hayato - which actually is a title of a religious man.  Furthermore hayato has 2 characters.  Hence the pronunciation of the symbol is actually 'jun' or 'hayabusa'.  The symbol definitely represents the hayabusa.

For the record this is what I initially wrote : According to a Japanese colleague, the Japanese writing on the fairing is pronounced hayato or hayabusa. (See below for new details)   Regardless of the pronunciation the symbol has a meaning approximating to strong and fast.

Update December 2004 : Thanks to Greg Pringle for creating a very extensive page on our feathered namesake http://www.cjvlang.com/Birds/falcon.html

New 2008 Hayabusa onwards

It is true that the new Hayabusa although has increased capacity of 1340cc it is still called the model number is still GSX1300R.

Hayabusa Background

Based on many sources I have ascertained the following historical information about the Hayabusa.  The name as you may have not heard comes from the Japanese Peregrine falcon.  It is one of the few animals which can travel at about 300km per hour (in a dive).  The designer apparently came up with the name whilst walking along the beach and seeing this bird.   The colour scheme of gold/bronze and silver are similar to those of the falcon its self.  Believe of not - it is said that this falcon often hunts actual Blackbirds which I still think is a PR stunt !  (Update: It is actually fact that falcons do hunt black birds and any other one for that matter.)

Having done further research, the 'Japanese Very Fast Train' which travels at about the same speeds is also called the Hayabusa.  I think this was this pre-dates the Suzuki use of the Hayabusa term.

*I have recently been informed that the term Hayabusa was also used to name a WWII Japanese aircraft.  Designated the KI-43 it was built by the Nakajima conglomerate and was classed a fighter.  This was apparently the first use of bird names for aircraft. *Thxs to the Aviator for the additional information !

The Hayabusa is also a Japanese space probe.  Launched by JAXA in 2003 its primary task is to land on a asteroid called Itokawa and collect samples and return to Earth in 2007 and expected to land in Australia - of all places !  Thnx to many who have sent in info esp. R Tammie for the article.

Follow this link to  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

The Hayabusa was first rumoured to exist during 1998.  It was finally launched in Spain on the Catalunya circuit  in April 1999.  It joins the lists of top speed limit breaking bikes over the years.   In fact it is the first production motorcycle to break the 300kph barrier ! The namer of the bike is reported to be Suzuki Product Planning group - Akihiko Muramatsu.

Logical Competitors at the time of launch (1999) included :
Kawasaki ZZR-1100 (ZX11) | Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX | BMW K1200 | ZX-12R

The Hayabusa is classified as a sports tourer and not a sports bike in the vein of the Fireblade, R1 and the like.
Note that Suzuki promotes the bike as the Ultimate Sports Machine.
Note also that the ZX-12R was due for release in late 1999 but as it turned out was not ready - due to last minute mechanical problems.  As history also shows, it simply wasn't a Hayabusa beating package as most wanted it to be.

Accuracy of information & Other stuff

The information on this site is as correct as possible. 
I can't guarantee some of the information - naturally.
The site is the work of a Suzuki Hayabusa owner (that's me !) who wants to share the experience with the world. 
So of course its going to bias to some extent.
This is a personal site hence not related the any motorcycling manufacturer. 
It is a hobby of epic proportions as I enjoy writing about stuff in general.
I don't have funding to do major stuff.
Over the years I have got numerous mails (which has prompted me to write this bit) with other obvious agendas saying the work is crap with little explanation and/or quite insignificant flawed explanations.
Yet they hide behind one-off email addresses or none at all which is plain gutless.
I no longer waste my time with hotmail addresses for example.
If they took the time and effort to run a web site, any site for that matter they might learn the thing or two about their pathetic opinions and maybe understand what the Internet is all about. 
It's sites like this everyone, that actually makes the Internet interesting.
However the majority 99% have enjoyed the site and see its worth.
They are truly smart enough to take the bits they can use and ignore the rest.
Thank you for all your support over the years.

Anyway, in the past (Pre-1999) I've searched for information just like all the stuff  presented here and could never find anything but commercial sites!   Hence now you benefit from its existence lucky buggers !  I encourage others to do likewise.  Mind you this is the last time I do anything this extensive on one bike.  It takes way too much time.

I am not a mechanic of any sort and anything I say about such topics should be taken with some doubt.  I am an info-holic though which means I like to know as much about a topic as possible.  I do suggest that you talk with your mechanic if you want a proper reply.  Yes, there are heaps of good and genius level mechanics and are really top guys and gals.  However : note that many owners are often told a heap of crap by their mechanics who are supposed to know better.  E.g during the 1st and 2nd Tensioner recalls. So be wary too.
Then again some of us riders/owners are a pain in the butt too. 
Which causes other problems ... the world is not that simple.

Ads displayed anywhere on the site are by people totally unrelated to me they are  there because I was tired of answering or receiving emails about where to buy stuff I have mentioned, reviewed and so forth on the site.  Ads are by a 3rd party and I do not chose who they are.  Any funds received are used to support the running costs for the site.  By the way its not very much and I'm considering removing them.

Over the 8 year run of the original Hayabusa is enough time for many new riders to forget or disregard the history of a particular motorbike.  Many don't know the  significance it played over the years to the industry or simply can't believe its true.  SO this website continues to record its history.  You can also check the Internet's way back machine to see how the site evolved over the years.

Disclaimer & Copyrights

Huge thanks to individuals who provided information and pictures of their own bikes to make this site possible.  
Other graphics and some fonts supplied by Eureka, Ulead, Microsoft  & other well known brands in accordance with their licensing agreements.
Copyrights belong to them.
I have made all attempts not to breach any other Copyright / Trademark material held by other people or organisations. 
Any breaches are unintentional. Contact me if there is a problem.

This is a personal site and independent of any of the manufacturers.
All content and opinions apart from specifications are my own.
I like it like that so there is no sponsorship pressures to say nice things about anything.
Besides that means you get the unofficial goss and real scoops not just the press release material!

This is not an Official Suzuki Motor Corp Site.
This site is not related to any subsidiaries of Suzuki or staff etc...



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